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San Giovanni Li Cuti, hidden village on the seafront of Catania


Catania's seafront offers some wonderful perspective: waves that cracks the cliff, black like the night, are certainly the most typical scene of the zone. Tourists can walk on the seafront, enjoying them.

Behind Europa square, following the bike lane, on the right, there is a little seatown that should be visited: we are speaking about San Giovanni Li CutiRuggero di Lauria, there is a beach, full of big black rocks. Behind them, there's a crystalline sea. The zone is ideal for those who want to bathe and cool off.  And one should not even be surprised to find other bathers on the shore.

Here you can find some fish restaurant and a bar. But this is not the end of San Giovanni Li Cuti. Beyond the beach, walking to War Memorial, there is a marina with a pier where anyone can walk.  Both in the morning and at sunset, the horizon offers a unique peace to visitors. Boats and fisherman make more "Mediterranean" this seatown.

The little harbour, greeting San Giovanni Li Cuti

Also here there are some bar and restaurant. On the square near the marina, there are some tables: this is one of the best place to sit and rest in the shade of the trees.

Beyond this little square, there's the War Memorial and San Giovanni Li Cuti ends: try it, enjoy it.

Via S. Giovanni Li Cuti

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