Irpinia is a historical-geographical district kept in the hinterland of Campania. Despite its ancient origins, Irpinia is a vibrant territory, rich in charming villages to visit, exquisite delicacies to taste and amazing natural areas to protect. The tranquillity reigning in Irpinia makes it the perfect destination for a stay far from the worries of everyday life.

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Irpinia is a vast territory located in the central-eastern area of Campania. Its name comes from the Irpini, people of Samnite descent who had settled in this territory in pre-Roman times. With the Roman conquest, the Irpinia underwent a decline and then rose again in the Norman era. The villages and castles that dot the territory today are the inheritance of this period. Irpinia is commonly associated with the area that includes the municipalities of Avellino (the capital city) that, curiously, rose only in 1800. However, it once covered territories belonging to the province of Benevento and extended to the adjacent Apulia with the province of Foggia. Today Irpinia is gradually emerging in the tourist scenario of Campania, with its enormous potential for cultural, historical, environmental and food and wine value. Here, churches, monuments and traces of urban features of Roman and medieval times represent ancient testimonies of the history of Campania. The spectacular natural landscape is also known as Green Irpinia due to the high biodiversity index covering the whole territory. Also, Irpinia boasts a tasty gastronomic tradition thanks to the rich offer of local products.

A stay in Irpinia


If you are looking for a quiet place where you can relax, be immersed in the extraordinary beauty of the landscape, enjoying excellent food and wines and letting yourself be pampered by the embrace of very hospitable people, Irpinia is the right place for you. For your stay in Irpinia, we recommend Tenuta Ippocrate, a farm nestled in the heart of this wonderful territory. Strategically located just a few minutes drive from the centre of Avellino, the receptive structure offers facilities suitable for all types of stay. Tenuta Ippocrate is composed of 11 suites, all equipped with the necessary amenities for an unforgettable holiday. If you want, you can book rooms in the day-use formula for a short escape from everyday life. You will love the wellness area: here, you will find an enveloping and relaxing atmosphere and be tempted to try the unique wine therapy experience. Speaking of wines, the farm also offers the opportunity to taste and buy the best bottles of own production. Finally, if you want to celebrate an anniversary framed by greenery and far from the chaos of the city, Tenuta Ippocrate is the perfect place. The hotel is an excellent location for weddings, birthday parties and any other important event. If you want to live an authentic Irpinia experience, Tenuta Ippocrate will not disappoint your expectations.

Tenuta Ippocrate

Nature in Irpinia


It is impossible to enclose the countless natural beauties that the Irpinian territory offers in a few lines. Here are some of them.

Monti Picentini Regional Park

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Trekking lovers will appreciate Monti Picentini Regional Park, a protected natural area established in 1995. The Park develops between the provinces of Avellino and Salerno, close to the Picentini Mountains. It is immersed in dense vegetation and embraces several municipalities, including more natural sites, such as the Natural Oasis Valle della Caccia (Senerchia), the Natural Oasis of Mount Polveracchio and the Laceno plateau, located about 1000 meters above sea level. Here you will find the homonymous lake with a well-equipped ski area and the beautiful caves of Caliendo (Bagnoli Irpino). Finally, we point out the Calabritto Waterfalls, a fascinating and extraordinary destination where natural beauties are flanked by architectural, historical and artistic sites of great importance.

The Biopark of Montella

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The Biopark of Montella is a spectacular site located on a hill. The subsoil is rich in edible mushrooms, strawberries and black truffles. However, the famous chestnut of Montella is the flagship product, whose plantations dot the entire Biopark. Moreover, the site is an important water reserve: it supplies water to Campania and some areas of nearby Puglia. Here, water flows creating magnificent waterfalls scattered over the green territory. If you love silence and long walks in nature, this is the right place for you.

I Borghi più belli d'Italia

In Irpinia, you will find some of the Italian towns recognized by the I Borghi più belli d'Italia association as the most beautiful villages in Italy. Summonte, Nusco and Savignano Irpino are three of them. The glorious past of these cities blends with today’s local traditions and customs, accompanied by as many gastronomic traditions that give exquisite typical dishes and tasty local products.


20210925130751summonte 13.jpg

Summonte is a charming village in the province of Avellino. In ancient times, the Normans chose it as a settlement for the optimal view of the surrounding territory. Today, from the spectacular Angevin Tower, you can enjoy a unique view of the Partenio Regional Park and even the Gulf of Naples. Summonte is renowned for its sources of pure spring water and the marvellous trekking trails it offers. Moreover, folk traditions come to life every year thanks to numerous traditional music and food festivals.

Savignano Irpino

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Savignano Irpino locates on the border between Irpinia and the ancient Daunia (today province of Foggia, Apulia). Inhabited by just over 1000 people, Savignano has crossed several eras, and its historic centre tells the story of a past made of bloody wars and continuous changes of domination. The historical buildings scattered throughout the territory will tell you the centenary story of this small village. Finally, we suggest you reach the viewpoint of Tombola overlooking the valley of Cervaro: from here, you can enjoy one of the many breathtaking views of Irpinia. Savignano is famous for its rich gastronomy. Here, you cannot miss cheeses, sausages and typical fresh pasta, such as orecchiette savignanesi (handmade pasta resembling small ears).


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Nusco is located on a mountain between Montella and Lioni (Province of Avellino) and is nestled in the River Ofanto valleys. Framed by the massif of Vulture (an extinct volcano) and the mountains of the Campania Apennines, Nusco is a beautiful village that develops around its historic centre that will take you back to the past thanks to weaves of cobblestone streets surrounded by noble buildings. Although its construction dates back to the 7th-8th centuries, the first historical document mentioning Nusco as civitas (a city-state) dates back to 1093. The civil and religious evolution of this village is due to the figure of Bishop Amato. He made Nusco gradually become a real town with its walls, buildings and the famous castle. While walking, we suggest you reach the viewpoint of Porta Molino: the view will leave you speechless! Among the typical products of the village, the most famous is the chestnut of Montella.

Food and wine


The Irpinia is extraordinarily rich in typical products. Among the most famous, we recommend the tasty cheeses, such as Caciocavallo and Scamorza, and the delicious cold cuts and exquisite meats, including Soppressata and sausage. In Irpinia, you will find several homemade pasta, such as Cavatielli di Castelfranco and Fusilli avellinesi. The precious truffles that naturally grow in the subsoil and the hazelnuts and chestnuts cultivated on the whole territory are a real pride of the entire Irpinia. Finally, there is no shortage of olive oil (Irpinia - Colline dell'Ufita PDO, exclusive Revece variety of Irpine plantations) and wines (Fiano d'Avellino, Aglianico, Greco di Tufo). For dessert lovers, Irpinia is also a land of nougat.

If you want to bring a touch of Irpinia to your table, visit the e-commerce Terre di Ippocrate. Wines, oils and PDO hazelnuts delivered directly to your home.  

Vinoterapia (Wine Therapy)


Did you know that in Irpinia you can also enjoy wine therapy? In particular at the Tenuta Ippocrate, the SPA offers face and body treatments based on the beneficial properties attributed to the leaves of the vine, must and grapes to promote the beauty and well-being of your skin. There is a Vino Terapia path indicated for those who want to fight problems of skin elasticity and hydration and increase the resistance of blood vessels, improving microcirculation. In addition, Vino Terapia helps fight the signs of ageing and counteract the damaging action of free radicals, with style and sophistication.

Wedding in Irpinia


In recent years, the trend of choosing a sustainable green wedding has become increasingly popular. Everything is selected according to important green rules, from the wedding favours to the dress code, from the invitation to the flower design. First and foremost is the location and destination. More and more couples are deciding to get married far from their city in search of a green destination that coincides with their canons of beauty and eco-sustainability. Tenuta Ippocrate is undoubtedly an excellent choice for weddings, recommended by Visit Italy as an excellence in the region. In addition to the beauty of the location, Tenuta Ippocrate offers a wide range of excellent fresh organic products such as bread and pasta "al Pral negativo", sweet and savoury baked goods, fruit jams, the inimitable D.O.P. copper onion jam, Fiano di Avellino D.O.C.G. wine, Aglianico Irpinia D.O.C. wine, extra virgin olive oil "ravece", hazelnuts, D.O.P. chestnuts, and seasonal vegetables.

We recommend

We recommend