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The Amalfi coast is among the most evocative coastlines in Italy, beautiful and changeable depending on the season in which you find yourself traveling along it. A site registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it has towns of great artistic and architectural value such as Ravello and Amalfi, located in an area of explosive natural beauty.

If you are traveling to Naples, don't miss the chance to take a tour of the Amalfi coast, discover its hidden treasures and these wonderful locations, one of which gave its name to the entire coast. But how to get from Ravello to Amalfi? Discover with us all the ways to get there.

How to get from Ravello to Amalfi: all the ways to get there

How to get from Ravello to Amalfi, all the ways to get there

Precious example of Mediterranean landscape, the distance covered by the itinerary from Ravello to Amalfi is just over 6 and a half kilometers. Depending on how much time you have and what your preferred means of travel is, in this article you will know all the ways to get from Ravello to Amalfi.

Splendid walk for a day of trekking on foot, but if you have chosen to include Ravello and Amalfi in a wider itinerary of the area it will be more convenient to use a car. If you are traveling on a small budget or want to save money to treat yourself to a dinner in a good restaurant, then we suggest using public transport. Lastly, if you are a passionate cyclist, you will discover the best itinerary with the bike. If you are in Naples, include Ravello and Amalfi among your travel destinations. Continue reading and discover the ideal vehicle for your trip from Ravello to Amalfi

The suggestive walk from Ravello to Amalfi: on foot

From Ravello to Amalfi

From Ravello to Amalfi on foot is a magnificent walk. On this itinerary you will experience firsthand the incredible nature of the Amalfi coast, you will be able to discover many incredible views and stop whenever your eyes or your feet have this need. If you decide to undertake this route you will need to have a good pair of shoes and during the hot season a hat and water.

From Ravello to Amalfi on foot there are various routes lasting from 50 minutes to an hour but consider two hours if your walking pace is slow and you want to take breaks. Ravello is located at 350 meters above sea level, on the edge of the Dragone valley. One of the most beautiful paths is a stepped path that descends to Atrani, starting from the center of Ravello at the church of Santa Maria di Gradillo, after a while you will notice a sign indicating to Amalfi from which narrow stairs begin, follow them to Atrani. There are many steps, so it is preferable to be fit or have a strong spirit of adventure. In the upper part of the route, it is possible to see some old mills, it is the old irrigation system that was used for the many cultivations of lemons and vines. Once you arrive in Atrani we suggest you take the old pedestrian road that leads to Amalfi, it is worth a small detour along the way even if it is the longest road, it passes at the foot of the Amalfi cemetery, built on the site of the ancient Benedictine monastery of S. Lorenzo in piano, from where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the city of Amalfi. Alternatively, from Atrani to Amalfi there is also a new pedestrian tunnel, dug into the rock and finally you also have the possibility of walking directly on the main road, skirting the rock spur, but in this case, you have to be very careful of cars. We recommend the stepped route and the old pedestrian street to better appreciate the landscape.

From Ravello to Amalfi: by bike

From Ravello to Amalfi by bike

If you are a passionate cyclist and want to undertake this route by bike, we suggest a mountain bike or if you are less fit an electric bike, undertake the route without haste, taking plenty of time for breaks. The travel time ranges from 15 minutes to less than half an hour, considering that the road from Ravello to Amalfi is downhill.

You have three alternatives: the fastest is via Via della Repubblica which goes down from Ravello to the coast, from here you will take the coastal road SS373 which at a certain point crosses the famous and ancient Amalfi Road, the SS163, one of the most panoramic roads you can find in Italy, this road will leave you breathless with its beauty. With the SS 163 you will reach Atrani and from there you will soon be in Amalfi.

The second alternative from Ravello to Amalfi is to take it directly from the SS373, the road is a little more convoluted and will take you a few minutes longer, but it will allow you to pass through the Terrazza dell'Infinito, an excellent panoramic destination. The last possibility from Ravello to Amalfi by bike is to always taking the SS373, but then turn right towards Via Valle delle Ferriere, and then take Via delle Grotte and then Via Pontone. This is the longest road, but it will allow you to pass by the Paper Museum and reach Amalfi from above instead of from the coast.

From Ravello to Amalfi: by car

From Ravello to Amalfi, by car

If you are by car or motorbike and leaving from Naples, the fastest way to get to Ravello is to take the A3 (E45) motorway to Angri, from there take the SP1 towards Piazza Duomo in Ravello. However, if you arrive from Sorrento or Salerno you can take the SS 163, an ancient and evocative road, also called Amalfitana, which runs along the entire coast, every curve of which offers extraordinary views.

Ravello is a magnificent town also called the City of Music, protagonist of a vibrant cultural scene. From Ravello to Amalfi by car or motorbike it will take you just over a quarter of an hour. Starting from Ravello to get to Amalfi you will have to take the SP1, then take the SS373, we recommend making a stop at the Terrazza dell'Infinito, where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the cliffs and the blue sea, then take the SS163, the coastal road, you can make another stop in Atrani, here note the magnificent green dome and the bell tower of the Collegiata Church of Santa Maria Maddalena, from there in two minutes you will be in Amalfi. If you are traveling to Naples and a car is your ideal means of transport, it will not be difficult to rent one.

From Ravello to Amalfi: by public transport

From Ravello to Amalfi: by public transport

If, however, you decide to go from Ravello to Amalfi by public transport, you will have to include a stretch of walking in your route to reach the bus stops. This is definitely the cheapest way, and you will have to stamp your ticket as soon as you get on the bus.

You have two options: bus 5110 and bus 5120, in both cases the total duration is just over half an hour. The 5110 stop is in Ravello Gradillo, 5 minutes from the center, you will have to stay on the bus for 15 stops and you will be in Amalfi in less than half an hour. For this bus you will have to check the timetable because it does not run at all hours. If, however, you want to stretch your legs a bit, you can reach the 5120 stop, half an hour's walk from Ravello, on the SS163 coastal road, near the Nonno Aldo Holiday Home. The 5120 runs approximately every quarter of an hour and will take you to Amalfi in 10 minutes. You will have to stay on the bus for 11 stops and get off at Piazza del Municipio in Amalfi. Now you have a complete overview of all the ways to get from Ravello to Amalfi, places that have thousands of years of history and have always enchanted and inspired writers, artists, and travelers from every country.

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