What are the best Christmas markets in Campania? We have selected them for you to enjoy the magic of Christmas throughout the region.

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Christmas markets are traditional events that enliven many cities around the world during the holidays. These folkloristic occasions offer a unique experience, creating a joyful atmosphere and inviting people to immerse themselves in the Christmas spirit.

The stands decorated with twinkling lights, the stalls full of handcrafted gifts and the fragrances of Christmas food create a welcoming and magical atmosphere.

In Campania these traditional Christmas markets become wonderful opportunities through which you can discover the traditions and specialties of each city in the region; from Naples - and its nativity scenes - to Salerno - and its artist lights.

Christmas markets in Campania and local traditions

Christmas market and designer lights

Christmas market and designer lights

One of the most fascinating aspects of Christmas markets in Campania is the variety of traditional products that we can find.

Stalls offer handicrafts, Christmas decorations, handmade toys and traditional culinary delights.

The possibility of finding unique and special gifts also contributes to making these markets so popular among visitors.

The Christmas markets in Campania are an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in numerous live celebrations

Many events include shows, musical performances and theatrical performances that celebrate the Christmas season and beyond.

Participating in these activities can be a fascinating way to learn about and appreciate local culture

Every tradition, in fact, finds its own dimension precisely in these representations, so as to remain imprinted.

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Join the Christmas markets with food and local delicacies

The Christmas markets in Naples

The Christmas markets in Naples

One of the distinctive elements of many Christmas markets in Campania is the offer of typical local food and drinks.

Traditional delicacies are at the center of many meeting opportunities among visitors; there are countless events that are based precisely on the sense of communion found around a typical dish.

Among the countless special Christmas dishes from Campania we can find fried foods of all kinds, desserts - such as "susamielli", "struffoli", "babà", sweet and praline "castelli", panettone, "pastiere di grano" - and much more .

This aspect helps to create a multisensory experience that satisfies both taste and smell.

8. Christmas Markets in Campania: let's start from Naples

A Christmas market in Naples

A Christmas market in Naples

Christmas markets often foster a sense of community and discovery.

Sharing this festive experience with family and friends creates indelible memories and a sense of belonging to one's roots.

On this occasion the warmth given by relationships is rediscovered; walking among the stands and tasting good food - we go in search of new emotions to impress, with those we love.

In Naples there will be many events to mark on the diary; starting from November 17th, the day on which the "Mercatino contadino ed artigiano" will be held.

We will then have the "Gustus" fair - from 17 to 19 November - and the "Pharmexpo" fair - from 22 to 24 November.

The "Fiera del Baratto e dell'Usato" fair will then be held in Naples from 23 to 24 November.

The "Castello Markets" are then celebrated in Ottaviano, from 30 November to 15 December.

Furthermore, worth mentioning is the "Toy Fair", in Pompei, from November 30th to the first day of December.

From 2 December to 7 January, the "Christmas Market", will be held at the Pietrarsa Railway Museum, in Portici.

"The Christmas Valley", in Torre del Greco is enchanting, open to visitors from 2 December to 26 December.

Not to be missed is "The Christmas Village", active at the Mostra di Oltremare, in Naples, from 7 to 30 December.

Let's see, together, the most beautiful Christmas markets to visit in Campania.

7. The Benevento Christmas market

Lights from a Christmas market

Lights from a Christmas market in Benevento

The Benevento Christmas market is an enchanting celebration of the holidays that transforms the city center into a magical place.

The bright stalls offer a wide range of handcrafted products and unique gifts, creating an unmissable festive atmosphere.

Many typical foods can be savored here, between one celebration and another, especially meat-based ones - such as "braciolette" or "Ammugliatielli".

We highlight the "Cadeaux at Limatola Castle" Christmas market, open to visitors until 8 December.

Another scenario can be observed in Torrecuso, in the province of Benevento, on 15 November 2023.

On November 23, 2023 you can admire the Christmas market in Apice Nuovo, in the province of Benevento.

On November 24th the city of San Lorenzello will host its inevitable Christmas market.

In Paduli you absolutely cannot miss the annual Christmas market - which will be accompanied by the evening "The Magical World of Christmas" - on 29 November.

6. Christmas, in Avellino

Avellino, Christmas market

Avellino, Christmas market

The Avellino Christmas market transforms the heart of the city during the Christmas holidays.

The quaint stalls are adorned with twinkling lights, offering a variety of artisanal products and seasonal culinary delights.

The scent of Christmas desserts and treats hangs in the air, inviting visitors to fully immerse themselves in the Christmas spirit. In fact, Avellino's sweets crowd the stalls and attract visitors - including fried donuts, zeppole and much more.

We would like to highlight the "Pane Ammore e Tarantella" festival from 15th to 18th November, in Avella.

On the calendar we will also have the "Sagra delle Sagre", from 15 to 17 November, in Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi.

The "Natale Piccrill" will then be held in Sirignano from 22nd to 23rd November.

Furthermore, from November 30th to the first day of December, the Caposele Christmas market will be held, in the province of Avellino.

5. The magic of Caserta, and its Christmas markets

Caserta, by night - at Christmas

Caserta, by night at Christmas

The stalls of Caserta are filled with traditional objects and typical products at Christmas.

The warm lights thicken the magical atmosphere that passes through the city and which invests visitors in an engaging experience, while the air is pervaded by the fragrances of traditional food.

Among the typical products we especially find very sweet dishes, such as the "Pietra di San Girolamo" and the "Christmas zeppole".

From 7 to 23 December the Christmas Village will be held in Caserta, at the San Marco Evangelista exhibition center.

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4. The Amalfi Christmas markets in December

A Christmas market in Naples

A Christmas market in Amalfi

The Amalfi Christmas market transforms the suggestive coastal scenery into an enchanted atmosphere during the holidays.

The bright stalls, overlooking the sea, offer a selection of artisan products and local delicacies.

While the air is pervaded by the fragrances of the sea and culinary delicacies - including "zeppole", "susamielli", "struffoli" and "calzoncelli".

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3. The Christmas markets of Sorrento

Christmas market in Sorrento

Christmas market in Sorrento

The Sorrento Christmas market fills the hearts of visitors and inhabitants of the city with warmth.

The characteristic stalls, decorated with twinkling lights, offer truly memorable experiences.

The offer of typical and artisanal products such as "roccocò", typical Christmas donut-shaped sweets, is very rich.

From 3 to 26 December we highlight the "Christmas Village", at Villa Fiorentino, in Sorrento.

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2. The wonderful Salerno Christmas market

Salerno, the Christmas markets and the artistic lights

Salerno, the Christmas markets and the artistic lights

The Salerno Christmas market is an enchanting celebration of the holidays that transforms the city center into a panorama of lights and colours.

The city of Salerno, at this time of year, becomes a riot of lights and colorful Christmas shapes - the city's main attraction.

The air is filled with the fragrances of traditional food, adding a touch of magic to the experience. This market embodies the Christmas spirit among objects and sweets, especially - such as "carrube", "castagnole", "pasta reale" and "cavallucci".

We would like to point out, at the Borgo Antico di Castellabate, the Christmas market - open to visitors from 1st to 17th December.

The Montecorice Christmas market, from 1st to 17th December.

1. San Gregorio Armeno, the Christmas market steeped in Neapolitan tradition

San Gregorio Armeno, in Naples

San Gregorio Armeno, in Naples

The San Gregorio Armeno Christmas market in Naples is renowned for being one of the most evocative places of all those in Naples, especially at Christmas.

This historic street is alive with stalls offering handcrafted nativity scenes, figurines of Christmas characters and unique decorations; this place captures anyone.

Local artisans show mastery in creating works that represent the nativity, transforming the street into a fascinating display of art and tradition. Ironic and comical statuettes are also found there.

Visiting this market offers an authentic and fascinating experience in the heart of Christmas Naples - smelling of every delicacy already characterizing the entire year and, again, hazelnuts and typical Christmas sweets.

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