Borgo Valsugana is a real pearl of Trentino.  Let's find out why.

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Borgo Valsugana is a small town in Bassa Valsugana, an area located in Trentino Alto Adige. With its marvelous view of the Brenta River and its strategic proximity to many places of interest, such as Caldonazzo or Levico Terme, this Trentino resort is really worth a visit: let's discover its uniqueness together.

To begin with, the beauty of its river landscapes is truly priceless, plus the area has typically Venetian features, which increase its charm.

The municipality, dominated from above by Castel Telvana, still has a medieval layout, with the addition of Renaissance and Baroque elements. Another great attraction for those choosing to visit these places are the naturalistic riches of Borgo Valsugana, perfect especially for lovers of hiking in nature.

Borgo Valsugana: art and nature

Perhaps one of the reasons Borgo Valsugana is most famous is the event combining artistic production and nature known as Arte Sella. The special feature of this magnificent exhibition is that it only has sky as its roof: the works featured are made entirely of natural elements within a truly unique setting, bounded by Mount Armentera to the north and Cima Dodici to the south. Arte Sella is both an "art gallery" and an important part of the "Great Italian Gardens" network.

More than 300 artists have taken part in Arte Sella's projects from the creation of the association to the present, always with the basic idea that creators are not 100 percent responsible for their works, because nature "participates" in the creation process.

This nature art exhibition, which is divided into three different paths, is uniquely beautiful and alive, and gives visitors an experience truly hard to forget.

Borgo Valsugana historic center

The historic center of Borgo Valsugana offers to visitor's eyes some truly evocative landscapes: medieval streets and architecture interspersed with Baroque and Renaissance elements. An ideal starting point to enjoy the magical atmosphere of the village could be the Venetian Bridge, dating back to the 1400s and connecting the old part of the town to the rebuilt one after the war.

There are many points of interest where stopping by, from the path of the castles to the Permanent Exhibition of the Great War, without forgetting the beautiful churches and the Alcide De Gasperi Square, a meeting place for both tourists and townspeople.


Nature Borgo Valsugana

All of Trentino Alto Adige is the ideal place for those loving nature and outdoor activities. Borgo Valsugana is also the ideal location for fantastic hikes, simple walks, or even bike rides. 

Just for the delight of fans of riding roads on two wheels, there is a bike path as long as 80 km. known as La Via del Brenta, going all the way to Venice! 

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