It is difficult to describe in words what the island of Capri actually is. One runs the risk of falling into clichés or even failing to convey the idea of what to expect once you reach this island.

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If God had not made Capri, how imperfect his work would be!

Fabrizio Caramagna
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It is not trivial to point out that this is truly a dream island: artists, poets, and film stars fell in love with it immediately to the point of never wanting to leave. Even the Roman emperor Tiberius had a large villa built here during the Roman era for his summer months, where he could be pampered by the magnificence of the land made up of hills, coves, and breathtaking views. This proves that Capri is not just an island, it is a paradise, a dream place, a place where you can refresh your senses and your soul.
Capri is also the island of luxury and of VIP and institutional events. The island where politicians, famous businessmen, actors, singers and artists decide to spend at least one day if they visit Campania. If the decision is for a single day, everyone's favourite excursion is a yacht ride on Capri. Yacht rental companies, such as the company selected by us as Italian excellence Capri On Board, can arrange private transfers and excursions from the mainland or start the excursion directly from Capri.  Transfers can be by boat or private yacht and even by helicopter.
The photo with the Faraglioni behind you is a ritual for all visitors!


Magnificent capri: sea, mountains, and caves to explore


Even before you arrive on the island, you begin to sense the beauty of a land that is difficult to find elsewhere in the world. You notice the sensitivity of the Mediterranean with its unmistakable colors that accompany every visitor, together with the saltiness in the air, right from the ferry, hydrofoil, or similar. 

At first sight, the beauty of the jagged coastline is already striking; the granite cliffs dropping sheer into the sea and the cliffs covered in Mediterranean scrub are powerful. The latter is an ecosystem typical of this sea area, consisting of evergreen plants and flowers of different species. 

The presence of a unique ecosystem allows an "easy" relationship with the environment. Moreover, just walking in nature is one of the most beautiful activities you can do once on the island. Walking slowly in the two small and quiet towns (Capri and Anacapri) between elegant streets and suggestive views will make your stay extremely pleasant. 

For the more adventurous, there are fantastic hikes on Monte Solaro, which can be reached via several paths, where you can also see very rare animals such as the blue lizard (if you are lucky). Of course, the island has a very good public transport system so it is easy to reach the top of the mountain by chairlift. Once at the top, you will be able to enjoy the view of the Faraglioni rising from the sea, the sight of the Gulf of Salerno and the Sorrento Coast will leave you ecstatic. And you will never be able to forget this incredible beauty.

Not only nature but also art, style, luxury and entertainment

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The island's splendour lies not only in its natural beauty but also, and above all, in its entertainment. From aperitifs in the "Piazzetta" to the chicest nightclubs, the island offers truly important opportunities for socializing. There are several nightclubs where you can go wild until the early hours of the morning, especially in July and August, when there are more people. 

In this regard, the island, given the problems of the pandemic, is pushing hard on the vaccination campaign and for the beginning of the summer season could have each of its citizens, workers, and tour operators protected from infection: in short, it will be a covid free summer in the Gulf of Naples, so it is very likely that you will not have to give up the joy of being together this year. 
Are you ready for a covid free holiday on Capri?

In any case, some activities are already safely manageable, such as boat tours. These are a real "must" for anyone visiting Capri. There are different types and they can combine both fun and exploration; even with some private companies it is possible to take real cruises, short and long, that will let you discover Capri but also a truly unique stretch of coastline. Unique emotions onboard comfortable and elegant boats and yachts for wild nights full of fun and days immersed in the splendid blue sea. One of the best companies for this type of service is Capri On Board which, among other things, offers the possibility to rent a yacht or even celebrate your wedding (or any type of event) among the waves. Spectacular, isn't it?

From Capri you can visit Ischia, Procida, the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento, lying in the sun on a yacht. 

You can stay also only in Capri. And if all this is not enough, there are museums, archaeological areas (such as Villa Jovis), art galleries, artists' studios, and other attractions such as the Blue Grotto. The Grotta Azzurra is extremely famous for the intense blue colour of the water inside. In optimal light conditions, it lights up "from below", making the countless silverfish and other small creatures swimming beneath the surface stand out in the blue. To get to the Blue Grotto, you have to navigate in small boats on which you squat and lie down, as the entrance is only one meter high. The skill of the boatman will underline the relationship that has been established between people and the sea, made of respect, but above all of Love.

And speaking about love, on the enchanting yachts of Capri On Board, you can celebrate special events and even weddings on Capri: what could be more romantic than a "yes" pronounced in front of the Faraglioni?  An idea is also the promise of marriage or a bachelor or bachelorette party or any anniversary you wish. Capri and Capri On Board are waiting for you!


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