Gallerie degli Uffizi is one of the world's best-loved museums, a house of priceless art treasures. How to visit them? 

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Anyone passing through Tuscany and Florence will certainly want to go to Uffizi Galleries, one of the most coveted and visited museums in Italy and in the whole world.

Inside are art collections dating from the Middle to the modern age. Its rooms house paintings and sculptures that have marked and influenced the entire history of art throughout the centuries. Just think of the likes of Leonardo, Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Raphael, Piero della Francesca, and Giotto. And this is just to mention the most important names, carved into the collective memory of all mankind. 

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How to reach the Uffizi

How to get to the Uffizi in Florence

In order to visit the Uffizi, the prerequisite is to get to the city of Florence, where the museum is located right in the same named Piazzale. The Uffizi Galleries are, as mentioned above, an often crowded location, taken by storm by tourists practically in every season.

In order to visit these places of culture and art, it is very often convenient to make advance reservations.

Of course, it is also possible to purchase last-minute entrance tickets; or a guided tour

But what is the best way to get to Florence? Let's see together which method is right for you.

Among the various ways to reach the Uffizi and all the masterpieces of art you can visit in Florence, we suggest you rent a car. However, you must pay attention to all the traffic restrictions both in the historic centre and in the city. It will be a convenience to organise your excursions in the surroundings and enjoy a pleasant holiday with freedom.

Getting to Florence by plane

How to reach the Uffizi by plane

Florence has its own airport, Amerigo Vespucci, so getting there is theoretically very easy. Another option would be to land at the nearby Pisa airport, about 100 kilometers from Florence. Pisa might be the best choice if you are aiming for a low-cost flight: in fact, finding one to Florence is much more difficult. From Pisa you can then proceed to Florence by bus or train, depending on your needs. 

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Getting to Florence by train

How to get to the Uffizi by train

If you choose to use the train, you are most likely moving from another Italian city. In fact, the very central Santa Maria Novella station is connected to most other major towns and allows you to get to Florence rather comfortably and quickly. Both Trenitalia and Italo have plenty of daily trains reaching Florence station, so all you have to do is look for the right day and the right offer to reach the city that was the cradle of the Italian Renaissance.

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Getting to Florence by car

How to get to the Uffizi by car

The inclusion of the car option as the last choice is not accidental: the car is not really the ideal way to go to Florence, since it is a predominantly pedestrian-oriented city. Parking is also very difficult, as a further disadvantage for this type of travel. A car might be convenient, however, in case you want to arrange a tour to learn about other fantastic Tuscan cities such as Lucca, Pisa or Siena. If you have some time left over after visiting the Uffizi in short, you might think about it.

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Getting to the Uffizi from Santa Maria Novella Train Station

How to get to the Uffizi from Santa Maria Novella station

After considering the various ways to reach the city of Florence, the conclusion is that the closest stop to the Uffizi remains the Santa Maria Novella train station, being about 1.4 km from the Galleries. From there, you can easily reach the Museum by cab or bus, although you could easily opt for a nice walk, since Florence is tiny and all the places of interest can be reached really easily.

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