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Typical places, fundamental must see, characterize the city. Perugia has very ancient origins, founded by the Etruscans, it has passed the Roman Empire, the Medieval Commune Age, the State of the Church, the Renaissance, till the postmodernism, each past civilization is part of Perugia identity. Discovering the city is a journey back in time and history.  0

Morning in Perugia: walk trough the historic centre

Morning in Perugia, if your accommodation is in the town centre, you have the possibility to discover its landscapes, traditional flavours and hidden paths. Piazza IV Novembre is the heart of the acropolis, sitting on the steps of the San Lorenzo Cathedral, you can admire the Fontana Maggiore, a jewel set in the square, enjoy the first sun rays, admire the Main Street on the background and Palazzo dei Priori. A stroll in Corso Vannucci is a must, a pleasant walk among the town centre’s beauties, from the Fontana Maggiore till the Umbrian sweet hills landscape of the Giardini Carducci. 

Depending on your tastes and preferences in the town centre you can do many different things:


Going around museums and galleries

Art lovers can spend a lovely morning among monuments, museums or visiting the exhibitions.

The local service City Tour offers a comfortable overview of the city, it lasts about fifty minutes, with an audioguide explanation in six languages (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Russian). You can choose between two itineraries, one inside the historical city walls of Perugia and the Perugina Chocotour that will lead you at the historical chocolate factory.


Hikes in Perugia, for the most adventurous

Explores and hiking lovers may enjoy a special guide, Umbria Nascosta, the guide articulates in five different paths and itineraries to the discovery of the historical districts and gates of Perugia. Porta San Pietro, Porta Santa Susanna, Porta Eburnea, Porta Sant’Angelo, Porta Sole, every itinerary twists and turns along the street of the district, retracing stories, famous and less known monuments. 0

Events in Perugia, the city of festivals and kermesses

Perugia is the city of festivals, international events mark the city agenda in every season. Umbria Jazz is the most enduring and prestigious festival of Perugia, in twenty-five editions, the event hosted the greatest worldwide jazz protagonists. Eurochocolate is dedicated to chocolate and the city, national and international chocolatier tradition. Marcia per la Pace is a pacifist event, the parade leaves from Perugia and arrives by foot to Assisi, the procession promotes solidarity and peace. The International Journalism Festival is the biggest European event dedicated to the media. Perugia 1416, the historical re-enactment of the city. These and many other festivals animate the town centre of Perugia, a city rich of meetings and events to live and remember.  0

Parks and gardens in Perugia

For nature lovers there are many parks and gardens to discover. In front of San Francesco al Prato church and the contiguous Oratorio di San Bernardino, a vast and relaxing meadow surrounded by monuments and historical buildings. The Giardini del Frontone city garden, shaded by secular trees, characterized by flowerbeds, fountains, Arts statues and the amphitheatre. Orto Botanico and Orto Medievale offer free visit and more than 1200 type of plants and Umbrian, Italian and exotic flora.  0

Shopping in Perugia among chocolate, truffles and other typical products of Umbria

Shopping lovers will find in the town centre many national and international brands in the historical shops of the main street and Perugia haute couture excellences.

If you want to take home the typical Umbrian flavours, we suggest you to visit the shops, workshops, bakeries and chocolate shops in order to taste the famous Perugia chocolate. Many shops sell the best traditional products: cheese, cold cuts, legumes, truffles, olive oil and wines. You can find the typical Torta al Testo, the Eastern pie, the traditional dessert: ciaramicola, pinoccate, torcolo and many others delicacies. Typical product as Deruta pottery and traditional textile products can be easily found in the town centre. Remember that native people are very proud of the city tradition and would suggest you the best shops for any purchase. The old town centre is full of activities where you can taste and discover the local treasures. 
These are just few travel cues for a pleasant morning in the centre of Perugia.


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