A place to be discovered is certainly the so-called Riviera Delle Palme, located in the south of the Marche region, on the border with Abruzzo.

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A place to be discovered is certainly the so-called Riviera Delle Palme (lit. Palms coast), located in the south of the Marche region, on the border with Abruzzo. We are talking about a long stretch of coastline that overlooks the Adriatic Sea, set in a mainly hilly environment, which preserves at its best its historical traditions as well as its nature, which allows the production of precious oils and wines: a real wealth for these territories.

Wonderful here are the walks by the sea, between the light breeze that blows from the south and the kilometers and kilometers of coast mostly sandy.

Good food and also a lot of fun complete a picture already sunny, thanks to the myriad of chalets and restaurants that animate this little piece of Italy.

From Grottammare to San Benedetto del Tronto, a coastline (and a sea) to be discovered

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The area close to the sea gives its name to the Riviera Delle Palme, so-called because of the great presence of palm trees, mainly Phoenix canariensis, Washingtonia, and P. sylvestris. The Riviera today is a consortium consisting of several municipalities overlooking the sea including: San Benedetto del Tronto, Grottammare and Cupra Marittima.

These are all connected to each other in an easy way both through railway stations and buses but above all thanks to an immense bike path that makes the "walk" very, very pleasant.

In fact, moving under the thousands of palm trees that line these cities with an eye towards the sea is one of the things that are worth doing if you come to visit the Marche.

These unlike the nearby Riviera Romagnola offer greater tranquillity and are more suitable for families and all those who want more relaxation during the vacations or even just during the space of a few days. The hotel facilities in this area also reach the highest standards of quality but in any case, there is something for all tastes and all budgets.

The most inland municipalities of the consortium Riviera Delle Palme, a combination of art and lands


It is true that the sea and the beaches are a great attraction for this place but it is also true that the inland areas of the Riviera of the Palms are a treasure chest of art and landscapes absolutely worth knowing and exploring.

Moving just a few kilometers inland from the Marche region, we encounter the towns of Acquaviva Picena, Offida, Monteprandone, and Ripatransone, which have in common that of being fascinating villages in the province of Ascoli Piceno, rich in history and traditions.

Acquaviva Picena and its ancient medieval castle


Obviously we are talking about the fourteenth-century fortress of the small village of Acquaviva Picena, located a few kilometers from the coast and immersed in a hilly landscape that will leave you speechless.

Inside the fortress, built by the ancient Acquaviva family, there is now a small archaeological museum that illustrates through its findings and discoveries all the historical phases that have crossed the history of this monument.

In this way, all the medieval building techniques that allowed the realization and the preservation of the castle until today have been revealed.

The exhibition halls and the view from the big cylindrical tower are really extraordinary.

Monteprandone and Ripatransone, amidst art, history, olive trees, and centuries-old orchards

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These two small towns, Monteprandone and Ripatransone, are great examples of medieval villages and offer historical, artistic, and cultural evidence of considerable value.

In the first of these two municipalities, there is also a small museum of codices, a museum library dedicated to San Giacomo Della Marca, a 15th-century preacher, and diplomat who managed to amass a conspicuous collection of books and codices of very high value, reaching around 800 rare volumes. Today, however, only 61 of these precious manuscripts remain due to the various book raids that have taken place over the centuries, but the place is still enchanting and worth a visit.

Ripatransone, on the other hand, has the largest historical center in the province of Ascoli (excluding the provincial capital) and has a large number of churches and civil architecture of considerable historical interest.

These include the 14th-century palazzo Della podestà, the 13th-century Municipality Palace, and the archbishop's palace. The city walls, among the most complex in the entire region, are also perfectly preserved. The presence of small museums such as the archaeological museum dedicated to Cesare Cellini makes the stay even more vibrant from a cultural point of view. The city also has the narrowest alleyway in Italy, 16 feet long but just 17 inches wide: a small architectural delicacy on a very desirable trip for all nature and art lovers.

In short, a visit to the south of Le Marche is a must, especially in this warm autumn of 2021.

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