Pisciotta, a delightful village on the Cilento coast, is a perfect place for a vacation of relaxation and good food. Let's discover it!

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The Cilento offers a wide range of destinations for your holidays, always in line with your needs and never disappointing. Below, we recommend Pisciotta: here, you can spend a pleasant weekend in total relaxation, accompanied by the beauty and uniqueness of the Cilento landscape

Cilento: a holiday for all tastes

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In the southern area of Campania, in the province of Salerno, there is one of the most beautiful areas of the entire region. Suspended between sea and mountains, the Cilento embraces a vast territory with an inestimable environmental and cultural value. In 1991, the National Park of Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni was established along with the archaeological sites of Paestum and Velia and the Charterhouse of Padula. Just seven years after its birth, in 1998, the Park became part of the UNESCO heritage. This strip of land contains an ancient history, of which we find traces in the majestic archaeological sites scattered throughout the area. In addition, its particular geographical position makes Cilento a real landscape gem set in the magnificent scenery of one of the most beautiful regions of southern Italy. In 1997, UNESCO assigned the international qualification of Biosphere Reserve to the marvellous marine landscapes and hinterland for the conservation and protection of the environment. The so-called green lung of Campania offers breathtaking natural views, which welcome native flora and fauna and give life to many of the typical products of the renowned Mediterranean diet. Finally, Cilento is a real paradise for sea lovers.

In short, choosing Cilento as a destination for your holidays can only make you happy; trekking, nature, beaches, medieval villages, archaeological sites: there is something to suit everyone's fancy!

Pisciotta: the wonder of the beaches and the landscape

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You cannot miss the crystal clear waters of Cilento. By 2021, the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) awarded this area with 13 Blue Flags.

Pisciotta is one of the most characteristic villages of the Cilento coast. It locates between Ascea and Centola Palinuro. This lovely town is perched on a hill 200 meters above sea level and offers a unique view of the entire Gulf of Cilento.

Thanks to the presence of ancient medieval buildings, its historic centre is suggestive and looks almost fairy-tale. At the same time, it embraces a strip of coastline divided between wild beaches and typically tourist beaches.

Pisciotta is divided into three districts.

Marina di Pisciotta

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Marina di Pisciotta is a fishing village. Located just before the port, the beach of Marina di Pisciotta has the typical pebbles smoothed by the sea. Here, the path and the beach are surrounded by wild nature. For this reason, it is a place that is hardly overcrowded. 


Caprioli is a bit more extensive than Marina di Pisciotta. It includes, in addition to the coast, the internal municipalities of Santa Caterina, Valle di Marco, Pedali, la Fornace and Villa Verde. Here, the beach is sandy and is located close to the Saline di Palinuro, composed of wide golden stretches, suitable especially for families. 


Rodio is the most internal and ancient fraction. Its origins date back to the Templar era. It has been allegedly founded by a settlement of the Knights of Malta. This hamlet is 350 meters high and is hidden from the sea and the rest of the landscape. 

Trekking in Pisciotta

If you are a nature lover, in Pisciotta you can also find many hiking activities. Hiking experts as well as beginners have access to wonderful routes both inland and overlooking the sea. The beauty of the landscape you will admire will leave you breathless. If you are a mountain bike enthusiast, do not worry: you can also take paths on two wheels!

Among the most stunning and challenging paths, we recommend the Path of Castelluccio, which embraces Pisciotta, Rodio and Caprioli in over 10 km of walking until you reach the peak of Castelluccio at over 700 meters above sea level.

The effort is rewarded by a privileged view of the entire Gulf of Cilento. Instead, if you want to follow in the footsteps of those who founded Rodio, we recommend the Path of the Knights of Malta, which connects the village with San Mauro la Bruca, tracing the ancient path of the Templars.

A weekend in Pisciotta: la Casa sul Blu


For a short but intense escape in this versatile Cilento village, we recommend the Albergo Diffuso La Casa sul Blu (a scattered hotel). Located in the heart of the Cilento National Park, the hotel offers the ideal place for your holidays in Pisciotta. Equipped with rooms (single and double) and several furnished apartments, La Casa sul Blu is a cosy set of facilities surrounded by greenery and with a beautiful view of the unique wonders of the Cilento landscape. Your expectations will not be disappointed. In addition to the panoramic position, the hotel offers a delicious breakfast prepared with local and homemade products.

The structure is very welcoming: in summer you can enjoy the evening cool in the beautiful gardens, while in winter you can be pampered by the warmth of the fireplace always lit. In the surroundings of the hotel, you will find everything at your fingertips. The beaches are mostly wild, but there are also facilities equipped with all the necessary amenities. In addition, la Casa sul Blu offers menus and discounts affiliated with some of the restaurants near the hotel.

If you are trekking lovers, do not hesitate to ask for advice and directions from the staff for the routes that best suit your needs and desires.

In short, whatever your requests, La Casa sul Blu is always available to welcome them to make your stay in the Cilento unforgettable.

La Casa sul Blu

We recommend

We recommend