Are you looking for the most beautiful sunsets in Campania? Don't worry, we'll help you.

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There are some activities never going out of fashion: one of them is admiring the sunset in company of a special person. Campania, from this point of view, is a particularly suitable region if you are a hopeless romantic and never tire of admiring the changes in the sky, each time different, each time magnificent.

There will certainly be those telling you that sunsets are all the same and how they get boring after a while. But you know that this is not the case and that any location offers a unique and unrepeatable viewpoint each time. We recommend 10 romantic places to watch the sunset in Campania: don't miss a single one!

Campania, land of sunshine and... sunsets!

campania sunset

Campania is known for being a land particularly rich in natural beauty. Due to its variety of landscapes, from mountainous to coastal panoramas, it is never in danger of boring and proves to be suitable for the most varied tastes.

A particular aspect of the region that should not be overlooked, in case you are an incurable romantic and looking for the ideal background for an unforgettable vacation with the person most special to you.

In fact, in Campania you can find thousands and thousands of sunsets, one more magical and unforgettable than the other. There is the Amalfi Coast, the wonderful Cilento, the enchanting islands of the Naples Gulf: the choice is so varied that it will make your head spin! What will be the 10 most beautiful sunsets? Here a few ideas.

10. Monte di Procida

monte di procida

Monte di Procida is perhaps the ideal choice for those wishing to admire a magnificent panorama together with beautiful sunsets. It is no coincidence this location to be known as "the Campi Flegrei terrace", because it offers a unique view of the neighboring territories. In fact, from the right spot the lucky visitor's gaze can embrace all the magnificent lands stretching before his eyes: the islands of Ischia and Procida together with the coastline of Bacoli and Miseno.

If you are looking for a magical location serving as backdrop to the most beautiful and important events for you, in Monte di Procida you can find Al Chiar di Luna, a historic hotel renovated from generation to generation, where the welcome to the customer is made according to the desire of leaving him unforgettable memories.

The natural beauty of the place is enhanced by incredible attention to detail. Al Chiar di Luna, born as a restaurant in 1987 , has expanded its spaces to become a complex suitable for any type of event. The care and attention have remained constants over the decades and, this extraordinary location, could prove to be the ideal choice to celebrate one of the most important events of a lifetime, such as your wedding!

9. Castellabate


For those searching for romance, Castellabate is certainly a destination to be favored. The dreamy medieval village in the Salerno province, made famous by the funny movie Benvenuti al Sud starring Claudio Bisio, turns out to be an enchanting place to spend wonderful hours of relaxation and tenderness.

The scenic richness of this fantastic location, set within the territories of the Cilento National Park, is well known and the beautiful beaches famous for being little jewels (always Blue Flag) are the ideal spot from which admiring an unforgettable sunset.

8. Capri


Capri and romance definitely go hand in hand: how many selfies of couples kissing with the beautiful backdrop of the Faraglioni (maybe the actual symbol the island is identified with) have you happened to see around on social media?

The island of Capri, with its area of only 10.4 km² is a concentration of striking and breathtaking locations, really impossible to decide which to be more beautiful.

If, however, you prefer romantic views at sunset, Via Tragara is for you: a street going magical for the concentration of places of artistic and cultural interest, culminating in the same-named Punta, where the Belvedere overlooking Marina Piccola is located. A treat for the eyes.

Sunset turns into a dream for the lucky ones who can admire it from the summit of Mount Faito, the highest peak of the Lattari Mountains. A sunset embracing a vast area, from Vesuvius to the Sorrento Peninsula.

The spectacular thing in fact, is that the sunset paints, with its magical and unrepeatable tones, the entire Naples Gulf, going to dive into the waters behind Procida and Ischia. A more than privileged viewpoint in short, capable to really give you one of the moments at dusk that will remain with you the most. Especially if the right person is accompanying you to discover this very special sky.

Mount Faito is a popular destination for trekkers, hikers and walkers. Its forests are particularly suitable for finding a refreshing and invigorating break in nature, especially during the hot summers experienced in these areas.

The sunset awaiting you at the top of this 1400-meter-high mountain cannot be described in words: give yourself a wonderful daydream and you will not regret it!

6. Conca dei Marini

conca dei marini

The Amalfi Coast is such a treasure chest of splendid jewels. It is impossible to visit its places and not being totally captivated.

Here we talk about Conca dei Marini, a place with a very small extension, but nevertheless absolutely irresistible. It is precisely a real basin, built on several levels connected by lots and lots of stairs.

So to enjoy a unique view there is a little walking to do, but when you are on top of Capo di Conca admiring the sea together with a special person, every effort will be rewarded!

5. Belvedere Madonna del Soccorso Church, Ischia

tramonto forio ischia

Ischia, The Green Island of the Naples Gulf, is definitely a perfect location to enjoy breathtaking views and unforgettable panoramas.

For you who are looking for the most beautiful sunsets, we thought of the magical setting of the Madonna del Soccorso Church. This structure, strong in its location overlooking the sea, is the most popular destination for couples willing to get married.

The church is located in the Forio municipality, best known for having particularly striking beaches on the Ischia island. From the Belvedere of Madonna del Soccorso you can then enjoy a such fantastic sunset, to fill your eyes with authentic beauty.

In Trentinara, which some call the Terrace of Cilento because of its strategic location, there is a real path for lovers, called (not surprisingly) "the Way of Love".
It is a walk culminating at a viewpoint, dotted with the beautiful majolica tiles painted by artist Sergio Vecchio, inspired by love verses.
At the end of the narrow road, one finds oneself in the presence of the "Preta 'ncatenata", two large boulders bearing witness to a sad and very sweet story of the past.
In fact, in Trentinara it is told that, during the period of the brigands' raids, the leader of them fell in love with the marquis' daughter and that, precisely the latter's father forced them to give up their lives in the place where this significant stone stands.
If that is still not enough for you, the unfortunate lovers are also featured on a sign bearing the words "Kiss... Please". One has to honor their memory, right?

3. Old Caserta

caserta vecchia

Old Caserta is a quaint hamlet located 10 km from the city center of Caserta.

Among characteristic stores and the ruins of ancient castles, there is really nothing to get bored about, with the added bonus of a special tranquility that you can breathe among these narrow streets, as if they were still from an ancient era.

But what we are looking for are unforgettable sunsets, and here in old Caserta is perfect from this point of view: every corner turns out to be the ideal "base" for looking at the sky, and serenity envelops the heart of anyone who is here to admire its iridescent colors.

2. Paestum


We remain in Cilento for the fantastic Paestum, whose ruins are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In addition to temples dating back to ancient Greek times, Paestum is also home to examples of modern art: such is the case with Mimmo Paladino's famous sand Horse. 

In Paestum, under the benevolent gaze of ancient deities, you can stroll hand in hand with your loved one while the sky is tinged with the enchanting colors of sunset.

1. Ravello


Let's close this list by returning to the Amalfi Coast: Ravello is ready to welcome lovers with its incredible charm, which has made it a favorite destination over the years for so many people from all over the world.

There are many magical places in Ravello for lovers, but one in particular deserves a note: it is the Terrace of Infinity at Villa Cimbrone, perfect for swearing eternal love at sunset.

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