Discover here the answer to the most frequently asked questions about gondola ride in Venice and how to book the tickets for your lifetime experience.

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Until a few decades ago, you could only take your gondola ride in Venice during the warmest and sunniest time of the year. During the remaining six months, however, gondoliers would go back to other trades.

Today, however, as we all know, it is possible to take a gondola ride in Venice in any month of the year, even in the coldest months. What is the reason behind this momentous change? Undoubtedly the extraordinary nature of the experience.

After all, you can't really say you've visited the city if you've never taken a gondola ride. In this article, you will find out what to expect from gondola rides in Venice and, most importantly, how to best organize it. Because yes, you can certainly organize your gondola ride by purchasing your tickets in advance!

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Gondola ride in Venice, Italy: your complete guide on how to book your lifetime experience

gondola ride in venice

The sinuous elegance of the Venetian gondola cannot leave one indifferent. It moves lightly, almost as if gliding, through the gentle waves of the lagoon and seems indifferent to the passage of time.

A timeless beauty that, indeed, is renewed year after year, giving our eyes one of the most important symbols of the city.

What was the purpose of riding a gondola in Venice in the past? At one time, you have to imagine that gondolas were the means of transportation of the noble class, intent on showing off their wealth along the city's canals. Today, as you know, the gondola is the means, but also the end, of a precious experience.

Black and highly polished, with a metal prow that refers to a kind of S that legend has it represents the city itself, with the sinuous line of the Grand Canal in the center, the gondola is a carrier of stories and tales, but also of extraordinary skill and talent. Just think of the refinement and mastery of the gondoliers' movements as they slowly lead tourists across the water. How many years to succeed in carrying a gondola? A considerable number of years but, even more, of commitment and dedication.

A real challenge that has finally, for the past decade or so, been open to women as well. So yes, on your next gondola ride you might interface with a female gondolier!

So, beyond the clichés (and we know that on the subject of gondolas there are many), let's take you on a tour of discovery of the gondola rides in Venice. You'll find out whether a gondola ride really costs as much as you think, whether you can book tickets online, and, most importantly, what to expect from a gondola ride!

10. How long are gondola rides in Venice, Italy?

venice gondola ride

Normally a gondola ride lasts approximately 30 minutes. However, you can ask in advance for longer tours, which can last 45 minutes or even an hour.

9. How many people fit on a gondola?

venice gondola

The City of Venice itself has spoken out on this issue. At one time, in fact, the possibility for 6 people, in addition to the gondolier, to board had been expanded.

Today, however, it was decided to limit access to 5 people at a time, in addition to the gondolier.

Note that to better balance the boat, the gondolier may ask passengers to move to one side or the other of the boat.

To safeguard your safety, you will not be able to move or stand up during the tour.

8. Is it possible to book the tickets for a private gondola ride in Venice?

private gondola ride in venice

Certainly. Gondola rides are customizable and you can arrange your tour as you wish.

You can experience your gondola ride for two, for example, and treat yourself to an unforgettable romantic moment, or decide that the joy is greater when shared.

What about the gondolier who sings operettas? There, that's more of a cliché, but you can certainly apply for a musician aboard the gondola!

To get some ideas about prices, we suggest you continue reading the next paragraph!

7. Is it possible to do the tour with kids?

buy gondola tickets online venice

One of the most frequently asked questions is definitely related to the possibility of sharing your moment on a gondola ride in Venice with your kids.

First of all, you think about the safety of your kids and the possibility that they will not stand still during the course of the itinerary. Organizing a gondola ride, on the other hand, is a wonderful thrill for the little ones as well.

In fact, their wonder at observing the city from the water, amazement at being seated on such a uniquely shaped boat, and the pleasure of listening to the stories and tales of a gondolier will trump everything else.

Remember that the price of a private gondola ride is the same whether you travel with 2, 3, or 5. If you book the shared tour you may have reductions for children. Usually children under the age of 2 can ride for free if they are seated on an adult's lap.

For full details on gondola tour prices, we refer you to the next section!

6. How much do gondola ride tickets cost?

gondola ride tickets

The most common question about Venetian gondola rides relates to their price. Indeed, a gondola ride is considered a luxury experience, inaccessible to most.

In this article, however, we would like to try to dispel this myth. There are so many ways in which you can experience your moment on the water, and the price certainly varies depending on this. Private gondola rides, champagne and aperitifs on board, a serenade, a licensed guide on board or a romantic sunset tours: depending on what you choose, the price of the gondola ride will certainly vary.

Currently, the City Municipality has set some official guidelines so that modes of use and prices are affordable for everyone. In general, a gondola ride roughly costs from 80 euros per gondola, so a price to be shared among passengers. To this fare should be added the costs of the various supplements, if required.

If you wish, you can participate in a shared tour with other people. The prices are significantly lowered!

5. Could you purchase online your tickets for your gondola rides?

pre book gondola tickets online

If you're short on time in the city, or if you simply prefer to plan ahead, know that you can book your Venice gondola ride tickets online even several weeks before you arrive.

All you need to do is choose the date, time and number of participants, and within minutes a electronic voucher will arrive on your cell phone with all the useful information on how to board.

By booking in advance, you will be sure to experience this unique moment even at the busiest time of the year! Not only that, you will avoid spending several hours in front of the piers waiting for a free gondola.

4. What is the best gondola ride in Venice?


What is the best itinerary to choose? A rather difficult question to answer!

Seeing this city from the water in our opinion is a thrill that is truly priceless, whatever itinerary you choose.

Certainly one stop that would be magnificent to include is the Rio dei Palazzi. For what reason? Right up there, connecting two of the city's most famous palaces, is the Bridge of Sighs. Is this not perhaps the most romantic gondola ride you can take in Venice?

3. When is the best time for a gondola ride?

gondola price venice

Even for this question, the answer cannot be unambiguous.

For many, the best, and even the most romantic, time is at sunset. Actually, even if you choose morning or afternoon, you will find that every time of day has its own why.

The liveliness of the canals, the sun reflecting off the water, the cheerful hubbub of people and tourists-every moment is truly magical for exploring the city from the water.

Just remember that normally gondola rides operate from 9 a.m. until late at night (no later than 3 a.m., however). Starting at 7 p.m., however, the night surcharge also applies.

2. What to do in case of bad weather?

gondola ticket price venice

Don't worry! In case of adverse conditions, your safety will be put first and the gondola ride will simply be cancelled.

1. In conclusion, is it really worth taking the gondola ride in Venice?

is gondola ride worth it

Although it is not an economic activity and although it is a popular activity for tourists, we feel like saying that a gondola ride is really worth it.

Seeing the city from an unprecedented point of view, observing the facades of buildings that you would otherwise not be able to see if you were just walking around, and above all, the opportunity to experience such a unique moment that you could not experience anywhere else in the world.

In our opinion it is totally worth it!

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