Sun, sea, ancient ruins and movida: welcome to Metaponto, a very nice touristic place in Basilicata

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Magna Graecia or California? No, it’s Metaponto

Golden beaches and crystal clear sea, a rich surrounding countryside and an archaeological park that recalls a glorious past: Metaponto, a touristic place in the province of Matera, is a truly unmissable destination for those who want to discover the richness of Basilicata.

Metaponto overlooks the Ionian Sea and lies between the two rivers Bradano and Basento; the plain of the “metapontino” is a very fertile land with a wide production of fruits such as oranges, strawberries, apricots, so much to be called the italian California . The always mild climate and quiet atmosphere make Metaponto an ideal place for relaxation.

In Metaponto the perfect holiday for everyone

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The shallow sea, soft sand and Mediterranean climate are the special ingredients that make Metaponto an very good destination for family holidays. A few kilometers away there are aquaparks for the entertainment of children. Sport lovers can enjoy many activities like golf, sailing, windsurf or snorkeling. And for the coolest ones, the waterfront and the whole Riviera offer wild nights spending in bars and discoteques.

Metaponto: a walk through history

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“Beyond the sea”. This is the meaning of the Metaponto name, from the Greek “meta”, “beyond”, and “pontos”, “sea”. The ancient city was in fact founded by Greek settlers in the 7th century. BC, becoming one of the most flourishing cities of Magna Graecia. The fertility of the plain on which it rises has given enormous riches, as also the ancient coins here coined, on which was engraved a grain ear, the very symbol of the city. The famous mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras lived in Metaponto, where he founded his school. The city of Magna Graecia, enemy of the Romans, was hit hard after the war against Pyrrhus and in 207 B.C. it was destroyed for having offered hospitality to the Carthaginian king Hannibal. Here in Metaponto Spartacus and his army of slaves clashed with the Romans. Testimonies of prosperity of the ancient city are still visible today in the archaeological area, where stands out the theatre, and the temple of Hera, better known as Tavole Palatine; other magnificent relics from the glorious past of Metaponto are kept in the National Museum.

How to get to Metaponto

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By car: Highway A14 Bologna-Taranto or from Bari SS100 By bus: from Matera, line Sita Sud Matera-Bernalda-Metaponto Scalo (timetable downloadable on

By train: with Trenitalia da Bari to Metaponto, changing to Taranto.

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