Bagno di Romagna is located in the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines, at the heart of the Casentino Forests National Park. Its long history under Florentine domination and its proximity to Florence and Arezzo, make it an ideal place to experience culture and total well-being.

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Bagno di Romagna is surrounded by a vast territory full of forests and woods, breathtaking views, lakes and rivers, piazzas and buildings, basilicas and sanctuaries, important artwork and a network of trails extending for 200 km through the national park.

Between Nature, wellness and gastronomy

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Casentino Forest Park encloses two natural jewels: the Lama Forest and the Sasso Fratino Reserve, a nature sanctuary with its old beech forests now recognized as world heritage by UNESCO.

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The thermal baths of Bagno di Romagna, used since Roman times, are still an valued tourist destination for those who want to relax and find benefits in the ancient sulfuric waters.

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The ancient village preserves important testimonies of the Florentine Renaissance that can also be found in the cuisine, giving life to a unique gastronomic tradition that combines the flavours of Romagna with those of Tuscany

The cuisine is based on local products in harmony with the seasons and the territory and is elevated by the hospitality pervading every corner of the village.

It is here that you can taste delicate Raviggiolo cheese or the more intense Fossa cheese, fine white truffle or porcini mushrooms, game, and handmade pasta.

Walking among old villages

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Bagno di Romagna is part of a territory full of ancient villages, sanctuaries, monasteries, and towns renowned for their art and architecture that complete the experience of travelling.

Just before the border with Tuscany, we find on Monte Fumaiolo the source of the Tiber river that, in turn, leads us to Sansepolcro, the birthplace of Piero della Francesca, master of perspective and light in the Italian Renaissance.

A few kilometers from the city there is the medieval village of Anghiari considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Sanctuary of La Verna



Not to be missed is the city of Arezzo with its Cathedral, the Piazza Grande with its harmonious combination of different architectural styles, and the Church of San Francesco where you can admire the symphony of colours in the fresco "La leggenda della vera croce" by Piero della Francesca.

On the Tuscan side, easily reachable from Bagno di Romagna, there are two important monasteries: the Sanctuary of La Verna, where San Francesco of Assisi received the stigmata, and the hermitage of Camaldoli.

These monasteries, nestled in the scenic forests of the national park, imbue visitors with spirituality.

Sarsina and Bertinoro


Changing direction and heading towards the heart of Romagna we encounter Sarsina: the birthplace of the great Latin playwright, Plautus.

A city of Roman origin with an important archaeological museum and the evocative cathedral of San Vicinio, Sarsina has one of the longest histories in Romagna.

A few kilometers from Sarsina you can visit the ancient Malatesta Library of Cesena, one of the oldest and best preserved libraries in Europe.

To end with a tasting of local wines we arrive in Bertinoro, a typical medieval village, considered a showpiece of Romagna and city of Hospitality.



Learning Italian in a pleasant way

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Since 1981, the Scuola Palazzo Malvisi has been located in Bagno di Romagna. A school of Italian language and culture for foreigners, its name has always been synonymous with quality.

The personalized attention to the needs of students, given in a familiar and friendly environment, is its strength.

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The goal of the school is to help students improve and develop the ability to communicate well in Italian, while facilitating the pleasant cultural experiences of a learning holiday, and introducing all the advantages and opportunities that Bagno di Romagna, its Spa and the National Park, have to offer.

For this reason, the school offers a wide choice of special courses that combine the study of the Italian language with cultural, outdoor, and gastronomic activities.

In combination with the lessons at school, students can experience the thrill of going into the forests to search for truffles, enjoying the thermal waters or following the expert guides of the national park to discover evocative, unspoiled places.

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One might even choose a combination of a language course and local cooking lessons, accompanied by regional wine tastings.

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Part of studying a language is also knowing and appreciating its culture. At the school, we make this possible through guided tours of places of historical and artistic interest.

Learning Italian in the quiet and friendly environment of Bagno di Romagna enables you to feel part of a community. Away from the crowds, you will experience the language in an authentic way, in a totally Italian style.

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