Discover with us the Basilica of St Nicholas of Bari, a true jewel you can't miss. 

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Are you searching for an unmissable place, to come in contact with hundred years of history? Basilica of St. Nicholas is what you are looking for!

In the time between 968 (Bari becomes the Byzantine Capital city) and today, there have been many events and cultures who have led to the creation of this wonderful local masterpiece.
Its construction started in 1087, when St. Nicholas’ remains were snatched from Myra’s church in Licia (the current Turkey), and carried into the city. The edifice rises up on the ruins of the ancient Court of Catapano. The Tower on the right was originally part of it. In 1156 Bari was destroyed by Guglielmo il Malo, so the construction works got slower.
The Basilica was consecrated on 22 June 1197, but the current aspect of the church is due to the season of the Great Restores (1925-34). Nowadays, we can enjoy an asymmetric Romanesque church, built with big white blocks of limestone (the typical Apulian stone).

So, why is Basilica of St. Nicholas of Bari so attractive?

Basilica of San Nicola Bari
It’s in the city center, near to Lungomare, Piazza del Ferrarese and the main shopping streets. You can easily reach Largo Abate Elia (where Basilica is located) by car, or by bus, or taking a relaxing walk. You can also visit some near art Galleries, such as Galleria del Catapano, CoArt Gallery and Nuova Era Museum. Its artistic relevance: you will plunge into a big space full of marbles, statues, frescos and gold ceilings. This will make your experience unmatched.Its spirituality: you can access into the magnificent crypt to visit St. Elia’s sarcophagus and St. Nicholas’ altar of stone. You can also touch the miraculous column!The evening charm: it’s a sight not to be missed!

Visit the Basilica of St. Nicholas of Bari and other attractions by the Trenino Della Felicità

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Il Trenino della felicità (the little train of happiness) will lead you to the discovery of glimpses and traditions of Bari that you can’t imagine. Come to admire the magic aspects of Bari: you can choose two different routes.
Bari City Center: come on board to discover the main places of interest of the city - from the harbour to the most beautiful churches and squares – choosing a culinary tour, too! You will also have fun with the street artists!
Bari underground: live an adventure in the past, walking through the underground ways of Bari, discovering the most incredible landscapes of the ancient city. Both the routes last two hours, and they’re available in seven different languages (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, and Japanese and Russian on request).

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