Discover the charming atmosphere of the Christmas markets in Umbria: twinkling lights, traditional crafts and the festive warmth of winter

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Christmas markets in Umbria evoke historical and religious places and are set up in medieval villages and towns of great architectural interest, such as castles, fortresses and abbeys. They provide a pleasant break that combines entertainment with a unique cultural experience.

The Christmas atmosphere in this region is associated with the year-round spiritual climate, while the palate looks forward to the culinary and confectionery tradition that has made many locations famous.

The magic of the Christmas markets in Umbria

Christmas markets in Umbria

If you want to experience a magical atmosphere that immediately brings you back to Christmas, you must immerse yourself in the history and tradition that characterises the Christmas markets in Umbria. Here, the religious atmosphere that hovers all year round comes alive at Christmas time and inspires each locality to celebrate the Nativity.

It is an experience that combines craftsmanship, tradition and gastronomy, in a natural setting rich in culture, where you can come into close contact with local communities and discover their talents. These places are beautiful and characteristic, explore the surroundings with our guided excursions. But first the Christmas markets in Umbria. We have selected the best proposals for 2023, let's start the journey together!

4. Gubbio is Christmas

Christmas Markets in Umbria in Gubbio

Gubbio is Christmas' is one of the most spectacular events among the Christmas markets in Umbria and takes place from 25 November 2023 to 7 January 2024. It is full of events, the most highly anticipated of which is the lighting of the tree, scheduled for 7 December: it is about 700 metres high, illuminated by 730 lights from sunset to late at night, and in 1981 it was certified as the world's largest Christmas tree, entering the Guinness Book of Records. It is positioned on the slopes of Mount Ingino, the town of Gubbio is behind it and its brightness gives an unforgettable charm to the surrounding landscape.

The attractions of Christmas Land range from the traditional and unfailing markets to craft workshops where you can create souvenir items, from the ice skating rink to the enchanted merry-go-round. Inside Santa's Kingdom you can enjoy Santa's House, the Elf Village and the Magic of Chocolate, with demonstrations and tastings. To capture all the fun, you can take a ride on the toy train, loved by adults and children alike.

3. Lights on Lake Trasimeno

In Castiglione del Lago, "Luci sul Trasimeno" is staged from 8 December to 6 January 2024. This is a route that leads to the discovery of a village and the world's largest Christmas tree built on water, with an incomparable light show. Along the avenue leading to the Rocca del Leone, the illuminations and decorations guide visitors to internal areas where informative and historical multimedia content is projected. It is a way to engage tourists and bring them to the knowledge of this place that enchants in all seasons of the year.

Santa's Village also includes an ice rink and stalls offering Christmas decorations and decorations, handicrafts, vintage products and, of course, typical food delicacies. If you especially want to satisfy your palate, make a longer stop at the 'Piazzetta del Gusto'.

2. Christmas at the Rocca

Christmas markets in Umbria in Perugia

In Perugia, the Christmas markets in Umbria are set up in the halls and alleyways of the Rocca Paolina, an underground venue that is a 15th century fortress. They will be held from Friday, 8 December 2023 to Sunday, 7 January 2024, with a fun-filled programme. A skating rink for adults and children will be set up in Piazza Italia, while the entire historic centre will be decorated with fascinating illuminations that create an authentic Christmas atmosphere.

On 24 November, the markets in Corso Vannucci will open, and on the Immaculate Conception weekend, the second edition of Dolcissima Perugia, an event dedicated to handmade sweets, will be held. Children, in addition to the little house with Santa Claus, will find a merry-go-round, a toy train and a workshop for various activities waiting for them. Concerts from the terraces' will be the musical accompaniment with artistic performances.

1. Assisi

Christmas markets in Umbria in Assisi

Assisi is the centre par excellence of nativity scenes and in every corner of the centre you can find a re-enactment of the Nativity. In the Basilica of San Francesco d'Assisi, a nativity scene is set up with human-sized terracotta figures that make a wonderful spectacle. In addition, this year the city celebrates the 800th anniversary of the first nativity scene in history, in Greccio; dedicated events include lights projected on the buildings, stories and workshops for children,

The Christmas markets in Umbria have a more spiritual significance in Assisi, but there is no shortage of gospel music concerts, shows, the little train and pipers strolling the streets of the centre. The little wooden houses host vendors selling handicrafts and offer local culinary specialities. The attractions on offer invite visitors to discover a Unesco heritage city at a special historical and religious moment. The occasion is perfect to visit the surroundings, with a guided tour to discover a natural paradise

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