Which are the best Christmas markets in Calabria not to be missed? We have selected 10 that you absolutely must see in 2023.

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Did you know that the Christmas markets in Calabria offer shopping and socialising in the streets of the villages on winter days? The appointment, in most cases, starts at the end of November and ends in mid-January, giving you more than a month to shop or simply get into the Christmas spirit. You won't miss Father Christmas' Village, the Nativity scene with its living figures, and in the meeting of the sacred and profane, let's not forget the arrival of the Befana.

We will choose 10 places to see that organise Christmas Markets in Calabria, and we will try to highlight the most complete and famous ones. That is why we choose those places where you cannot miss the visit of Father Christmas arriving on his pony and where the Calabrian Christmas market is distinguished by a very special formula, which includes not only the historic centres, but also many squares and other city streets.

Christmas markets in Calabria: tradition, Christmas spirit and lots of hospitality

Christmas markets in Calabria

The countdown to the Christmas markets in Calabria has officially begun. Many are starting to prepare for the most magical festivity of the year. We are also getting ready by pointing out the most beautiful and famous ones. Calabria's Christmas markets are an ancient tradition capable of transforming towns into enchanted villages during the most festive time of the year. Don't miss out on this exciting world full of traditions.

By now, the Christmas spirit is in the air just about everywhere. Which village and municipality in this southern region will you go to in order to attend a typical Christmas-themed event, where the magic of the Nativity can be felt? Calabria offers several places where Christmas markets delight locals and tourists alike during the months of November to January. Such a varied territory, with high mountains that can have snow-capped peaks in winter, makes this area one of the most suitable for hosting the best Calabrian Christmas markets in the entire Italian peninsula.

10. Christmas markets in Calabria in Cosenza: the market in the city of the Bruzi

On our tour of Christmas markets in Calabria, we cannot but start with the famous Cosenza Christmas market, which returns to the historic city of the Bruzi once again this year. One of the region's largest and most evocative Christmas markets in Calabria, the city of Cosenza will host it, where tourists and locals flock from neighbouring towns every year for Christmas shopping, to enjoy good typical food, and to plunge into the magical atmosphere of the winter festivities.

Where and when: Corso Mazzini and Piazza Bilotti, from Saturday 18 November 2023 to 06 January 2024.

9. Calabria Christmas Market: Christmas Tropea

The enchanting coastal town of Tropea is famous for its beautiful beaches, but during the Christmas period it also offers a charming location for the Christmas Markets in Calabria. The historical centre of the town is transformed into an enchanting Christmas market that offers visitors a unique experience amidst the scents and festive atmosphere surrounding it. With its cobbled streets and ancient architecture, it becomes a living work of art during the Christmas holidays. Located in the historical centre of Tropea, the Christmas market is the perfect place to delight your palate with traditional Calabrian sweets. The market also has a large exhibition of handmade works of art by local artisans.

Where and when: Old town and Piazza Cannone, from 25 November 2023 to 06 January 2024.

8. Calabria's most beautiful Christmas markets: in Reggio, the Stretto market

Reggio Calabria, famous for its National Museum of Magna Graecia, also hosts one of the extraordinary Christmas markets in Calabria. You will find a wide range of handmade products, jewellery, Christmas toys and sweets, handicrafts, decorations, gifts and traditional Christmas food products. Activities of artistic, cultural and spiritual interest are planned, as well as the Father Christmas House. The town is also famous for its extraordinary Christmas illuminations.

Where and when: Corso Garibaldi, from 08 December 2023 to 09 January 2024 and in the Piazzale in front of the Lo Presti stadium - Gallico, 8, 9 and 10 December 2023.

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7. Christmas markets of Calabria in Catanzaro: the market in the regional capital

Catanzaro, the city of three hills, is another destination you should consider when visiting Calabria's Christmas markets. The charming capital of Calabria is transformed into an enchanting Christmas world during the festive season. The Christmas markets here in Calabria add sparkling magic to the already glittering city streets and represent one of the region's most fascinating traditions. The Catanzaro Christmas market offers an opportunity to get to know the city's cultural heritage. Visitors can stroll among the baroque palaces in the historic centre, admiring their historic and fascinating architecture.

Where and when: Corso Mazzini, Galleria Mancuso and the old town, from 07 December 2023 to 06 January 2024.

6. Christmas Markets in Calabria in Campora San Giovanni, Amantea

The Calabria Christmas markets are back in Campora San Giovanni. For four days in the characteristic Piazza San Francesco, artisans and associations will bring an unforgettable Christmas spirit to the town. The stalls will offer handmade objects and Christmas decorations, gifts, local handicrafts, typical products and sweets of all kinds. There will also be entertainment for children and traditional music, completing one of the biggest and most special Christmas events in the region.

Where and when: Piazzale San Francesco, from 7 to 10 December 2023.

5. Soverato Christmas Market

Christmas markets in Calabria: Soverato

The Soverato Christmas market takes place in December. The idea came from the desire to be an example like the traditional Christmas markets in Calabria to promote the region's handicrafts. Visitors will be able to experience the magic of the festivity through the decorations and stroll among the typical and characteristic wooden huts, where it is possible to purchase handicrafts and typical food and wine products. There is no shortage of gastronomic areas, which in turn await local restaurateurs to offer delicious dishes. Exhibitions, cultural events, screenings, conferences and workshops are also waiting for you.

Where and when: Piazza Maria Ausiliatrice, December.

4. Christmas markets in Montalto Uffugo

Christmas markets in Calabria: Montalto Uffugo

In Montalto Uffugo you can experience the magic of Christmas in the Palatenda, which will be set up in Piazza Nicola Canonaco, where in November and December a Christmas village, Christmas markets, nativity scene exhibition, Baby Luna Park, musical and animation shows, Christmas street food and more will be set up.

Where and when: Piazza Nicola Canonaco, in Taverna di Montalto Uffugo, every day from 3 to 9 p.m., from 26 November to 17 December 2023.

3. Christmas markets in Calabria: in Cinquefrondi, the Christmas Village

Christmas markets in Calabria: in Cinquefrondi, the Christmas Village

Cinquefrondi, the town in the Reggio Calabria area, is preparing for the Christmas festivities and is a full-fledged candidate among the best Christmas markets in Calabria. Have you ever been to the Christmas Village in Cinquefrondi? Let's see what we will find to brighten your holidays. There will be the classic Christmas stalls of handicrafts and typical products, where you can taste various local delicacies. But musical performances, traditional dances, art exhibitions, shows and much more will be waiting for you. The town in the Reggio Calabria area is preparing to go through the festivities with joy and lightness, to have fun and fully experience the excitement of Christmas.

Where and when: in Cinquefrondi, on 8, 10, 17, 24, 26 December 2023 and 1 and 6 January 2024.

2. Stilo Christmas Market

Christmas markets in Calabria: Stilo

Among the other places, where the Christmas markets in Calabria offer ideas for shopping and spending the evening with friends, is Stilo. A village of ancient origins, at the foot of Mount Consolino, rich in churches, noble palaces and the Duomo, but the most interesting building is La Cattolica, a 10th-century temple. Not only the market, but on the same days the Nativity event with living Nativity figures will be organised.

Where and when: Old Town, 26 and 30 December 2023.

1. Praia a Mare Christmas markets in Calabria

The Christmas Village is back for Praia a Mare's Christmas event. Similar to previous experiences, the themed village will be held outdoors, in December and January, along the Viale della Libertà and Piazza della Resistenza promenade. Attractions include the installation of an indoor skating rink to brighten up the festivities for those who want to ice-skate in the square. The classic wooden houses of the Calabria Christmas Markets and Father Christmas's Village cannot be missed. In addition, there will be food and wine events and shows with musical concerts, cabaret shows and DJ sets at weekends.

Where and when: Viale della Libertà and Piazza della Resistenza, from 7 December 2023 to 7 January 2024.

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