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About fifteen kilometers from Milan, just after the village of Abbiategrasso, immersed in the Ticino valley, stands the Abbazia di Morimondo. Easily accessible by car, or for the most trained and sporty bike, it is an ideal destination for a Sunday trip in all periods of the year.

A bit of history


The history of the Abbey of Morimondo begins back in 1134 when French monks , coming from the homonymous town of Morimond, chose Coronate this place a few steps from Milan to found their monastery. The choice was surely influenced by the strategic position of the valley, by the presence of numerous water streams and therefore by the very fertile soil. Started in 1182 the construction of the abbey ended only in 1297 when it was finally inaugurated. Morimondo had its heyday at the turn of the twelfth and fourteenth centuries, with a growing and growing territorial heritage. With the advent of Napoleon in Italy in 1798, the abbey faced its darkest and most difficult period. The emperor decided to close the abbey of Morimondo taking away from it all its artistic and cultural heritage. After a little more than one hundred years of neglect in 1909 the abbey came to life again. In the last century, thanks to the intervention of the Municipality of Morimondo, after careful restoration work, the abbey has returned to its original beauty, resuming a flourishing religious and cultural activity.

One day in Morimondo

It's impossible not to start the visit by exploring the interior of the abbey as an integral part of the homonyms Museum of the abbey. Mainly medieval construction, enriched over the centuries and subject to continuous restoration until a few years ago. The central heart of the visit is the beautiful cloister that connects the different parts of the abbey. Around the abbey we find the village of Morimondo, classified as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. In its small streets you can stop in one of the characteristic restaurant to taste local delicacies such as cassoeula. After eating nothing better than a walk in the beautiful glimpse of the Ticino Valley in which the abbey and the village are immersed. An incredible silence will accompany you on this visit making you forget to be just a few kilometers from a modern and noisy city like Milan. Many routes available, many farms in the area where you can buy local products at km 0.

We recommend

We recommend