The historic Fiera del Levante is an international melting pot of trade that sees the arrival of guests and products from all over the world.

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Around the world through stands and pavilions: Bari's Fiera del Levante


It has always been the fixed appointment looked forward by citizens of Bari, always the same and different since 1929: it’s the Fiera del Levante (Levante Fair), precisely the international trade fair, that takes place every year in mid-september in Bari, in the fair quartier, where take place many exhibitions, trade shows, meetings, events, during the year. More than 200 thousands visitors and 800 exhibitors, a tradition in every barese’s heart, who does never give up to a walk through the paths, where there are many pavilions dedicated to a lot of different trades.

History in brief

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Fiera del Levante’s first edition was inaugurated on September 6th, 1930, by the king Vittorio Emanuele III, born out from City Council, Province and Chamber of Commerce of Bari will to increase Bari as a major commercial city in South Italy, like the most important Italian Northern cities. During the Second World War the fair was stopped, from 1940 to 1946, and then resumed in 1947 as a rebuilding and rebirth symbol, and as symbol of “peaceful relations among peoples”, as the President of the Republic Luigi Einaudi declared. Actually, the element that characterizes the fair is the variety of products and the exhibitors nationalities, coming especially from Mediterranean area, but also from India, Pakistan, South America and much more.

Fiera del Levante: what to do and see

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Through the years, the trade fair, which this year has reached the 83th edition, has evolved itself, sometimes increasing the exhibition spaces (a brand new large conference center with meetings and events throughout the year), sometimes divesting historical places, so loved by Barese (like Bayernland pavillion, where in the past people tasted Bavarian hotdogs and German beers). Every year there are new attractions, cultural events, shows, but the most important thing is actually shopping, any kind of it. From Danish duvets to Moroccan spices, French delicatessen, embroidered sweaters from Peru, Pakistan’s cachemire scarfs, Persian rugs, beauty products from Africa, leather goods from Florence, chinese porcelains, and Russian amber and Mallorca pearls. A fancy melting pot in the famous “Galleria delle Nazioni” (Nations Gallery), the pavilion dedicated to international handcraft, where to buy marvels. Watching all these stuff, a tasty stop is a must: unmissable is the Peroni Beer’s pavilion, the most famous meeting point where to meet friends tasting beer and barese focaccia. In Fiera you can also taste a lot of local, Italian and Mediterranean food. Fiera del Levante is a little, boundless world, discovering new things, meeting new people, new ideas, and embrace many cultures.

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