It's the month of Valentine's Day, Carnival, and Sanremo but not only: here are the exhibitions and events not to be missed in Italy in February 2024.

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Although it is the shortest month of the year, February is traditionally loaded with celebrations, holidays and festivities, starting with Carnival and the themed events in several Italian cities, passing through Valentine's Day, the feast of lovers. 

But if that's not enough for you and you want an excuse to explore new destinations, here are 7 (+1) exhibitions and events not to be missed in Italy in February, from north to south.

Activities for all tastes: exhibitions and events not to be missed in Italy in February 2024

Activities for all tastes: exhibitions and events not to be missed in Italy in February 2024

February is known to fly by in the blink of an eye, but there are many events that traditionally brighten it up in our country. 

Consider, for example, Carnival, with the elaborately decorated wagons and parades in various Italian cities, from Venice to Viareggio, or the various celebrations dedicated to Valentine's Day, not only to pay homage to lovers but also to the patron saints of some localities. And of course, there is no way to miss the much-awaited festival in Sanremo, the city of flowers on the Ligurian Riviera, on which the spotlight shifts for an entire week and which becomes a destination for music lovers. 

If you feel like enjoying the festive atmosphere created by these festivities and you want to carve out a weekend getaway, but at the same time you don't want to leave out a more cultural dimension and wish to participate in other kinds of experiences, here we suggest 7 (+1) exhibitions and events not to be missed in Italy in February.

Not one but rather a poker of exhibitions in Turin to pay homage to the immortal Maria Callas, for the 100th anniversary of her birth, as part of the Icona Callas series of initiatives strongly desired and organized by the University. Numerous events have enlivened the city over the past two months to celebrate the Divina, and February is the last opportunity to enjoy these four exhibitions, precisely, in various locations.

At the Palazzo del Rettorato are held Maria Callas Offstage: Ritratti dall'Archivio Publifoto Intesa Sanpaolo, which presents a selection of photographs depicting the famous soprano, and Seven Deaths. Una video installation by Marina Abramović, which features an interpretation of the controversial artist as the heroines Callas portrayed in the theater. Finally, exhibitions Callas/Medea: Storia di un disco and Io sono sono Maria Callas by Vanna Vinci, about the picture book by the illustrator of the same name, can be seen at the Biblioteca Graf.

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6. Two exhibitions on Giorgio De Chirico, in Conegliano Veneto and Rome.

February is the last good month to visit the exhibition dedicated to Giorgio De Chirico, the unforgettable and much-imitated leader of the metaphysical style, at Palazzo Sarcinelli in Conegliano Veneto, in the province of Treviso. Giorgio De Chirico. Metafisica continua presents 71 works, with a focus on his most famous subjects, such as Faceless Mannequins and Italian Piazzas, for an excursus on the evolution of the painter's style.

During the same period, will also be housed in Rome another 30 works by the artist at the Galleria Tornabuoni, with one unpublished work from a private collection. Whether you choose the Conegliano or Rome exhibition (or both), the tribute to De Chirico is certainly among the exhibitions and events not to be missed in Italy in February.

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5. AI Festival in Milan, a reflection on artificial intelligence

AI Festival in Milan  among the exhibitions and events not to be missed in Italy in February

For all technology lovers, the mandatory stop on February 14 and 15, 2024 is Milan, specifically the Allianz MiCo, for the first AI Festival, an event of international appeal dedicated to artificial intelligence and its interaction with human beings.

This is a really interesting opportunity to reflect on the impact it has on our lives, thanks to meetings with experts from around the world, workshops for companies, and presentations of new tools and software for a diverse range of destinations.

If you are passionate about the field, looking for visibility for your company or simply curious, the AI Festival is certainly one among the exhibitions and events not to be missed in Italy in February.

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4. Two exhibitions on Jacovitti for the 100th anniversary of his birth, in Rome and Termoli

Another anniversary (for an entirely different sphere), another leading figure for our country. And again we offer you two "twin" events in two separate cities, a tandem of exhibitions dedicated to the famous illustrator and cartoonist Benito Jacovitti, consisting of Jacovittissimavolmente. L'incontenibile arte dell'umorismo at MAXXI museum in Rome and Tutte le follie di Jac! at MACTE museum in Termoli, in the province of Campobasso, his hometown.

To mark the centenary of Jacovitti's birth, the two exhibitions will explore the fantastic worlds and characters he created, his surreal and comic style that has entered the collective imagination.

Let's get back to photographic exhibitions with Fotografia è donna at the ancient fortified residence of La Castiglia di Saluzzo, in the province of Cuneo. This is a collection of 120 shots from the archives of the Magnum Photos agency that pay homage to the feminine with women portraits from all over the world and thus representing a wide range of social conditions.  

Among the works on display, some are signed by professionals like Eve Arnold, Robert Capa, Cristina De Middle, Elliott Erwitt, Susan Meiselas and Alessandra Sanguinetti and represent an authentic excursus of the social mutations of the last seventy years reflected on the woman's body: definitely one among the exhibitions and events not to be missed in Italy in February.

Let's move to a completely different context and go to Sauris, in the province of Udine, to witness a truly original celebration to mark the end of the Alpine Carnival. The Night of the Lanterns, scheduled for Feb. 10, 2024, is a unique event, a very ancient celebration that involves a walk through the village streets and forest wearing traditional hand-painted wooden masks.

The masks evoke the concept of Good and Evil, of Ugly and Beautiful, and for this we have the demonic "Rölar" figures and the more graceful "Kheirar" ones, and both sides parade until the onset of night, when it is time to turn on the lanterns to get light and reach the propitiatory bonfire. Of course, it is an excellent opportunity to warm up with mulled wine, enjoy typical products and cheerful dancing.

1. St. Valentine, saint patron of Terni and Courmayeur

Valentine's Day is not only the feast of lovers but also the patronal feast of two cities in Italy, Terni, where the saint was born and lived in the second century AD, and Courmayeur, although many people do not know about it. These two towns, on February 14, dress up in lights and colors by organizing markets and costume parades, concerts and dances, and of course installing love-themed illuminations.
In Terni, moreover, usually takes place also the Cioccolentino festival from 9th to 14th , where chocolate is the protagonist in markets, expos, tasting experiences, show cooking and cake design labs and so on. A romantic, cheerful and delightful atmosphere for two different but both unmissamble contexts. 

The last one among the exhibitions and events not to be missed in Italy in February, we'd like to suggest is Cefalù in Love. Even if St. Valentine is not the saint patron of the city, Cefalù, in the province of Palermo, turns into a main destination for all the lovers in the most romantic day of the year.

Along the streets, very suggestive love-themed illuminations are located, to be a perfect set for photos and selfies, while several restaurants and cafes propose special offers and discounts for couples. Moreover, the most famous love movies from all over the world are played in cinema and theatres. 

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Exhibitions and events not to be missed in Italy in February: choose yours

As you may have noticed, the calendar in the month of February is very crowded in exciting events – for couples, alternative carnival lovers, photography and art fanatics and tech-addicted ones. Each of these exhibitions and events not to be missed in Italy in February will be a perfect opportunity to visit some of our beautiful cities, from north to south: which one will be your next destination?

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