Where to ski in Campania: the main destinations to enjoy a beautiful holiday at high altitude. 

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One of the most popular sports activities of the winter months is undoubtedly skiing. We at Visit Italy have a very difficult task, that is to suggest where to ski in Campania to give you the opportunity to spend days dedicated to good food and fun.

The ski season already begins towards the first days of December and then comes alive during the Christmas holidays, where thanks to the holidays, the districts are besieged by those who can't wait to put on overalls and ski boots to enjoy the endless whitewashed slopes.

Thanks to the low temperatures, there is nothing better than relaxing in the mountains enjoying the fresh and clean air and immerse yourself in the tranquility of these areas far from the chaos.

Various slopes can also be found for where to ski in Campania even if this region is usually used to a milder climate, and in particular we have to move to the north-eastern part of the region. Here we find the Apennine mountains where there are numerous snow-covered spots and where you can spend a few hours outdoors at the ski resorts.

Let's see together where to go!

Where to ski in Campania: what this fantastic region gives us

ski in Campania

Obviously when one thinks of Campania the first thing that comes to mind is the sun, the sea and good food. But we can assure you that the region also offers much more when it comes to winter destinations.

Certainly among the many attractions that this wonderful Neapolitan pearl offers, there is also that of where to ski in Campania!

The main destinations for having fun and knowing where to ski in Campania are on Monte Matese and Lake Laceno which, thanks to their altitudes and low temperatures, allow them to enjoy a beautiful whitewashed area.

Have fun at Lake Laceno for where to ski in Campania

Lake Laceno where to ski in Campania

Located about an hour and a half from the Campania capital, Laceno is located in the province of Avellino with a mountainous area whose peaks reach 1800 meters above sea level.

Perfect location for skiing in Campania, here we find specifically Monte Cervarolo with its 1600mt, Monte Raiamagra of 1667mt and Monte Cervialto with its 1809mt.

The Laceno, a very popular tourist center both in summer and in winter, thanks to the variety of hiking trails, stables, ski slopes and numerous restaurant activities that encourage tourism all year round.

Here we find ski facilities that reach up to 1600 meters, just below Monte Cervialto, consisting of 2 chairlifts, a carpet and 12 slopes which together form approximately 15 km of practicable slopes. Particularly suitable for ski and snowboard lovers, the slopes are suitable for the more daring but also for those who are beginners, who, if they wish, thanks to the two schools in the area, can take advantage of the various courses and be supported by excellent instructors.

Where to ski in Campania from the altitude of Monte Matese

To Ski on Monte Matese

The territory of Matese consists of a set of mountains located between Campania and Molise. Here we find an area that enjoys a great diversity of flora and fauna that makes this area unique in its kind.

In winter, when the temperatures are colder, there is a fantastic show. Snow in these areas is not a very common thing but it always leaves young and old speechless. Unfortunately, the Monte Matese area that overlooks the Campania region does not have equipped facilities, but the fact remains that you can enjoy this fantastic area in a completely autonomous way. Perfect for spending a day in fresh air and having fun, it is a perfect place to stay with children and enjoy beautiful toboggan rides.

Ski areas nearby where to ski in Campania

Roccaraso to sky near Campania

A little less than two hours away from Naples we can move to Roccaraso, which is undoubtedly the largest ski area in central Italy. Particularly loved by tourists thanks to its 78 km of slopes and 23 lifts, it is the perfect destination for those who want to enjoy the large snow-covered slopes which are also equipped with a programmed artificial snow system. Here we find numerous cross-country ski runs, school camps and activities reserved for children, as well as various shops and restaurants to make the experience on the snow more unique than rare.

Also not far from Naples we also find the Campitello Matese area, the most important ski resort in Molise with an area that boasts 40 km of slopes and 7 ski lifts. Particularly frequented by lovers of freestyle due to the presence of the "hump" slope, it also boasts a snow park with even a school camp for the little ones. Furthermore, for lovers of winter mountaineering excursions, beautiful and interesting climbs of the Matese group are organised.

• Mild climate but not only, Where to Ski in Campania: also an ideal region to enjoy a few days at high altitude.

• Where to ski in Campania, what this fantastic region gives us: enjoying the snow-covered slopes in the company of the little ones is also possible here.

• Have fun at Lake Laceno for where to ski in Campania: have fun on the peaks of Monte Cervarolo, Monte Raiamagra, and Monte Cervialto.

• Where to ski in Campania from the altitude of Monte Matese: long snowy expanses to spend days full of fun.

• Nearby ski areas where to ski in Campania: numerous ski slopes just a few steps away from Campania.

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