Let's discover the picturesque alleys, the breathtaking views and the local traditions that make Anacapri a wonderful glimpse.

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Anacapri, barricaded and set on the heights of the island of Capri, is a place where time really seems to have stopped, even in ecstasy in front of its beauty.

Far from the tourist frenzy of the nearby and highly sought after Capri, this charming village offers an authentic and wild experience, steeped in tradition and natural beauty.

With its cobbled streets, white houses and flowering gardens, Anacapri invites visitors to immerse themselves in a relaxed and genuine atmosphere. The visitors, in this case, are not just tourists; they feel part of this city, living and exploring it.

Let's explore the wonders of Anacapri together - from the historic Villa San Michele to the spectacular views of Monte Solaro, this enchanted corner of the island of Capri must be discovered and loved.

Anacapri: things to do and to see

Anacapri and its timeless beauties

Anacapri and its timeless beauties

Compared to Capri, Anacapri is located at a higher altitude and offers a more peaceful and authentic experience, as we were saying; the very name of the city refers to the fact that it is perched higher up than Capri.

Anacapri has a long history dating back to Roman times, as demonstrated by the archaeological remains on the island; during the Middle Ages, the population took refuge here to escape pirate raids.

There are many attractions that this wonderful city offers, including history, culture and traditions - which are well expressed in the most incredible and unrepeatable forms of local craftsmanship and food and wine offers.

From Villa San Michele to Monte Solaro, passing through the Church of San Michele Arcangelo up to the Casa Rossa and then to the Sentiero dei Fortini.

The network of experiences not to be missed is so large that this is intertwined with local initiatives, which unite producers and artisans in a harmonious aegis that is the Ascom Confcommercio Association of Anacapri.

The Ascom Confcommercio Association of Anacapri represents the artisan communities of Anacapri, protecting them; it also becomes a showcase for these small artisans, whose work represents an inestimable wealth.

The Ascom Confcommercio of Anacapri wants to celebrate the wonders of the island and the incessant contribution that the inhabitants offer so that the island never ceases to fascinate and inspire. From the organization of events - directly related to the protection of immense historical traditions and priceless heritage - and the implementation of projects, the Association collects the gems of Anacapri, making them recognizable in Italy and around the world.

Between paths and wonderful naturalistic views, the Ascom Confcommercio of Anacapri is interested in protecting the nature that Anacapri and its artisan realities welcome.

Between paths and wonderful naturalistic views, the Ascom Confcommercio of Anacapri is interested in protecting the nature that Anacapri and its artisan realities welcome.

Let's discover, together, the magnificent views of this gem of Campania.

The center of Anacapri, the beating heart of an authentic and wild city

Walking through Anacapri

Walking through Anacapri

Experiencing the center of Anacapri means immersing yourself in a community which, despite the influx of tourists, has kept its traditions and charm intact.

From strolls through picturesque alleys to discovering architectural and artistic treasures, the center of Anacapri offers a unique experience that authentically captures the heart of anyone who visits it.

Walking through its cobbled streets, which pass through characteristic white houses, visitors can immerse themselves in the local culture and discover a series of attractions as unmissable as they are fascinating.

Starting from Piazza Vittoria, the beating heart of the city of Anacapri, among its numerous cafes and restaurants where it is possible to taste local specialties, while enjoying the unique atmosphere of the place; passing, then, through the narrow streets of the village, full of shops, workshops and artisan boutiques. Streets, such as via Giuseppe Orlandi, offer unique and unforgettable shopping and discovery experiences. Here, in fact, you can buy handmade sandals, local ceramics, haute couture garments and other artisanal products.

Historic monuments and characteristic destinations mark the beauty of the center of this city, such as the Church of Santa Sophia - built in the 18th century - and the Church of San Michele Arcangelo - famous for its majolica floor which depicts the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Earthly Paradise.

The Red House, located in the heart of the town, is a historic building characterized by its distinctive red colour.

Discovering the most beautiful spots of Anacapri

The incredible places of Anacapri

The incredible places of Anacapri

Everything captures you in Anacapri, starting from the uncontaminated and wild views of the city - which nestles in the naturalistic and landscape beauties of the area. The hospitality of the inhabitants, then, makes the tourist feel pampered and caressed during his journey.

Among the most beautiful views, we also list the following:

1. Villa San Michele, located on a panoramic hill and built by the Swedish doctor Axel Munthe, is surrounded by an enchanting garden with a spectacular view of the Gulf of Naples. Inside, it is possible to admire a collection of archaeological finds and works of art.

2. Monte Solaro, Capri's highest peak, accessible via a chairlift from Anacapri or via a hiking trail. From the top, you can enjoy a breathtaking panorama that ranges from the island of Ischia to the Sorrento Peninsula, offering unforgettable views of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

3. The Punta Carena Lighthouse, reachable from a path starting from Anacapri, is one of the most important and picturesque lighthouses in Italy. A destination for visitors and tourists, it was built in 1866 and features a red and white octagonal tower 28 meters high. It is located on a cliff 73 meters above sea level and offers spectacular views of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Its light, visible up to 25 nautical miles, is an essential guide for ships.

4. Migliara Belvedere, located at the end of a pleasant walk along the Migliara path, this viewpoint is an oasis of tranquility, far from the areas most frequented by tourists. From here, you can admire spectacular views of the sea and the cliffs below.

5. Ignazio Cerio Centro Caprense Museum, located in the center of Anacapri, offers an overview of the natural and archaeological history of the island.

From historical-naturalistic walks to paths; from the Churches to the Houses, from the spectacular views and the picturesque sunsets that can be observed from the spots on the sea or on the mountains - Anacapri is to be experienced and discovered.

The best views of the sea from Anacapri

The sea of ​​Anacapri

The sea of ​​Anacapri

Anacapri offers some of the best sea views on the entire island of Capri, with spectacular views extending from the Gulf of Naples to the coasts of the Sorrento Peninsula.

From panoramic points such as the Belvedere della Migliara and Monte Solaro, your eyes can get lost in the blue shades of the Tyrrhenian Sea, framed by the Faraglioni of Capri and the cliffs overlooking the sea.

Worth mentioning are some coves or areas accessing the sea, also close to Anacapri such as Marina Grande, Marina Piccola and the Green Grotto.

These places offer an unforgettable experience of tranquility and natural beauty, ideal for those seeking breathtaking landscapes and moments of contemplation on the beauty of the Mediterranean.

How to get to Anacapri

The Scala Fenicia, which connects Capri to Anacapri

The Scala Fenicia, which connects Capri to Anacapri

Access to Anacapri is possible via buses or taxis leaving from the port of Marina Grande - and tickets can be purchased online, or in the same ticket areas of Marina Grande - or via a panoramic road.

You can also use the funicular that leads to Capri, near the Piazzetta di Capri.

Furthermore, visitors can arrive on foot along the Scala Fenicia, an ancient staircase that connects Marina Grande with Anacapri.

Anacapri represents an ideal option for those who want to explore the island of Capri in a more peaceful and intimate way, away from the tourist crowds of Capri city.

How to reach Capri, from Anacapri

The square of Capri

The square of Capri

To reach Capri from Anacapri there are different ways:

1. By Bus: this is an efficient and economical way, which connects Anacapri to the city of Capri (also known as Capri Centro). Buses run regularly and the journey takes around 15-20 minutes, depending on traffic and stops.

2. By Taxi: available in Anacapri, they can take you directly to the city of Capri. It is a faster option than the bus and offers more convenience if you prefer direct transportation.

3. Walking: for those who love walking and have time, it is possible to take an excursion from Anacapri to Capri city. There are scenic trails that lead through the countryside and offer great views along the way. The walk lasts from 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the pace and route you follow.

Each option offers its own benefits depending on your preferences in terms of convenience, cost and experience.

Is it worth visiting Anacapri?

Glimpses of Anacapri

Glimpses of Anacapri

Authentic Atmosphere, Natural Beauty, Historical and Cultural Sites, Outdoor Activities, Local Cuisine and Crafts; Anacapri is definitely worth it - for an immense number of reasons, in addition to those listed.

Anacapri provides a quieter and more authentic experience.

What is Anacapri known for?

Picturesque Anacapri

Picturesque Anacapri

 Anacapri is celebrated for its combination of natural beauty, cultural richness, historical significance, and tranquil atmosphere, making it a beloved destination for visitors seeking a deeper exploration of Capri's charms.

Anacapri è amata per la sua offerta naturalistica immane, per i suoi borghi, per le sue vie pittoresche e ricchezze di tradizioni da scoprire e assaporare.

What's better, Capri or Anacapri?

The island of Capri

The island of Capri

If you prefer a vibrant atmosphere with luxury shopping and iconic sights, Capri - at the link, discover Capri like a local - might be the better choice.

If you seek a more tranquil, authentic experience with stunning natural beauty and historical charm, Anacapri is likely the preferred option.

Both Capri and Anacapri have their own unique appeal, and many visitors to the island choose to explore both to fully appreciate the diversity and beauty that Capri offers.

Is Anacapri walkable?

Capri, from Anacapri

Capri, from Anacapri

Anacapri is quite walkable, although it is situated on hilly terrain. The town itself is compact and has pedestrian-friendly streets lined with shops, cafes, and historic buildings.

However, keep in mind that Anacapri is located at a higher elevation than Capri town, so some routes may involve uphill walking.

Additionally, if you plan to visit sights like Monte Solaro or the Blue Grotto, you may want to consider taking local transportation options such as buses or taxis, especially for longer distances or if you prefer to conserve energy for exploring on foot once you arrive at your destination.

Overall, walking is a pleasant and practical way to experience Anacapri, allowing you to immerse yourself in its charm and discover its hidden gems at your own pace.

Enchanting Anacapri

Enchanting Anacapri

Enchanting Anacapri

In summary, Anacapri enchants with its authenticity, natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. 

Anacapri is a place where history and tranquility blend, offering unforgettable experiences among breathtaking views and cultural discoveries.

Anacapri makes immersion in local craftsmanship incredible, discovering the most sought-after and loved artisans in the world.

We recommend

We recommend