The central part of the Italian peninsula is extremely rich in culture, art and nature. The cities of Rome and Florence alone are worth the price of the ticket. Also worth a visit are the medieval towns of Perugia, Orvieto and Assisi, Lucca, Pistoia, Macerata and Urbino. But let's proceed with the order

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Tour of Rome, the capital of Italy, the Roman Empire and the Catholic Church

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We are in the capital of Italy! Rome is an incredible city, a European capital that amazes you. The first great capital of the ancient world, the city of emperors, gladiators but also of popes and Christianity. A place through the centuries tells us a great story: that of modern civilization. The city is also home to the sovereign state of the Vatican, located near its historic center. Its main point of interest is St. Peter's Square with the basilica of the same name. It is here that the great artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini designed the massive Doric colonnades that embrace visitors in the "maternal arms of the Mother Church". The center of the Christian world begins right here.

Florence: the city of Dante and the Renaissance

It's time to leave for Florence. It is one of the most beautiful cities of art in Italy and in the world, cradle of the Italian Renaissance, and here were born and worked important artists such as Donatello, Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Botticelli, Giotto, Beato Angelico, Boccaccio, Brunelleschi and Dante Alighieri, not by chance, its historic center is a jewel that houses a high and unique concentration of monuments, museums, palaces and statues and for this reason has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1982.

Central Italy: wonderful landscapes and some of the most beautiful churches in Italy

These regions are so marvellous that every time we move around we find masterpieces of art and architecture. Literally extraordinary are in fact the basilicas of St. Francis in Assisi, famous for the frescoes by Giotto and for the forms of its Gothic architecture. As well as the Cathedral Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta in Orvieto, which is one of the best examples of Italian Romanesque-Gothic architecture in the world. Here history is the real protagonist. But architecture is not the only surprise that can be found in the surroundings. Even lovers of trekking and nature can enjoy the beautiful places that offers central Italy. The Sibillini Mountains National Park, the Gran Sasso National Park and the Laga Mountains offer spectacular landscapes and strictly protected flora and fauna. Wild boars, beech martens, beech martens, wolves, there is also the Marsican bear, a protected species but endangered. Or lakes, rivers and miles of coastline make this territory unique in the world. You won't regret discovering it!

An unconventional stopover: Venice, the city of the North with a Renaissance taste

Although we can not consider it geographically as a city of the center, the city of Venice is very interesting for those who want to understand the great history of Italian art of the Renaissance. The contrast that exists between the Renaissance artists of Rome and Florence, famous for their drawing, can be really perceived by crossing the city of Venice, which with its humid climate has favored the great school of color. Come and discover the city of Titian, Giorgione, the Bellini factory and all their masterpieces. 

Itinerary of the one-week Grand Tour in Central Italy

Now that you know what to visit we have prepared an itinerary with which you can discover all this in a week. This is what makes this tour unique : 68 Points of Interest 3 Italian regions 3 Cities Guided Tours This is your travel itinerary : Day 1 Rome accommodation in the chosen hotel, dinner at the hotel and overnight stay. Day 2 Rome Breakfast meeting with the local guide and full day visit: Arch of Constantine - Colosseum - Roman Forum - Sacred Way - Arch of Titus - Basilica of Maxentius - Temple of the Beavers - Basilica Julia - Temple of Saturn - Arch of Septimius Severus - Capitol - Free lunch - continuation of the full day visit with the local guide Trevi Fountain - Spanish Steps - Spanish Steps - Fountain of the Barcaccia - Via dei Condotti - Marcus Aurelius Column - Montecitorio - Pantheon - Piazza Navona - Fountain of the Rivers - Dinner at the hotel and overnight stay. Day 3 Rome Florence Breakfast meeting with the local guide and half-day tour of the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel. Lunch free departure and arrival in Florence accommodation in the chosen hotel, dinner at the hotel and overnight stay. Day 4 Florence Breakfast - meeting with the local guide and full day visit: Old Mint - Lungoarno - Basilica di San Croce - Piazza San Giovanni - Baptistery - Campaniele - Duomo - Palazzo Medici Ricciardi - San Lorenzo market, Basilica and Medici Chapels - Lunch break - Dominican Church of Santa Maria Novella - Palazzo Strozzi - Piazza della Repubblica and Mercato Nuovo - Piazza della Signoria - Palazzo Vecchio - Palazzo degli Uffizi - Ponte Vecchio-. Free lunch pm - continuation of the full day visit with the local guide dinner at the hotel and overnight stay. Day 5 Florence Venice Breakfast - meeting with the local guide and half-day visit: Casa Buonarroti - Accademia Museum - Basilica of San Lorenzo, Medici Chapels, Laurentian Library - Opera del Duomo - lunch break - Palazzo degli Uffizi - Ponte Vecchio - Lunch free departure and arrival in Venice accommodation in the chosen hotel dinner at the hotel and overnight stay. Day 6 Breakfast meeting with the local guide and full day visit: St. Mark's Square: St. Mark's Basilica, interior, Byzantine mosaics, Golden Pall - St. Mark's Bell Tower - Procuratie Vecchie - Clock Tower - Procuratie Nuove - Doge's Palace: interior with stuccoes, golden frames, paintings and courtyard - Marciana Library - . Lunch free continuation of the visit: Rialto Bridge - San Polo district - Fondaco dei Tedeschi - Fondaco dei Persiani - Case di Marco Polo - Cà da Mosto - Fondaco dei Turchi -Palazzo del Cammello - Ghetto ebraico -. dinner at the hotel and overnight stay. Day 7 Breakfast meeting with the local guide and half-day visit Campo San Zaccaria - Church of San Zaccaria: paintings by Bellini, Tintoretto and Tiepolo - Church of Santa Maria Formosa with the Bell Tower - Church of SS. John and Paul: inside - Church of Santa Maria della Salute -. Lunch free departure End of services.

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