A hotel, a SPA, a restaurant, an art gallery. All of this is Locanda dell'Arte in Solonghello, an excellence of luxury tourism in Monferrato.

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Have you ever experienced the feeling, returning from a trip, to want to never leave the place that gave you hospitality? Do you know that desire to stay somewhere beautiful forever? How much would you like to enjoy everyday the benefits and beauties that luxury holidays can offer, right? We know a fantastic place we are sure will make you fall in love and experience these emotions: it is Locanda dell'Arte in Solonghello, a charming hotel in the wonderful Monferrato landscape.

Locanda dell'Arte in Solonghello is a delightful tourist residence placed in the green hills of Piedmont with an eclectic soul: it is a hotel with different types of rooms to accommodate different types of tourists; it is a SPA and a wellness center to pamper its guests; it is a restaurant that proudly enhances the food and wine local specialties; but it is an art gallery too, from which its name takes inspiration, with a permanent exhibition of art and craft collections in every room.

And that's not all! Locanda dell'Arte in Solonghello also houses a wonderful natural park, with a garden and orchards, and a suggestive 18th century cellar, now used as a hall to host events.

Do you want to book? Find out more about Locanda dell'Arte in Solonghello and its services!

Traveling to Monferrato? Discover the excellent Locanda dell'Arte in Solonghello

Locanda dell'Arte Solonghello

Locanda dell'Arte in Solonghello is a true excellence in luxury tourism, offering guests services of the highest quality and unique and unforgettable experiences. If you are planning a trip to Monferrato or simply want to enjoy a few days on holiday to regenerate yourself in a beautiful place, far away from the stress of the city, we suggest you to take a look at that. Discover it with us!

Do you want to book a room? Locanda dell'Arte in Solonghello hosts 15 rooms to satisfy all tourists, divided into personal studios, standard, superior and suite categories, each with its own features. For more information and details on the specific type of room, click here!

However, these beautiful rooms are only the beginning of your fantastic holiday at Locanda dell'Arte in Solonghello. Don't miss the opportunity to treat yourself with a few moments of pure wellness with the SPA service, where you can choose the treatments that best suit your needs among massages, saunas and hydro-massage in perfect harmony with the sense of relaxation given by the aromatherapy fragrances. And of course, taste also wants its share! At the restaurant of the Locanda you can savour the delicacies of Piedmont cuisine accompanied by the excellent local wine, recognised and awarded all over the world.

Locanda dell'Arte in Solonghello is not only a fabulous tourist residence, but also an important strategic point to visit Monferrato and its surroundings. In fact, the Locanda offers its customers a very interesting bike rental service and the booking of guided tours to discover the wonderful hilly landscape of Monferrato among characteristic villages, history and tradition.

Locanda dell’Arte in Solonghello: the history that distinguishes a luxury tourism residence

La Locanda dell'Arte

The idea of ​​Locanda dell'Arte in Solonghello originates from the love of a family for their home, an ancient and majestic 15th century villa located in the wonderful natural setting of Monferrato. But this, its construction and inauguration, is only the first act of the story that distinguishes a luxury tourism residence, in Piedmont as well as throughout Italy.

As a part of the family home, in the midst of the Napoleonic era between the 18th and 19th centuries, the building was completely renovated and enriched by the elegant tones of modern architecture. For a long time it served as a structure for religious and educational use, hosting a kindergarten run by the nuns, but during the 20th century, firstly due to the world wars and then to the progressive urbanisation and the massive moving away from the countryside, the building unfortunately remained uninhabited for many years.

It was only in 2003, rediscovering the beauty of these places, that the owners decided it was time to revitalize this splendid building by starting works for a profound renovation, but always with great respect for its history. What was the goal? Transforming the old family villa into a wonderful tourist residence surrounded by green landscapes, embellished with art and complete with all the comforts tourists look for in a real luxury holiday.

Since 2007, the year of the re-birth of this majestic building, Locanda dell'Arte has been synonymous with beauty, well-being and great professionalism in the hospitality sector, a real pride for the tiny village of Solonghello and for Italian tourism.

Visit Monferrato, the wonderful territory hosting Locanda dell’Arte


Locanda dell'Arte in Solonghello is the perfect starting point to leave and discover the stupendous territory that hosts, in its green landscape, this home of luxury tourism: Monferrato. In fact, through the tourist itineraries, the food and wine tradition and local art, the Locanda is strongly active in the storytelling of its territory and its identity.

The history of this land is very rich, which can be enjoyed by crossing it step by step. It's wonderful to let yourself be enchanted by the natural beauty of the rural landscape, to explore on foot or even better by bike, without forgetting the artistic, architectural and cultural beauty of places in the surroundings such as the cities of Asti and Casale Monferrato or the fable villages like Moncalvo.

The gentle hills of Monferrato are known especially for their vineyards, key for the production of great internationally-known wines such as the white Gavi or the reds Brachetto d'Acqui and Dolcetto d'Ovada. But the art of wine in this territory is not just a profession, but a key factor of the local culture which finds its maximum expression in history in the so-called infernot. They are special rooms, which today can be visited by tourists, that were dug directly into the sandstone and used as cellars to store the finest wine away from light and with a steady temperature.

Do you want to visit something special in Monferrato? We suggest you to include in your itinerary a visit to the stunning Sacro Monte di Crea, a place of worship on the top of one of the highest hills in the area, and to the bi-tree of Casorzo, a curious and fascinating trick of nature where you can admire a cherry tree grown on a mulberry!

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