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In the last few hours the first cases of Coronavirus in Italy have been recorded, which have alarmed the population, but what tourists from all over the world are asking is: is Italy safe to visit in this period?

The number of people affected by the epidemic of Coronavirus in Italy is just over 200. The cases that have been diagnosed are all located in northern Italy, although many patients are under control throughout Italy and in many cities scattered around the country the closure of schools and universities and other public places has been ordered, all manoeuvres aimed at safeguarding public health.

Is Italy safe to visit? The Italian Civil Protection: "you can come safely".

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The head of Civil Protection and extraordinary national emergency commissioner Angelo Borrelli confirmed at a press conference that infections and deaths always refer to outbreaks already identified: mainly the northern regions of Lombardy and Veneto are those where the virus has been most widespread.
Counting the total number of cases, Italy would be the third country in the world by number of infections. According to experts and health officials, this number can be attributed to the greater capillarity of the controls carried out and the efficient extraordinary manoeuvres carried out by the Italian authorities, which have enabled cases to be detected more efficiently. 
So to those who are wondering at this time whether Italy is safe to visit, Angelo Borrelli would like to reassure: "In Italy we have intervened with demanding measures, there is security and you can come quietly"

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