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"If Venus lived, she would not prefer Cyprus or Kythira or Idalius wood, but she would come to live in Genoa, like a home made for her."

(Enea Silvio Piccolomini, poi papa Pio II)

Genoa: the superb city of Lanterna

It is well known as “la Superba” (the Superb, magnificent), thanks for its glorious past, when it was a Maritime Republic and, for 800 years, the biggest European maritime city. Genoa has always been a city dedicated to work, trades and industry during the Italian economic boom in the 60’s. It could be weird to gather other aspects in this city; however, it offers some characteristic glimpses, still known by few to foreign tourists and very, very romantic.

Castelletto Esplanade and Belvedere

20190710123450Spianata di Castelletto e Belvedere.jpg

It is the “terrace” of the city, offering the most beautiful panoramic view of Genoa: from East to West (“Levante” and “Ponente”) the old town, the harbor, the Lantern and many other monuments will be at your foot, admiring them from up here, and of course the wonderful blue sea beyond the shipyards. Its real name is Belvedere of Montaldo, but nobody in Genoa call it in this way: its familiar name comes from and ancient military fortress that in 1849 was “smoothed”, letting free the terrace, still known nowadays. The Spianata is reachable on foot from Salita Castelletto, by bus taking n.36, by car from Monte ring road. However, we suggest to take the ancient Liberty elevator from Portello Square, for an emotional dive in the past.

Villa Durazzo Pallavicini Park

20190710123911Parco di Villa Durazzo Pallavicini.jpg

For green and romantic gardens lovers Villa Durazzo Pallavicini Park, in Pegli District, is an unmissable stage. This wonderful garden belongs to a historical noble residence - there are a lot of them in Genoa! - that is today seat of Archaeologic Ligurian Museum. It was made between 1840 and 1846 by Michele Canzio, scenographer of Carlo Felice’s Theatre; it was conceived like a piece of theatre, which combines together knightly world, Neoclassical style, exoticism, and many other element full of symbolical and allegorical meanings. The garden is located a few steps from Genoa Pegli rail station; the entrance is 10€, a little expensive, but it absolutely worth it.


20190710124348Boccadasse Genova.jpg

It is located in the elegant Albaro neighborhood and it is an ancient fishing village, where the old fishermen houses embrace Nettuno square, a little pebble beach, where in summer nights young people use to seat in here and eating ice cream. A very romantic place, place of origin of “Lidia”, the Commissario Montalbano perpetual fiancée (the most famous Andrea Camilleri’s novel character), and where for several years lived the songwriter Gino Paoli, who remembers it in his sweetest song “La gatta” (The cat). Boccadasse is also the title of another song of Gino Paoli, sung with his big love Ornella Vanoni. Take here yours “him” or “her”, you will spend an unforgettable night.

Nervi’s Promenade (Anita Garibaldi’s Promenade)

20190710124918Passeggiata di Nervi (Anita Garibaldi).jpg

It proceeds for 2 kilometers from Nervi’s harbour, the last Eastern Genoa district, until the ancient Capolungo port of call. One of the most beautiful Italian promenade, or of the world maybe!, which traces an ancient path walked by fishermen and peasants. On one hand you will admire Nervi’s Parks, full of mediterranean and exotic plants, on the other the blue sea will give to you a breathtaking view on Paradiso’s Gulf and Portofino’s promontory. We suggest to walk here at the sunset, kiss proof…To reach it, from the city just take one of bus line FS Nervi, 15, 15/, 17, 17/. 

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We recommend