From 3 June it will be possible to move within the States of the European Union without quarantine for those arriving in Italy. This will create the conditions for a recovery in tourism as well.

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The news is now official, from June 3 Italy will open its borders to the countries of the European Community. This means that it will be possible for Italians to go abroad but, above all, that foreign tourists will be able to come to Italy without having to spend 14 days in isolation.
Finally we can, therefore, talk about a real reopening of tourism. The wait is over and we will be able to enjoy the beauties of Italy again, even if, of course, with some restrictions. 
Safety regulations such as the one on the use of masks and the one on social distancing will remain in force and tourists will not be the exception, but nevertheless there is a whole series of interesting things that can be done. Let us look at them in order.

Tourism in Italy: what you can do or don't do starting June 3

Tourism, you know, involves many activities: walking around a place, visiting its artistic and landscape beauties, discovering its culture and, why not, getting to know its typical flavours, and a tourist who comes to Italy expects to be able to do each of these activities. Well, from June 3rd it will be possible to do almost all of them.

It will be possible to walk around the cities, as it is already the case for Italian citizens, as long as you do it respecting the rules on social distancing, that is avoiding crowds of people, keeping a distance of at least 1m from other people and wearing a protection mask.
It will be possible to visit museums even if not all of them. In Italy the museums are reopening a little bit at a time already starting from May 18th and with them also parks and other attractions. If on the one hand some museums are still closed because they have not managed to arrange everything in the best way for the reopening, on the other hand many museums have, on the contrary, reopened to the public offering special offers and discounted prices for visitors.
It will be possible to taste the Italian cuisine. We know well, this is the news that many of you have been waiting for. Well, the answer is yes, those who come to Italy from June 3 will be able to taste a good dish of Pasta or a soft and tasty pizza, maybe sipping a good glass of Italian wine.Restaurants (as well as other businesses) have already been open in Italy for some time and it is possible to attend restaurants and similar, although with restrictions on the maximum number of people who can enter a restaurant and on opening hours.
It will be possible to stay overnight in Italy. It may seem obvious but in times of global pandemic, even hotels have had to face the problem. The problem, however, is solved at least in part. Many hotels have already been open since 18 May.
In short, the routine of the tourist type is safe and we are convinced that from June 3 you can enjoy a wonderful trip to Italy.
Of course, there are still some doubts about some activities, such as the opportunity to go to the beach and it is not yet clear when it will be possible to take part in events with a large turnout of people such as fairs, concerts or parties in discos and clubs, however we are sure that this will not affect your stay in Italy. So we invite you to come to Italy with the hope that our country, like all the others, can put this ugly story behind and that each of us can return to travel and be welcome everywhere.

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