The freak village of Bussana Vecchia, a hut for artists from all over the world.

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Bussana Vecchia, from abandoned town to village of the artists

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Only good things have the power of bring back the life. Art is one of them, as you can see in Bussana Vecchia. It’s an old, small town on the hills above Sanremo (yes, the famous city of Festival), in Liguria, abandoned due to an earthquake in 1887. After many years, in the 60’s, Clizia, a famous ceramist, moved his atelier from Turin to this small town, just 12km from the sea. Many other artists from Europe followed him, rebuilding the collapsed houses with their original materials and founding a brand new society.

A new society


Bussana Vecchia doesn't have streets, cars are not allowed, everything keeps its ancient nature. It has got its own Constitution: ruins belong to no one, anyone can choose one, take it and be restored using only the materials still present on the territory. A sort of pacific occupation, a new society made of artists, small shops, ateliers, bio and vegan bar, restaurants and bistrots, a couple of bed and breakfasts. Mail boxes of the inhabitants are in the entrance of the town; it conveys the idea of a big family.

What to see in Bussana Vecchia

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The best way to enjoy Bussana Vecchia is getting lost in its alleys. Every part of it hides a beautiful arch, a decoration, a statue, a paint. It worths a relaxing walk, admiring look-like fairy tiny houses, recycled material decorations, flowers and trees,and more. Don’t miss the old Saint Egidio Church, never rebuilt, that still shows stuccoes and original wall paintings. Come to visit this unique place: it will seem to be in a parallel universe, without smog, consumerism and internet addiction.

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