San Lucido is a village suspended between the sky and the sea of ​​Tyrrhenian Calabria.

A village kissed by the sun

San Lucido has a particular name that arouses curiosity. In fact, its visitors often wonder why it is called that. The hypotheses about it are different, but two are the most accredited: here probably lived a monk named Lucido, coming from Aquara, a village in the province of Salerno. Another explanation is given by its special position which makes it illuminated by the sun from every angle you observe it.

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The old town

The heart of San Lucido has all to be explored. In the historic center it seems that time has stopped: paved streets, ancient buildings, fountains, stairways and galleries make the ancient urban agglomeration a city within the city. Corso Umberto I, once called "Goldsmith's way", is one of the most suggestive streets. Looking up to the sky you can admire the masks dedicated to the Saracens, faces of men and women who color most of the corners of the historic center with history.

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Cilla's legend

Stretching out over the sea, placed in a particularly panoramic view, there is the statue of Cilla which represents a very famous popular legend. Cilla was a young girl, in love with a fisherman. One day her betrothed, after a storm, did not return from the fishing trip and desperate Cilla died of starvation waiting in vain for the return of her love. The statue depicts the heartbreaking moment in which Cilla calls her Tuturo desperate. It is said that during the nights when the sea is stormy, the cries of the young woman can still be heard.

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A shining sea

San Lucido is a seaside village: its beaches are the ideal place to relax and its crystal clear waters perfect for regenerating. One of the most beautiful places from a natural point of view is the Scoglio area, where natural pools are formed and where you can admire sunsets of a thousand colors, reflected on the sea waves.

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Walking suspended between sky and sea

The experience not to be missed when visiting San Lucido is walking on the Panoramica. La Panoramica is a large terrace overlooking the sea that gives the sensation of being suspended between sky and sea, breathing the sea breeze and admiring the blue expanse in all its immensity.

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Because it is irradiated on all sides by the sun, it shines like the sun.

Cesare Malpica

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