Veneto, land of cities of art and fine wines, of marvellous mountains but also of wide sandy beaches. Scattered along its 150 kilometres of coastline, the Veneto coast hides incredible surprises: let's discover them together.

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Four of the boats went on up the main canal toward the big lagoon to the north... It was daylight before they reached the oaken staved hogshead sunk in the bottom of the lagoon..

Ernest Hemingway

The Veneto coast


The Veneto coastline stretches for about 150 kilometres along the Adriatic Sea, divided into the provinces of Venice and Rovigo, and is morphologically characterised by a sandy coastal area. Indeed, both to the north and to the south of the lagoon of Venice, the Veneto coastline has very long sandy beaches that seem to never end; they can be up to 300 metres wide, which makes it possible to find many well-equipped beach resorts.  

These beaches are perfect for lounging by the shore, swimming and letting children play peacefully as the seabed descends into the sea very slowly. With nine blue flags (a certification that a beach, marina, or sustainable boating tourism operator meets its standards), many hotels, modern beach resorts and an excellent local gastronomy, the Veneto coast is the perfect destination for an unforgettable holiday. Some of the most outstanding destinations include Bibione, Lido di Jesolo, Caorle, Lido di Venezia and Chioggia. 

The destinations on the Veneto coast


The beach of Bibione, located between the mouth of the Tagliamento River and the lagoon area near Punta Bibione, right on the border with Friuli Venezia Giulia, is made up of fine golden sand while the sea is clean and blue, thanks to the clear waters of the Tagliamento River; indeed this beach boasts a long collection of Blue Flags. Bibione also hosts different sporting events, including the international Beach Volley Marathon, the largest outdoor Beach Volleyball tournament in the world.  

The most famous seaside resort on the Veneto coast is undoubtedly Lido di Jesolo, with its 12 and a half kilometre long beach of fine sand characterised by the presence of numerous jetties that make its appearance unique and original. The city of Jesolo is also a favourite destination for young people because of its lively nightlife. 

Lido di Venezia, a thin island that stretches for about 12 kilometres between the Venice lagoon and the Adriatic Sea, on the other hand, represents the perfect combination of art and sea: Art Nouveau buildings, lush green areas, nineteenth-century constructions and beaches made up of natural dunes of soft sand. Well-known thanks to the Venice International Film Festival that takes place there every year, the Lido offers various alternatives for every need, from public beaches to more modern beach resorts. 

To the South of Venice, we find one of the jewels of the Veneto coastline: Chioggia. Defined as the "Little Venice", this city has a thousand-year history and its buildings and historical monuments, present within the marvellous historic centre, are proof of this. To enjoy a day at the seaside, however, you have to move to the coastal areas of this city: the beach of Sottomarina, full of tourist facilities, or the uncontaminated and peaceful beach of Isola Verde. 

Another treasure of this coastline is the town of Caorle, a colourful small town with two large beaches, one to the west and one to the east. A special feature of this town is the presence of a church on the seafront, a characteristic that makes its landscape really charming. 

Things to see and where to stay in Caorle


Caorle is a unique town, characterised by narrow streets and pastel-coloured houses, which make its historic centre picturesque. The town centre is located right between the two beaches, the Ponente (west) and the Levante (east) beach, separated by the presence of the small church of the Madonna dell'Angelo, which can be reached through a beautiful pedestrian promenade bordered by white rocks, which are transformed into actual works of art every year during the international open-air sculpture competition ScoglieraViva.

The most important building in the historic centre of Caorle is undoubtedly the Duomo and its unique bell tower. The church, built in the Romanesque style, dates back to 1038 and has a very simple and austere façade, as well as the interior, but it is flanked by a majestic bell tower with a particular cylindrical shape, also built in the same year, which represents the real wonder of the city. As you can well imagine from these monuments, Caorle has a long history, indeed the town has Roman origins and a long past as a fishing village.

Among the things to see in Caorle, the Isola dei Pescatori (Fishermen's Island), an area of the city overlooking the lagoon where the casoni of Caorle stand, is not to be missed. The casoni were the ancient lagoon dwellings of the fishermen, buildings made of reeds and wood in which the families of the fishermen lived in the past.

In Caorle you can also visit the places of Ernest Hemingway. The writer, born in July 1899 and winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954, was in love with Italy and the Veneto in particular: he loved spending his days in San Gaetano, a small village in the Caorle lagoon. He arrived for the first time in the winter of 1948, as a guest of Baron Raimondo Nanuk Franchetti, to whom he was bound by a passion for hunting and a deep friendship. Hemingway dedicated some of his most beautiful pages of the book "Across the river and into the trees", published in 1950, to the lagoon of Caorle. The book tells of the protagonist's love for Renata, a twenty-year-old Venetian noblewoman. 

The ideal place where to spend your days discovering the Veneto coast is in Caorle: the Pra' delle Torri Holiday Centre. Camping, Village and Hotel, this holiday centre is perfect for families, young people and all those who want to enjoy a relaxing holiday among art, nature and sport, thanks to the many activities and excellent services that it offers, including sport fields, a large water park, restaurants, a fitness centre, a wide golf course, green areas and a kilometre-long golden beach. All you have to do is book your next holiday in this paradise of the Adriatic coast.
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