It’s that time of the year when the magic surrounds us. Here you have our enchanted tips for the Christmas markets in Tuscany.

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The Tuscany's Christmas markets are not only a prerogative of northern Italy, we at Visit Italy went to Tuscany and we were fascinated by the atmosphere of local crafts, enjoying crackling roast chestnuts and lots of mulled wine.

During this magical time of year, there are many and particularly evocative markets in which to get lost: from the most famous of FlorenceMontepulciano to the most fascinating of Siena and Arezzo...

Are you ready to let yourself be overwhelmed by the magic of Christmas made in Tuscany? Here you can find all the details and useful information.

Florence. The Christmas markets of Piazza Santa Croce.


In Piazza Santa Croce in Florence, square that owes its name to the homonymous Franciscan basilica among the largest in Italy, takes place, as per tradition, the Weihnachtsmarkt: the German-style Christmas market. The wooden houses, typical of the Teutonic markets, create an atmosphere beyond the Alps in the famous Tuscan capital. 

If you are looking for original gift ideas, home decorations, typical German products, shows, music and performances for children then you are in the right place

The church of Santa Croce, famous not only for its frescoes by Giotto, but also for the sculptures of Benedetto da Maiano, Desiderio da Settignano and Canova, to be the burial place of personalities such as Galilei, Foscolo, Michelangelo and Machiavelli, is the backdrop to this wonderful Christmas market. Therefore, venturing into the Weihnachtsmarkt also means being surrounded by the artistic charm of this magnificent place.

Everything is perfectly mixed to create that romantic atmosphere you are looking for: the smells of good food and mulled wine will inebriate you, making Christmas shopping a unique experience, topped with an Italian savoir faire.


19th November 2022 - 18th December 2022

Arezzo. The Tyrolean Christmas markets.


In the monumental Piazza Grande in Arezzo you will find the Tyrolean Village, in its seventh edition, the largest and most original Tyrolean market in Italy. Certainly unique in its kind, this village manages to blend the excellences of Tyrol, Austria and Germany with the best of local production in Tuscany

Characteristic, original and decidedly magical, Christmas in Arezzo will make you travel between raclette, melted cheese, brezel, polenta and roast shank, tasting the best beers of Tyrol and watching the spectacular and exciting "big lights show": games of lights, colors and music that will cheer the evenings of the Tyrolean village. Every day, at 5 p.m., a magical show will appear in the square on the facades of the buildings, which will be magically colored in the Christmas atmosphere. A unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the lights and colors of this magic show

The fantastic location of Palazzo della Fraternità dei Laici, frescoed by Teofilo Torri, is dressed by 100,000 led and houses a giant Santa Claus 5 meters high. Next you will find the LEGO brick house, with large installations made with the most famous bricks in the world: we are in Arezzo and this is his Christmas. 

The precious crucifix of the Cimabue, the Gothic cathedral of San Donato, the many historic buildings, including the Palace of the Fraternity of the Laity with its impressive lunar clock, the Palazzo dei Priori and Palazzo Pretorio; the birthplace of Francesco Petrarca...are some of the artistic beauties of Arezzo that will be the background to the magic of Christmas in Arezzo.

Don’t miss this beautiful, lit-up city.


November 19th 2022 - 26th December 2022

Montepulciano. Markets and Santa Claus castle.


Straddling the Val di Chiana and the Val d'Orcia there is a perched village, called the village of love, with a historic center of Renaissance origin enclosed within three walls: we are in Montepulciano, that during the Christmas holidays dresses a unique and exciting magic. 

In the fairy-tale Piazza Grande there are many wooden houses that give life to a real Christmas village, where you can find from Christmas decorations to local crafts...parades, musical events, ice rink, children’s workshops, screenings... Arezzo turns into a real Christmas task force!

A few steps from the famous square a natural terrace overlooking the Val d'Orcia becomes the Christmas terrace: in this place suspended in time, admiring a landscape to leave you speechless, you can enjoy the beauty of nature in an enchanting Christmas atmosphere, sipping one of the many wine proposals of the territory

If instead you had ever wondered where Santa Claus lived with his elves, you can immerse yourself in the visit of the medieval fortress of Montepulciano, decorated in all its majesty. You can visit the magic kitchen, the rooms where the elves sleep, the winter garden where the reindeer rest, but above all meet Santa Claus in the throne room, delivering your letter in the fairy device.

Whether you are young or old, this route will leave you breathless.


19th November 2022 - 6th January 2023

Siena.The videomapping of Palazzo Pubblico.


It's the art to illuminate the Christmas of Siena, with an emotional path of initiatives ranging from videomapping to illuminations, passing through the ice rink reaching the fun electric train.

The city of the palio puts into play all its seventeen districts for a Christmas event with an ancient flavor, starting from its market in the field (3 and 4 December), which takes its cue from the ancient market that at the beginning of 1300 was held in this same place. 

The ancient network of aqueducts that still feeds the historical sources of the city becomes a visit, the one "to the Bottini of Siena", not to be missed as the guided visit to the construction site of the Allegory and Effects of the Good and Bad Government by Ambrogio Lorenzetti, where at the height of the work was made possible to admire the cycle of frescoes from the scaffold

On the charming town hall a special videomapping crown the Sienese evenings, illuminating the whole city with the magic of Christmas. Do not miss the opportunity of a timeless Christmas...


19th November 2022 - 8th January 2023

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