Discover the quality of Casa Amalfi products, the artisanal and eco-sustainable luxury brand, born under the sun of the Amalfi Coast. 

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Beauty, culture, traditions: the Amalfi Coast is a place that has no equal in the world, with bright colors and unforgettable atmospheres. Here is where Casa Amalfi is born, a luxury brand truly unique because it's been founded with the mission of giving everyone the opportunity to have a little piece of that paradise next to them, at the same time promoting the magic of that land. Its products are entirely handcrafted, designed for the body and the home, and born from an authentic love for the territory, and the desire to preserve its heritage, but also to make its value and beauty known.

Thanks to Casa Amalfi, in fact, you will always be able to have the scent of the Mediterranean sunshine with you, or surround yourself with the colors of the Amalfi Coast thanks to high quality products, also made with the contribution of the local artisans, and always with total respect for the environment.

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Casa Amalfi: the excellence made in Italy

Casa Amalfi - luxury

Casa Amalfi is a young luxury brand, born from the love for the Amalfi Coast and from a deep knowledge of its history and its potential.

In 2020 Simonetta and Ivan Salerno, an Italian-Australian couple, after many years spent in Sidney where they worked hard to make known the best of Italian craftsmanship, return to their Naples with the desire of transforming their passion for their land into high-end and accessible products, which bring well-being everyone and everywhere.

This is how Casa Amalfi was born, a brand that exports soaps, body products, fabrics and essences all over the world, recreating the dream atmospheres of the Amalfi Coast. Each product carries within itself the brighter colours, the more authentic scents and most ancient traditions of this wonderful corner of Southern Italy.

Casa Amalfi soap, the sweetest bodycare

Casa Amalfi - bodycare

Casa Amalfi's soaps are different from any others because they are made only with entirely natural, vegan and cruelty free ingredients, coming from the Amalfi Coast, with the addition of jojoba oil and shea butter. They don't contain plastic or any type of preserving agents. This is how the certified top quality bodycare products are created.  

Enriched with many different essences, from the most classic to the most unusual, but always inspired by the sea and the flowers of the Mediterranean, these soaps are a delicate caress on the skin, even the most sensitive one, and an authentic experience for the senses, capable of providing relax and comfort.

Choose for example the blue of the Capri's sea, the scents of the gardens of Ravello, or perhaps the energy of mount Vesuvius, in any case Casa Amalfi will give you the cuddle you can't go without.

Casa Amalfi home decor, the colors of the Amalfi Coast right in your home

Casa Amalfi - ceramics

The evocative essences, the blue of the sky and the sea, the typical decorations of the local craftsmanship, recreating a piece of the Amalfi Coast in your own home is not difficult. There are many home decor products that Casa Amalfi has made, so that you can always have a ray of Mediterranean sunshine close by.

Brighten up your home with natural fabrics, designed to be resistant and long-lasting, but at the same time pleasant and delicate to the touch. Warm and comfortable throws await you, but also tablecloths, pillow cases and towels that you can have fun perhaps combining with serving or decorative plates, all made by the master ceramists of Vietri, who still today hand down and keep alive one of the most important Italian artisan traditions.

Finally, to create the perfect atmosphere, there are diffusers and scented candles that release the most authentic fragrances of flowers and fruit, or of the fresh sea breeze.

Casa Amalfi, the well-being that comes from love

Since Casa Amalfi products are born from true expertise and authentic love for the beauty and culture of the Amalfi Coast, care and attention to the environment in every phase of the production are of paramount importance.

The elegant packaging which is inspired by the typical Vietri majolica does not contain plastic and is made with 0 km recycled paper and materials; also, a distinctive feature of the soaps is RSPO certification, which guarantees the exclusive use of sustainable palm oil throughout the entire supply chain.
The fabrics, too, linen, cotton, wool and so on, are entirely natural and come from renewable resources so that the properties of the fibers remain unaltered.
Casa Amalfi's mission, indeed, has always been to bring quality and well-being for both people and nature.

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