Travel with the fleet of Nuovo Consorzio Trasporti Marittimi to discover the best cruises in Cala Gonone in the superb scenery of the Gulf of Orosei.

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A magical place, surrounded by unspoiled nature, where you can live dream experiences. The Gulf of Orosei, where the beautiful beaches of Sardinia alternate with spectacular cliffs surrounded by a clear turquoise sea, offers a truly unique and enchanting scenery full of caves, scenic trails and idyllic hidden coves.

Here, on the east coast of the island, you can start discovering this extraordinary land by traveling with the fleet of Nuovo Consorzio Trasporti Marittimi: cruises in Cala Gonone and boat tours offered by professionals who know the territory and will make you live unforgettable excursions, with competence and sympathy, in an authentic and magical atmosphere.

Cruises in Cala Gonone: explore a unique and extraordinary land

Cruises in Cala Gonone, the territory

The territory of the Gulf of Orosei is located on the east coast of Sardinia, in the province of Nuoro. It's a beautiful area, a pure environment characterized by a luxuriant and extraordinary nature: from the forests and green pastures of the inland to the wonderful color of the sea that flows placid on some of the most picturesque beaches of Sardinia.

But you can also find wonderful cliffs and caves, such as the Grotta del Bue Marino and the Grotte di Dorgali: you can admire them along the scenic paths that run along the coast and offer idyllic views, especially at dawn or in the dim light of dusk.

Not to mention the canyons that descend from the nearby mountains to the sea, which are a spectacular destination for excursions to discover the beautiful environment of the Mediterranean vegetation.

The main towns of the area, Orosei and Cala Gonone, are also very suggestive: typical shops and markets characterize the area of the historic center of Orosei, while in Cala Gonone we can appreciate the landscapes of the gulf from the beautiful Promenade or from the convenient Central Beach.

It’s right here, in this context that manages to remain so authentic despite the presence of excellent and comfortable tourist resorts, where the Nuovo Consorzio Trasporti Marittimi is located. 

With its proposals of daily tours and cruises in Cala Gonone, the Consorzio offers you the opportunity to live an exclusive experience exploring the most beautiful destinations of the territory from an original and privileged perspective: a comfortable cruise or an inflatable boat with driver that will take you through the extraordinary beaches and the crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Orosei, one of the most beautiful places of Sardinia.

Nuovo Consorzio Trasporti Marittimi: cruises in Cala Gonone to discover the Gulf of Orosei

Cruises in Cala Gonone, the fleet of NCTM

The Consorzio organizes daily trips in the most beautiful destinations and beaches of the Gulf of Orosei starting from the Port of Cala Gonone (from April until the end of October), the Marina of Orosei and the Port of La Caletta (from June to September).

Its fleet consists of 11 fast and comfortable boats and 2 inflatable boats with driver, ideal for exploring the picturesque and scenic views of the Gulf, and to discover the most secret and remote corners of a beautiful and immaculate natural environment.

Among the cruises in Cala Gonone, perhaps the most complete and exhaustive itinerary is the Mini Cruise in the Gulf, an experience that lasts for the whole day and that will take you between some of the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia, caves and other wonderful places along the coast such as the incredible Cala Goloritzè: to get here by land you need a lot of patience and effort, while reaching by sea this idyllic place gives you extraordinary and unforgettable emotions.

The Exclusive mini-cruise, in addition, also includes swimming at anchor both in Cala Goloritzé and at the Venus pools, as well as the tasting of a selection of typical (and tasty!) Sardinian products.

You also have the opportunity to participate in shorter specific excursions, for example to visit the fascinating Grotta del Bue Marino (2 hours total) or the Mediterranean scrub that surrounds the beach of Cala Luna

Starting from Orosei or La Caletta, instead, you can take part in the experience of the Mini Cruise in the Gulf: boarding at the Marina di Orosei is scheduled every day at about 10:15, while at the Port of La Caletta at 9:00.

Among the experiences offered by the Consorzio, there is also the 40 hp dinghy rental: brand new and comfortable dinghies which will allow you to explore the territory independently, with absolute freedom of movement and schedules. In case you need assistance, the support boats are always ready to intervene, to ensure a safe and pleasant trip.

Finally, a last option that you must try is the Sea Pass, that is a package of trips in the Gulf of Orosei. Thanks to it, you'll be able to use some of the services of the Consorzio, such as the cruises in Cala Gonone or the rental of inflatables boats, with a discount that can reach a maximum of 30% depending on the type of package chosen.

Discover the best images of cruises in Cala Gonone

Live the beaches of Sardinia with the comfort and experience of Nuovo Consorzio Trasporti Marittimi

Cruises in Cala Gonone, ticket office

An enviable fleet and a proposal full of different options to try: but, in addition to this, what is the real added value that the Nuovo Consorzio Trasporti Marittimi of Cala Gonone can give you to better enjoy your trip along the Gulf of Orosei? Certainly the answer is the comfort, the impeccable organization and decades of experience

In fact, the Consorzio was born in 1985, thanks to the lucky marriage between some fishermen from the island of Ponza and some entrepreneurs from Dorgali, who had the foresight to understand the extraordinary tourist value of the coast south of Cala Gonone.

It’s precisely this knowledge of the territory that is the key to offer you a truly unique and memorable visit; a knowledge that is revealed, for example, in the anecdotes told by skippers during excursions, both in Italian and in a perfect English. 

Every cave, every beach, every meter of the wild Mediterranean vegetation that characterizes the Gulf coast is able to tell its own story. But only those who live and work for years in this land can decipher the secrets of its mysterious and fascinating past, and to transmit them to visitors with honesty and sympathy to make you live magical and unforgettable adventures.

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