Italy is a wonderful country that in addition to having cities of art, monuments and an extraordinary nature between rivers, lakes, and mountains also has an invaluable resource: the Mediterranean Sea.

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The Mediterranean Sea almost surrounds the peninsula and its islands for over 7000 km of coastline with the most varied forms and ecosystems. To this beauty corresponds a certain delicacy of an environment that must be protected. Exploring, knowing, and diving (even literally) in a marine treasure like this is one of the steps to take to protect nature and our planet.

The Mediterranean: the sea with many

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What we know as the Mediterranean, and which we immediately associate with Italy, does not only wash the beautiful country but can also be considered capable of uniting Europe, Africa, and Asia in an area that has been fundamental for the development and trade of the most ancient populations. 

However, if we focus exclusively on Italy, we realize that depending on the geographical position in which we are, this sea can take on different names. Starting then from the East and the French borders we find the Ligurian Sea on which face the famous five lands, Monterosso, Portovenere, and Palmaria but also the big cities of Genoa and La Spezia to the coasts of Tuscany. 

From the southern coasts of the island of Elba, spectacular island of the Tuscan archipelago we start talking about the Tyrrhenian Sea, so-called for the "Tyrrhenian" who were all non-Greek populations (Etruscans in particular) as they were called by the authors of antiquity as Hesiod or Strabo. On the Tyrrhenian coast that extends from Tuscany to the North of Sicily, we find rocky and jagged coasts but also wide and sandy beaches. An immense diversity that changes from Region to Region, from Province to Province. Among the most interesting cities to discover on the Tyrrhenian Sea, Naples, with its ancient history and the nearby Sorrento, Amalfi, Positano, Salerno as well as the islands of Capri, Ischia, and Procida to the archaeological cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. 

But the wonders of the Tyrrhenian Sea have just begun: from the south of Tuscany to the cities of Palermo and Cefalù, from Trapani to the Egadi Islands, then the warm Aeolian islands such as Vulcano, Lipari, Salina, Filicudi, and Alicudi up to the coasts of Calabria and jewels such as San Nicola Arcella, where there is the beach of the Arco Magno, and Tropea, the blue pearl of Calabria.

Right here in Calabria, the Mediterranean Sea is lost in a cool handshake: the one between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Ionian Sea through the Strait of Messina, and not only, but it also bathes the coasts of Sicily, Calabria, Puglia, and Basilicata. From the ancient city of Crotone passing through Metaponto, Taranto, Gallipoli, and Salento up to the city of Santa Maria di Leuca, the conventional limit between the Ionian and the Adriatic, another great "dependent sea" of the enormous expanse of water that is the Mediterranean.

The Adriatic coast compared to the others and the lower and sandy, characterized for the most part by wide beaches and sea generally shallow. Puglia, Molise, Abbruzzo, Marche, Emilia-Romagna, Veneto, and Friuli are the seven Italian regions washed by the Adriatic Sea with many coastal towns and spectacular places to explore.

From Gargano with Vieste to Lignano Sabbiadoro, passing through Termoli; from the small Tremiti islands to Pescara or even going up again overlooking San Benedetto del Tronto, Ancona, Rimini and its thousand amusements up to Venice: international capital of art and bathed by the lagoon that is the daughter of this Adriatic all to live.

Environmental sustainability and commitment to marine flora and fauna

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The small excursus tries to illustrate a thousand wonders of our coasts, with cities of art, white beaches up to granite ridges overlooking the sea. Knowing to learn, but even more, knowing to protect. The commitment of all, visitors and operators of the sea is increasingly to combine the quality of travel to environmental sustainability as does the platform of experiences and online maritime tours You Know, from which you can book private and group excursions in Italy and abroad. 

The latter is a really interesting online project that allows you to live unique experiences and facilitates a lot of the booking process. Many partners and professionals involved that will accompany you on days at sea with the utmost care and competence. It is also possible to rent boats privately and for several days with a skipper always at your disposal. A dream that becomes reality tinged with the blue of the sea.

Atex (Associazione Turismo Extralberghiero which means non-hotel accommodation tourism association) has also expressed itself on them, rewarding the commitment of this company is reporting to the competent authorities the presence of turtles both in water and in coastal nesting sites. Being "Sentinels of the turtles" means that everyone starts to pay attention to our sea and to those who live in it. Anyone can contribute to the cause by reporting the presence of sea turtles to trained personnel who in turn will contact the Coast Guard. Defending the planet is not the theme of the future, but that of the present. Saving the sea and learning more about it is a wonderful way to love and explore it.


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