Maiori is one of the municipalities of Amalfi Coast, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here we can find the longest beach of Amalfi Coast, characterized by dark volcanic sand, and a smaller beach in the locality of Erchie, as well as several smaller creeks as Glauco's Beach, Capo d'Orso or Cala Bellavia.

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Maiori: the origins of its name

According to the local historian Filippo Cerasuouli, the native name of Maiori, just as that of the river that crosses the town itself, is Rheginna, from the name of the Etruscan lucumon that founded it. Only after, during the Roman rule, because of a mistake of place-names, the name became Major, from which the current name of Maiori. 

Maiori and its historical and artistic heritage


The historical and artistic heritage of Maiori is very rich. With respect to religious architecture, just as the entirety of the Amalfi Coast, Maiori is full of churches. 

Among these, there is the Collegiata di Santa Maria a Mare which dominates the surrounding landscape from the top of Mountain Torina. The Collegiata's name comes from the finding of Madonna's statue into the sea.  Inside the Collegiata, there is the Museum of Sacred Art: into the 18th-century crypt there is an interesting exhibition of artworks dating back to the historical period between the 16th and 18th century. The ruins are catalogued in different thematic areas spread out over three floors, and you can also benefit from a large garden with a panoramic view.

Santuario dell'Avvocata (a pilgrimage church) is very suggestive! It dominates the entire Amalfi Coast and it's reachable only after a long walk, which is a metaphor for the believer's path towards God. Into the cave below the sanctuary, once the Madonna appeared to the shepherd boy Gabriele Cinnamo, who later built a chapel and lived there as a hermit. To reach the sanctuary, there is a hiking trail too: it's fairly difficult and takes about 6 hours. It's worth not only for its holiness but also for the beauty of its breathtaking views over the Gulf of Salerno and Amalfi Coast. 

Maiori is full of towers and castles too. Among these, there is the Norman Tower, which is one of the first watchtowers in Amalfi Coast: a bastion, perched on the Maiori's cliff, where today there is a successful restaurant. 

Another important fortification is St. Nicola de Thoro-Plano Castle. It consists of about half a kilometre of walls and nine towers with barracks. It used to be able to host large garrison and also many refugees from the neighbouring countries in case of raidings of enemies. The castle, in order to better resist, was provided with many warehouses, tanks and a fountain. Inside the fortification, there is the little church of St. Nicola del Toro-Plano.

On the border between Maiori and the near Minori, there is the fairy-tale Miramare Castle (or Mezzacapo's Castle), located on a rocky spur in Torricella area. Together with the East-side of the Norman Tower, it virtually delimits one of the most beautiful beaches of Amalfi Coast.

Maiori and its enviromental and landscape heritage


Maiori offers many natural beauties and beautiful beaches that, together with the entire Amalfi Coast, make it one of the most touristic destinations. 

The little village of Erchie is the favourite destination of the youth of Salerno. It's characterized by limpid waters and evocative little beaches. Erchie is set, as a hidden gem, in a secluded valley that opens onto the beach and a dreamy bay. The heart of the village is its main beach, surrounded by rocky walls. They are covered by lush Mediterranean vegetation, with little houses built on their hills. In Erchie there are many beaches and bays where you can swim, splash around or sunbathe. They are hidden along the coast and can be reached only by boat.

We recommend the "Path of Lemons" Tour, it's worth a try! It's a tour between Maiori e Minori: these two places are linked by the Reginna river that, before flowing into the sea, splits in two. Along the path, you can admire breathtaking views and picture-postcard sceneries from its terraces overlooking the Gulf of Salerno.

Another very beautiful panoramic viewpoint is the Natural Park of Capo d'Orso with its promontory of Capo d'Orso, and its name derives from its resemblance to a bear's head.

Other natural beauties of Maiori are its sea caves, that can be reached only by boat. Pandora Grotto is a gorgeous natural cavity: it's characterized by the colour of blue/emerald of the sea and it's rich of precious stalactites and stalagmites. Sulfur Grotto is called like this because inside there is a fountain of sulphurous water that in the past was used as a therapeutic aid.

At Maiori, there is the longest beach in Amalfi Coast: almost a kilometre of beach that takes origin from the alluvion of 1954.  It's equipped with 15 bathing establishments, and its flat seafront is completely different by the usual landscape of Amalfi Coast.

Among the many beaches, that can be reached only by boat, Cala Bellavaia or Cavallo Morto Beach stands out. It's one of the most suggestive beaches of Amalfi Coast. It's a white sandy beach set in a steep cliff overlooking the crystalline sea, with a perfect background for those who love snorkelling. Here peace, silence and beauty reign supreme!

The places where you have had a good time and have loved, where there are some poor devils that have convinced themselves to have seen the demon. The people of Amalfi Coast are crazy, sun-drenched. But they know how to live with a strength that few of us possess: the fantasy strength!

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Your stay in Maiori

Amalfi Coast has always been a tourist attraction for tourists from all around the world. 

For a holiday in Maiori, we suggest the unique and panoramic Villa Costanza. It's a real estate located in Salicerchie, about 1 km from the city-centre of Maiori.

From Villa Castanza you can easily reach the other places' of the Amalfi Coast (Amalfi, Ravello, Positano, Capri, Cetara) and enjoy unique landscapes, or visit the nearby Pompei and take a trip 2000 years back!

The Villa enjoys a wonderful view of the sea and the coastline from the swimming pool and the solarium terrace, while the interiors are made of rock. The property is accessible from the main road SS163 through 87 steps leading directly to the big terrace of Villa Costanza.

Once at the Villa, you will have access to many areas such as the lavish swimming pool, the Jacuzzi, the Belvedere and the solarium area. The Villa boasts of large and very panoramic outdoor spaces, the ideal place to enjoy unique moments in total relax and privacy or even to host, on request, special events in the backdrop of the most stunning sea view. 

The terrace of the Villa is provided with a wide variety of amenities as follows: a fully equipped patio, panoramic veranda, ceramic table and white chairs, open area, surrounded by the green Mediterranean vegetation.

The terrace gives access to the interior of the Villa that consists of two levels, distributed in a Ground Floor and First Floor.

On the Ground Floor there are:

an elegant living room with a sofa and a romantic fireplace;a fully equipped kitchen corner (fridge, freezer, oven, four stoves, microwave oven, dishwasher);two double bedrooms, one with sea view and an internal one;a bathroom with shower (chromo-therapy).

On the First Floor there are:

two double bedrooms, one of which is illuminated by a pretty terrace with sea views and the other one is internal;two bathrooms with shower (chromo-therapy).

The Villa has the capacity to accommodate eight guests and comes with two private parking car spaces directly accessible from the main road. 

In 10 minutes walking distance from the Villa, you can reach the nearby city centre of Maiori, while in 5 minutes you can access (via 160 stairs) the small and untouched beach appropriately named Clear Water, because of its remarkable crystal clear waters. 

The hosts of Villa Costanza are Vittoria and Adriano. Vittoria was born in Sicily, grew up in Belgium and moved to the Amalfi Coast for love of Adriano. They got married here in Maiori and they love the art of hospitality. Their mission is to make your holiday unforgettable and considering the beauty of their building and the wonderful surroundings of Amalfi Coast, the prospects are more than attractive!

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