Winter blues? Here are 7 ideas for a winter getaway in Italy. 

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January is certainly not the most joyful month of the year. There are several reasons for feeling a little down. The end of the Christmas holidays, the intensification of adverse weather conditions, the New Year's resolutions that begin to be a source of stress, especially if you don't realise them immediately... 

It is no coincidence that the saddest day of the year, Blue Monday, falls in January. It is the third Monday of January, and was established in 2005 by the complicated calculations of psychologist Cliff Arnall of Cardiff University. This unusual day represents, in pop culture, the epitome of seasonal sadness that afflicts immediately after Christmas, about three months before the upcoming holidays. 

At Visit Italy, however, we have every intention of fighting the gloom. 

What better way to change your mood than organizing a nice trip to discover relaxing and fun places? We propose 7 travel alternatives for a winter getaway to Italy, each with its own recipe for happiness. The choice is yours. 

7. Ideas for a winter get-away in Italy: Madonna di Campiglio

Madonna di Campiglio

When you're feeling gloomy, a beautiful snowy retreat is a pretty good idea to reinvigorate body and spirit. With this in mind, Madonna di Campiglio, a renowned ski resort in the Brenta Dolomites, is an absolutely ideal location, capable of combining fun and relaxation in just the right measure.

The reasons to choose Madonna di Campiglio are indeed several. For starters, it is the most extensive ski area in Trentino, where the most skilled can practice all the side disciplines of skiing in one of the most incredible snowparks in Europe, the Ursus Snowpark. But beginners and children are certainly not put aside, as courses are also organized for all those not quite at ease on the snow.

After so much physical activity you can then decide to relax in the nearby village of Caderzone Terme: massages and wellness treatments await you!

6. Walking in and around Trento as idea for a winter get-away in Italy


Since sadness is still related to chemistry, we will always rely on science to find an antidote: in fact, it is well known that walking is good for both body and spirit, so why not organize a few trails in one of the most suitable places in Italy?

In and around Trento there are wonderful trails, scenic roads, lakes bigger and smaller, wonderful castles and characteristic and unique places, such as the incredible natural canyon called Orrido di Ponte Alto.

A recommended walk for those staying right in Trento is the one nicknamed “al Doss”. Take an uphill road near the Central Station and keep going to the top, where you will find the Mausoleum dedicated to Cesare Battisti waiting for you. A wonderful view of the city will make you forget why you were sad.

5. A trip to Bologna, a glutton's paradise


To pamper yourself a bit, sometimes there is nothing better than giving in to temptation: so why not treat yourself to a stay in Bologna, a city being a spokesman in the world for good Italian food?

Classic among classics the lasagna alla bolognese, a dish to ward off sadness par excellence! For pasta lovers, Bologna is a real treat, between passatelli (fresh pasta generally made with broth) and tagliatelle al ragù, the only problem is finding enough room in your tummy!

And then mortadella, crescentine, friggione and rice cake... How can you be sad in this paradise of delicacies?

What's more, Bologna can boast an immense artistic and cultural heritage, so much so that it has been included in the list of Europe's most popular tourist destinations.  In short, a stay in the Emilia fantastic city and goodbye bad mood.

4. Nature and relaxation at Lake Bracciano

lake Bracciano

Winter somberness is hard to deal with, agreed. But this battle does not necessarily have to catch us completely unprepared! What if our weapons were nature and the relaxation that only a magical place like Lake Bracciano can give us?

Just a stone's throw from Rome, we are spoiled for choice among the many outdoor activities that can be enjoyed at Lake Bracciano. This magnificent natural location of volcanic origin allows one to enjoy many water sports, from diving to canoe rides.

Bracciano then, is a truly privileged spot at the Bracciano Martignano Regional Natural Park, a magical place where you can go hiking, or arrange to participate in guided tours to better understand and learn about all the species of animals and plants in the area.

If after all these wonders you still feel a little down, there is always time for a detour to the medieval Orsini-Odescalchi castle, a place so enchanting that it is often chosen as a location for weddings. In short, among so many wonders, how do we find time to be sad?

3. Nemi, kingdom of strawberries and love


The village of Nemi, in the Rome province, has become famous for its Strawberry Festival, held in June. If you select this destination during the winter season therefore, there will not be this summer event, but will certainly not miss a thousand other things to fill you with joy!

Strawberries in Nemi are used to produce so many other things besides fresh summer desserts: jams for example, or Fragolino di Nemi, a very good liqueur being now really famous.

In addition to these delicious wild fruits, also used in the production of mouth-watering desserts in the various pastry shops and bars, Nemi is nevertheless part of the Castelli Romani, places renowned for good food!

A walk in Nemi in good company of your better half, a delicious lunch in a typical restaurant and a conclusion with a strawberry wine seem to us right the ideal way to feel happy. What do you think?

2. In Catania to be lulled by ancient monuments and culture


It is a well-known fact that when we find ourselves in the presence of the magnificence of the past, we naturally tend to downplay the problems of daily life, putting everything into perspective.

Therefore, if we are looking for a place rich in ancient history to help us combat the grim present, Catania could be the winning choice!

In fact, in Catania, beautiful ancient palaces and cathedrals could make you forget about a particularly bad moment, putting aside the little everyday boredom. For starters, a Catania tour can only include a stop in the very central Piazza del Duomo, where you will find the Fountain of the Elephant, a true symbol of the city. In fact, this statue is told to even get in itself the power of calming the fury of Mount Etna.

Let's not forget that Catania has been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage cities of the Val di Noto, because of the many Baroque architectures you can still admire walking around its streets. A few examples? The Duomo itself, the Palazzo degli Elefanti and the Cathedral of St. Agatha.

1. In Bergamo, where beauty is at home


We close our list of suggestions with a destination that may not be among the most popular, but is really worth a visit: Bergamo.

The Lombard city is certainly very special and is divided into two parts, high and low, communicating with each other by funiculars and various paths. The beauty, as we said, literally fills the eyes of those deciding to stay in Bergamo. Starting with the incredible Mura Venete, 6 kilometers long and a UNESCO World Heritage Site! And what about Piazza Vecchia or the majestic Colleoni Chapel?

If art is your answer to melancholy, the place for you is absolutely Accademia Carrara: all the great masters of the sixteenth century are here, just waiting to snatch a gasp of wonder from you.

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