Capri is a paradise of rare beauty that offers varied experiences for every type of traveller. It is visited every year by thousands of tourists from all over the world, including Hollywood stars. Art, culture, sea, landscapes and good food: Capri offers dream stays. But how to make your tour of the island really special?

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What makes Capri so special?

Capri is visited every year by thousands of tourists from all over the world and is a paradise of rare beauty. This little pearl in the center of Mediterranean offers varied experiences for every type of traveller, including Hollywood stars.

Who has not dreamed of making at least once in a lifetime a tour of Capri? The so called Blue Island (Isola Azzurra) is able to give emotions to anyone who sets foot there. If you want to go shopping in the most exclusive boutiques of via Camerelle and dive into high society or if you want to enjoy a beautiful sea admire breathtaking landscapes, Capri knows how to satisfy you: It will give you a dream stay, anyway. But let's discover why this island is so special, known all over the world!

The island of celebrities, but not only...


The famous Piazzetta (little square) of Capri has become a symbol already in the 50s. The movie stars loved to spend moments of carefree in that beautiful place, contributing this way to the myth of dolce vita. This has definitely helped to make the island exclusive. Thanks to the Vips who choose it every year for their holidays the Pearl of the Mediterranean revealed the whole world its infinite beauty.

Capri is not only nightlife, shopping and relax. The pristine nature of this beautiful island is able to give unique landscapes. Mount Solaro is the ideal destination for trekking and hiking enthusiasts. From its top you can enjoy a wonderful view of Amalfi Coast and the entire Gulf of Naples. And what about Faraglioni? Beautiful spurs of rock that rise from the sea. They are a symbol of Capri and can be admired from the gozzos, typical Italian boats.

How to discover Capri without getting lost in its Great Beauty

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A crystal clear sea surrounds the island and gives glimpses of rare beauty. The Blue Grotto, for example, is a very lovely place, unique of its kind. And what about the Gardens of Augustus, from which you can overlook the most famous panorama of Capri. And Anacapri with its little alleys among which you breathe the air of tranquility and relaxation. And even Villa Jovis, the Roman villa dedicated to Jupiter by the Emperor Tiberius.

In short, Capri can give emotions of all kinds and on the island you can do a lot of tours very different from each other. But there is one thing not to be underestimated. 

Capri is a small island and often this makes you forget that it can have a thousand faces.Then you can think about visiting it hastily without a guide. And so you risk losing the most fascinating places and experiences. And what is the solution? Take a tour of Capri with those who love it and know how to tell it with passion.

Nesea, live Capri like a real Caprese


Nesea is a team created by three friends, united by love for Capri’s culture and history and pride of living in a wonderful place. They organize guided and costumized tours in Capri, Naples, Amalfi Coast and Campania Region for showing you the most beautiful places on the island. Giusy, Melania and Roberta let you live an experience that is one of a kind. 

Your holiday on Capri is special and the team of Nesea tour guides know very well how to make you spend your precious time. They can organize customized tours according to your preferences.

About Nesea

Events and experiences to make your Capri tour special


You can experience unique experiences and satisfy all your five senses thanks to Nesea. You can organize your boat tour of the island or you can choose trekking routes if you are an enthusiast of walks in the wildest nature.

Nesea tours offer special moments that you can live with your family, friends or even in couple. Giusy, Melania and Roberta will take you to visit the historic houses and the most beautiful churches in Capri. Are you into yoga? You can choose to take a yoga class on the summit of Mount Solaro. And if you want to organize an unforgettable event for your sweetheart there is the "Will you marry me?" tour that includes private car, private boat and toast.

In short, Capri is really special and thanks to these three deep and passionate connoisseurs of its art, nature, history and culture you can discover it living an unforgettable experience as if you were a real Caprese (inhabitant of Capri, ed.).

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