Tired of building sand castles? Give your children an unforgettable holiday in Sardinia, with these five boredom-proof ideas to write down

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If you are leaving for a family holiday to Sardinia, you are certainly not bothering about what to do: white beaches, crystal clear waters within the reach of the little ones, cities on a human scale and plenty of nature.

Children will be delighted to build sand castles and explore the shallow water between one ice cream and the next, all day long.

But if you want a different day, there is so much more to discover.

Amusement parks, dinosaurs, waterparks and adventures, here are some alternative and fun activities to offer to your children.

5. The Little Green Train

If your children love trains and you just want to enjoy the view of the most genuine and wild Sardinia, without having to drive or look for parking, you will love the Trenino Verde!

Five different routes surrounded by greenery, to enjoy scents, colors and small villages off the beaten track.

With its total 438 km, the Little Green Train has the longest tourist railway network in Europe. An original experience of slow, relaxing tourism, within everyone's reach, also ideal for grandparents and grandchildren!

But pay attention to this: the little train, being dated and kept in its originality, is not equipped with any "modern" comforts, such as air conditioning, padded seats, or bar-restaurant.

No worries! There is the possibility to choose between three different itineraries: Short Relax, Medium Excursion, and Challenging Long.

Choose carefully, depending on the resistance of the little ones, and don't forget a backpack with snacks, water and a disposable camera; it will be fun to play photographers with your nose pressed against the window!

4. Water Parks

Nothing beats the sea and its colors, not to mention the sound of the surf and the seabed moved by the waves.
But if you want some unbridled fun, including acrobatic dives, inflatable games and baby-entertainment, you can consider booking a day for the whole family in one of the fantastic water parks on the Sardinian island.

Between refreshment areas, lawns, parking and water attractions, there's all the comfort and fun for you and your children. And between dives, it will also be easy for them to make new friends.

3 . Looking for fantastic creatures

Kids, take out your binoculars and look away!

For the little animal lovers, nothing better than a walk in the "wild side", through one of the many natural parks on the island.

You could go to the discovery of deer and fawns at the Donnortei Park or scan the sky in search of griffons at the Faunistic Oasis of the Porto Conte Park.

For those who dream of riding a mighty steed, it will be exciting to visit the little horses in the Giara Park. If you want something more comfortable, on the other hand, all you have to do is choose one of the many agro-tourism farms on the island.

But that's not all! Sardinia is also the home of more than  400 species of butterflies, immersed in nature and dedicated structures. If you are good enough, they will land on your nose.

Not to mention the many snorkeling services, including reef of fish and crabs (please, look without touching!).

Enchanting stops, to feel in a fairy tale.

2. Adventure Parks

If your children are adventurous, reckless and love challenges and love the outdoors, amaze them with a day at the adventure park!

Climbing, lianas, floating bridges, walls to climb ... the adventurous offer is rich and well distributed throughout the island. From Alghero to Arbatax, not the forget the south.

Are you ready to put on helmets and knee pads?

1. Sardinia in Miniature

Have you ever imagined it was possible to see all the attractions and monuments of Sardinia in a few hours' walk?

Well it is, just book a trip to the Sardinia Miniatures Park, a wonderful theme park full of information and fun.
Just think that it hosts five different thematic areas, so with a single ticket you can visit:

- The Dinosaur Park, to get to know the giants that ruled the earth (it will make your children go crazy, if they love Jurassic Park). There is also a space dedicated to the gigantic Megalodon, and another with baby dinosaurs.

- The Nature Park and the Oasis of succulents, for little botanists

- The Planetarium and the Museum of Astronomy, to discover the stars and feel a bit astronauts

- the Nuragic Park, to learn about a millenary civilization and its ancient rites in the 'island

- The Aviary of the Parrots, colorful and chatty

- The Park of Miniatures, with mini reproductions of the major sites of interest in Sardinia, with the possibility of circumnavigating it by boat. An adventure not to be missed!

So, lots to see and cooling break are not a problem: there is a restaurant with a typical menu, and all kinds of services.

A truly exciting experience that your children will certainly not forget.

Everything and for all tastes!

Appointment in Sardinia, then. Give your children unforgettable memories, and many stories to tell after returning from vacation. Don't forget to take lots of photos.

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