The most beautiful holiday of winter is coming, and the Christmas markets in Liguria are ready to celebrate it!

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For Christmas lovers, this magical holiday also means experiencing an entire period full of wonders, as cities are filled with colors and scents can only be savored on this particular occasion. Therefore, true connoisseurs cannot miss some of the most beautiful Christmas markets in the whole peninsula: the markets in LiguriaThe region of Cinque Terre and Riviera dei Fiori, in 2023 intends to do its part as far as the most important holiday of the winter is concerned: so here are flourishing initiatives for Christmas markets in Liguria, with activities designed for both adults and children.

As is well known, in the past years all public events have been slowed down or stopped, but this December Christmas can finally be celebrated in style. Christmas markets in Liguria involve both large cities such as Genoa, where we're going to look behind the scenes of one of the most famous, and smaller towns known just because of their Christmas displays. The protagonists of the Christmas markets in Liguria are, of course, handicrafts and typical stalls, along with all the entertainment designed especially for children, who are spoiled for choice, including Santa's little houses, educational workshops, and stockings filled with treats! During your stay, you could also treat yourself to an enchanting boat tour through the unspoilt landscapes of the Cinque Terre and its picturesque seaside villages. Benefit from the ticket that Visit Italy has in store for its readers.

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Christmas markets in Liguria as a synonymous for solidarity

Christmas markets in Liguria as a synonymous for solidarity

Christmas markets in Liguria, in terms of charm and atmosphere, are really no less than those in other, more emblazoned Italian localities. In addition, what makes the displays in this region such unique is the special attention paid to the solidarity aspect: very often the proceeds from the sale of local objects and typical products are donated to charitable causes and initiatives aimed at improving the territory and creating new possibilities for the less fortunate.

The spirit of Christmas is thus experienced in its fullest and most authentic incarnation, but there is certainly no shortage of fun! And there really is something for everyone, because so many are the initiatives and the visitable places, from the largest city to the small village among the mountains.

Let's start our list by mentioning the charming markets of Genoa, with the one in San Nicola, held at the Genoa Brignole station, standing out with its reproduction of the old houses of the city or the roofed stalls where you can find all sorts of delicacies.

All this without forgetting the more characteristic and special Christmas markets in Liguria, such as the ones in Santo Stefano d'Aveto or Loano, the latter famous for its Christmas Village, whose set up includes rustic wooden chalets giving participants a feeling of warmth and "authenticity." To find out more in detail what Christmas markets in Liguria have in store for us this year, all you have to do is read this article: we have selected the most magical locations for you!

4. Christmas Markets in Liguria: St. Nicholas Market in Genoa

Christmas Markets in Liguria: St. Nicholas Market in Genoa

Surely one of the most representative Christmas markets in Liguria is that in Genoa everyone knows as the St. Nicholas Market. Organized in Piccapietra Square, it is really highly anticipated and will be open from December 1st to 23rd, 2023.

It is a fantastic space where you can taste typical products and buy personalized gifts for every need, from body care items to games and handicrafts. Children then, will have the opportunity to play with animals on the educational farm set up by Autra Farm, so they can learn many new things while having fun.

The setup of St. Nicholas is really special and makes it one of the most beautiful among the Christmas markets in Liguria. In fact, the entire perimeter outside the square faithfully reproduces the typical Genoese houses, with the result that the city appears to the visitor's eyes with its Renaissance appearance: add to this the Christmas decorations and the result is sure to be impressive.

An important aspect of the Christmas markets in Liguria and especially of the St. Nicholas of Genoa is the solidarity aspect: many charities are involved in organizing these beautiful and fun activities, and after the festive period is over, the next step is to implement solidarity projects. You could purchase the Genova City Pass, the exclusive tourist pass with a ticket made available by Visit Italy, to admire marvellous sights and take advantage of the efficient public transport.

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3. Santa's house and markets in Santo Stefano d'Aveto

 Santa's house and markets in Santo Stefano d'Aveto

The mountainous landscape of Santo Stefano d'Aveto is perhaps the ideal setting for a Christmas-inspired display: maybe this the reason why it is on our list of the most beloved Christmas markets in Liguria? In such beautiful natural setting, many typical stalls are set up where you can taste the authentic products of Val d'Aveto, accompanied of course by classic handicrafts.

Typical attraction of Santo Stefano d'Aveto is the Santa Claus House, mounted in the unique location of the enchanted forest. As is natural, we are talking about entertainment for the exclusive use of children, who can visit the little house, have a chat with the most beloved grandfather of all and personally deliver their little letter to him themselves. There is no shortage of classic educational workshops, and the chance to try a donkey ride or a real buggy!

2. Christmas markets in Liguria: in the Villavecchia district of Ronco Scrivia

Christmas markets in Liguria: in the Villavecchia district of Ronco Scrivia

Ronco Scrivia, which even won an award for its Christmas-related initiatives in 2016, rightfully earns a place on our small list of Christmas markets in Liguria.

The Villavecchia District is ancient and recognizes a special value to traditions. That is precisely why, starting Dec. 3rd 2023, the classic festivities will begin with food stalls and gift ideas for all tastes and ages. More than 60 booths will be set up, giving visitors the chance to totally immerse themselves in these streets all decked out. And to combat the cold and feel even more inebriated, at the start with the culinary specialties: chickpea zimin, polenta, mulled wine ,and chocolate will be the ideal companions in this festive atmosphere.

In Villavecchia, there is never a dull moment at this time of year, because in addition to typical dishes and delicacies, great amusements have been devised. These range from the illuminated bridge to nativity displays, not forgetting the Lego brick exhibition and the fantastic tourist train.

1. Loano Christmas - Magie di Natale Village

Christmas Markets Loano: Loano Christmas - Magie di Natale Village

From December 2nd, 2023 to January 7th, 2024, another of the must-see Christmas Markets in Liguria is Loano in the province of Savona, with its Magie di Natale (Christmas Magic) Village, fully illuminated and hosted by the San Josè Maria Escrivà Gardens. This time to welcome us we find a maritime setting, in stark contrast to the mountains we had seen in Santo Stefano.

An unmissable appointment for children, a detour to the house of Santa Claus, always ready to receive requests and letters. In Loano, the famous dad in red is aided by his fantastic elves, prompt to put makeup on all the children in the world.

Games, gifts, and decorations then, but there can be no shortage of good cuisine with a focus on street food, perfect for cheering up the walks of families visiting Loano. An added bonus for lucky patrons are the gift stalls, full of themed wonders all to admire.

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