What are the best places to stay in the Motor Valley? We have selected 10 not-to-be-missed hotels and B&Bs around Italy's fast-cars capital.

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Welcome to the Land of Motors, home to some of the world's most famous and iconic automotive and motorcycling brands, including Maserati, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ducati, Dallara, and Pagani. 

Our journey begins on the ancient Via Emilia, the hub of the Italian high-speed industry. Top-range car and motorcycle manufacturers have their headquarters right along this thousand-year-old Roman road spanning from Rimini to Piacenza. 

Emilia Romagna is the region where the so-called Motor Valley rises. Everything here says something of the four-and-two-wheeled passion, with several racetracks, museums, historic factories, and training centres all condensed in a rather small area. And there are just too many essential locations that have played a key role in the birth of a true legend!

In our article, we've selected 10 accommodation facilities representing the local long tradition in hospitality. All the hotels and B&Bs on this list are situated in strategic points perfect for quickly reaching the essential stops in a pilgrimage that every Enzo Ferrari devotee takes once in their lifetime.

Here are the 10 best places to stay in the Motor Valley, according to Visit Italy.

Salotto delle Arti, Modena

Top 10 best places to stay in the Motor Valley. Salotto delle Arti, Modena

The Salotto delle Arti B&B in Modena is a place that lives up to its name. Stepping inside, you'll be greeted by a historic palace with a warm and inviting atmosphere. The lobby and rooms have exquisite decor, including Venetian terrazzo floors, Murano glass chandeliers, frescoes, and antique furnishings. What sets this B&B apart is the attention to detail that the owner, Benedetta, has put into making guests feel at home. Handcrafted doilies from her grandmothers, artworks from her parents, and a tea service handpicked by her mother all add to the welcoming atmosphere. In the Salone delle Arti, guests are treated to a feast for both the spirit and the palate. Traditional Italian focaccias, cakes, yoghurt, and fresh fruit are served each morning, making for the perfect start to your day. P.S. The location is excellent; with a short walk, you can reach the UNESCO sites of Piazza Grande. And the Enzo Ferrari Museum is less than 2 km away. 

Rua del Muro, 86. Modena, 41121, Italy.

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Roncolo 1888, Roncolo

Top 10 best places to stay in the Motor Valley. Roncolo 1888, Roncolo

Nestled in the heart of the scenic Emilian countryside lies The Wine & Balsamic Relais Roncolo 1888, an exquisite estate that produces some of the finest balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and organic wine. In a serene, green landscape, guests can try a perfect regional experience with wine tours, tastings, and cooking courses. The hotel complex within the stunning Venturini Baldini estate is a true small village in the province of Reggio Emilia, surrounded by vineyards and centuries-old trees. Suites and rooms are housed in historic residences and planned to give an environment of peace and harmony with a characteristic blend of history and design. There is also a hidden gem - the ancient vinegar cellar boasting hundreds of barrels dating back to the 17th century. Meet the local cuisine at La Limonaia restaurant

Tenuta Venturini Baldini, Via Filippo Turati, 42, 42020 Quattro Castella RE

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Maranello Palace, Maranello

Top 10 best places to stay in the Motor Valley. Maranello Palace, Maranello

Maranello Palace is a modern and welcoming 4-star hotel, a one-of-a-kind facility that provides an extraordinary experience to its guests by overlooking the legendary Ferrari factory. The Cavallino Rampante fans will surely be thrilled by the place, which is right where Enzo Ferrari's dream took shape in 1947. The hotel has been recently renovated to provide the utmost comfort and efficiency to its guests. The location is also very convenient, with the three buildings just a short distance away from the centre of Maranello. And for those who can't resist the ecstasy of speed, booking a test drive experience with Maranello Palace offers advantageous deals.

Via Grizzaga, 71, 41053 Maranello MO

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Le Suite del Vicolo, Imola

Top 10 best places to stay in the Motor Valley. Le Suite del Vicolo

Le Suite del Vicolo in Imola offers nine contemporary and cosy apartments within a charming, historic building that has been recently renewed. The location is perfect for exploring Imola's main attractions, such as the Civic Art Gallery, the Teatro Municipale, and the Sforza Fortress, all just a short walk away. The refined atmosphere and excellent position make this a great choice for travellers who want the convenience of being close to the train station while still enjoying a luxurious and elegant stay in the heart of the Motor Valley. And for motor enthusiasts, the iconic Enzo and Dino Ferrari racetrack is only 1 km away.

Via Alidosi, 7, 40026 Imola BO

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Opera 02, Levizzano Rangone

Top 10 best places to stay in the Motor Valley. Opera 02

In the picturesque Modenese hills, Opera 02 is a sprawling estate featuring long rows of grapevines yielding exquisite Lambrusco and a local gem, the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. This chic resort stands out for its contemporary design, where sustainability takes centre stage in everything, from material choices to low-impact energy systems. This spot will appeal to those seeking a peaceful and scenic setting to spend a few days immersed in a gentle landscape and unwind with nature away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Visitors can swim in the panoramic pool, visit the wellness centre, and savour the finest local cuisine at the gourmet restaurant or the estate's bistro.

Via Medusia, 32, 41014 Levizzano Rangone MO

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Rimini Suite Hotel, Rimini 

Top 10 best places to stay in the Motor Valley. Rimini Suite Hotel

The Rimini Suite Hotel is a 4-star superior resort that boasts a convenient and quiet location, providing easy access to a spacious and well-equipped beach with plenty of entertainment, games, and sports for adults and children. Moving from the comfort of sea-view rooms to the nearby cultural and recreational attractions is a breeze. Guests can also take advantage of a water park with slides and a pool, as well as affiliated sports centres offering activities like soccer, beach tennis, volleyball, a gym, and much more. We appreciate its proximity to the sea and its well-connected position to the historic centre and the Rimini Fiera exhibition district. Last but not least, it's an ideal home base for those who wish to explore the treasures of the Rimini hinterland and the Motor Valley region.

Viale XXV Marzo 1831, 19, 47922 Rivabella RN

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Casa Isolani Residenze d’Epoca, Bologna

Top 10 best places to stay in the Motor Valley. Casa Isolani Residenze d’Epoca

To truly immerse yourself in the lively spirit of Bologna, there's nothing better than delving into the historic heart of the city. This lovely bed and breakfast offers rooms in period residences that glimpse the city's history. The location of Casa Isolani is unbeatable, both in terms of charm and convenience. It's between Santo Stefano and Piazza Maggiore, occupying two spots: Palazzo Isolani, an 18th-century historical building, and Via D'Azeglio. In both cases, guests can easily access some of Bologna's major landmarks, such as the Sette Chiese complex and the Two Towers. The allure of the past shines through in the exquisite details – period frescoes and decorations – adorning the twelve rooms.

Via Santo Stefano, 16 - Via D’Azeglio, 1, 40125 Bologna (Bo)

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Villa Contessa Massari, Gualdo

Top 10 best places to stay in the Motor Valley. Villa Contessa Massari

In the lush greenery of a 26,000 square meter fairy-tale-like park, Villa Contessa Massari is one of those places you won't easily forget. Sisters Ricciarda and Annagiulia's family residence features a lovingly restored 18th-century mansion protected by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage. The place offers precious vistas and details that speak of a bygone beauty. Its name pays homage to the last heir of the Massari counts, Maria Cristina, a tireless traveller and art lover. The estate, located in the province of Ferrara, doesn't fail to captivate with its allure, making the perfect march for grand events, special occasions, and unforgettable stays. 

Via Massarenti, 1 A, 44019 Gualdo FE

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Pianderna Agriwellness, Scandiano 

Top 10 best places to stay in the Motor Valley. Pianderna Agriwellness

In its name, Pianderna Agriwellness encapsulates assumptions of well-being and authenticity. Indeed, when visiting this organic farm among the woods and lakes of the Reggio Emilia hills, it's hard to expect anything other than a natural, relaxing, and delicious experience. In other words, all the promises are fulfilled. The 100 hectares of cultivable land yield excellent produce, with the entire production being organic and locally sourced. The agritourism has six rooms and a suite with a terrace ideal for longer stays. Every morning, guests are treated to a sumptuous continental breakfast in the modern restaurant. The highlight not to be missed: the beautiful swimming pool and its panoramic area where savour a pizza and share a glass of wine at sunset.

Via Pianderna, 9, 42019 Scandiano RE

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Squero 911, Cesenatico

Top 10 best places to stay in the Motor Valley. Squero 911

The passion for travel and design of Elisa and Francesco, the owners of Squero 911, is reflected in rooms featuring baroque and exotic details, with some corners providing a particular scenic impact. We are in Cesenatico, a lovely town on a human scale - everything is within walking distance, and the atmosphere of the Riviera Romagnola steals your heart. What's more, the key stops of the Food and Motor Valley are nearby and easily accessible. The CA'squero apartments are in a very advantageous position: Porto Canale is a short distance away, as is the Cattedrale delle Foglie and the Spazio Pantani, the museum dedicated to the cycling legend Marco Pantani. The relaxing idea to sweeten your stay? A visit to the SPA with sauna and Turkish bath.

Via Squero, 11, 47042 Cesenatico FC

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