Visit DAR - Dainese ARchivio in Vicenza to discover the secrets of the brand and the champions who made its history, from Agostini to Valentino Rossi.

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A historical archive that, like a true museum, presents a unique narrative about the birth of a brand famous worldwide for producing protective clothing and equipment for motorcycling, winter sports, cycling, horseback riding, and sailing through a multimedia and multisensory exhibition.

The journey of the Dainese brand began with the motorcycle adventure of a group of friends and has transformed into a decades-long path that continues today, thanks also to the greatest sports champions who have brought glory to its name and ideas.

The DAR - Dainese ARchivio is an extraordinary place to discover all the secrets of this incredible story. It’s an archive of stories that have made history, inspiring travelers of all ages and nationalities by taking them on an immersive, engaging and emotional experience.

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Exploring DAR - Dainese ARchivio, where history meets innovation

DAR - Dainese ARchivio, the Forest of leather

It was the vision and determination of Lino Dainese, founder of the eponymous and iconic brand, that brought DAR - Dainese ARchivio to life, with the extraordinary idea of telling a story that began in 1968, when three friends, Mario, Franco and Lino Dainese himself, started planning “a summer motorcycle trip with the desire to see new worlds.”

This journey marked the beginning of a long path, full of unique adventures and experiences. A road that Lino Dainese courageously decided to embark on, creating an innovative company and leading it from its modest origins to become a world leader in safety and sports performance.

The Dainese brand, founded in 1972 in a garage in Molvena (in the province of Vicenza), has managed to maintain the simplicity of its humble beginnings while continually evolving, going from developing the first leather motocross pants to producing cutting-edge spacesuits.

This is why DAR was established in 2018, right in Vicenza: to tell and celebrate the milestones of this special and fascinating story, showing how the ideas born from that initial journey led to products that are now recognized globally, and appreciating the value of technologies transferred from sports competitions to everyday life.

Entering DAR - Dainese ARchivio, you can feel the commitment and passion that have guided the company through decades of success. Traversing 900 square meters of exhibition space divided into 19 thematic sections, you’ll discover over 500 authentic suits belonging to legendary champions of motorcycling and beyond, and live an engaging end exciting multisensory journey.

A journey into the secrets of DAR - Dainese ARchivio

DAR - Dainese ARchivio, Agostini's motorcycle and suit

50 years of history narrated passionately in a multimedia exhibition transformed into a true tourist attraction. The DAR - Dainese ARchivio is structured like a splendid museum, but it’s much more than that: it’s a dynamic reality open to discussion and firsthand experience.

It’s a special and adrenaline-filled place where you can experience the innovations that have made Dainese a global icon of safety and sport, in a journey through an extraordinary living archive.

In addition to the projects and technologies, DAR will introduce you to the people, stories and champions who made every technological evolution possible: from Giacomo Agostini's legendary 15 world titles to Sofia Goggia's Olympic medals, through the excitement of the Paris-Dakar and up to the unique spectacle of the great Valentino Rossi.

Each of the 19 sections of the DAR will let you discover the undisputed protagonists who have shaped the history of Dainese brand and sport in general.

The journey begins with Lino Dainese's initial vision, who considered riders as true contemporary heroes to be admired and protected. And just as heroes were defended by solid armor, so must riders be kept safe by their suits.

In the beautiful section of the Forest of leather, you can admire the leathers that protected the riders during races, now immobilized, as if crystallized after battle.

There are also memorabilia and iconic objects for motorbike enthusiasts (and not only them), like Valentino Rossi's helmet. A champion's helmet protects not only his head physically but also his dreams, the desire to be fast, to compete and win. The helmet is the face of the rider and must reflect his character and soul.

It’s important to emphasize that the DAR - Dainese Archivio is open to everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, from sports enthusiasts to casual tourists wanting to learn the history of an iconic brand that represents an entire region.

The archive also offers an educational experience with guided tours through the history of technological transformation and human safety. There’s a dedicated educational space for schools to experiment and understand how innovations are born.

Entry to the DAR is free because the exhibition represents a tribute to a lifetime of work and dedication, and by telling the story of a brand, it aims to inspire anyone to believe in the power of ideas and progress.

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The archive and its connection to the territory

DAR - Dainese ARchivio, Valentino Rossi's helmets

DAR - Dainese ARchivio is located in Vicenza, via dell'Economia 64B, outside the historic center but not far from the beautiful parks and green areas that characterize the city's outskirts.

This is not a random location: Lino Dainese was born in Arzignano, in the province of Vicenza, where one of Italy's main leather tanning districts is located, a factor that undoubtedly played a crucial role in the brand's growth.

However, the Dainese company developed in Molvena, now Colceresa, in a hilly and mountainous area where nature is lush and offers ample opportunities for outdoor adventures.

That same sense of adventure that has never been lacking in Lino Dainese, according to the idea that traveling, just like entrepreneurship, represents the willingness to face a challenge in search of new ways to feel free. It means starting from one's own land, its beauty and traditions, and grafting onto them the new discoveries and innovations known along the way.

The combination of these factors, together with the role of traditional arts of Vicenza, from local craftsmanship to tanning, perfectly highlights the importance of the territory in the development of a successful international brand. The DAR, in this sense, is a concrete symbol of the relationship with the places where everything began, and thus represents a truly special attraction.

From the very beginning, the true heritage of Dainese has concerned all the tests, products, and designs that have fueled research and experimentation. A treasure that has been carefully preserved over time, ready to inspire new ideas and innovations.

Today, this treasure is fully available to the public. Because every innovation must always be at the service of humanity, and everyone deserves to freely explore the extraordinary collection of brand unique in the world.

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