Today we will take you on a splendid journey, an itinerary by sea that will allow you to get to know the most important and characteristic beaches and seaside resorts of the Sorrento peninsula. To be your guide, an exceptional guest, whose identity we will reveal only at the end. Have a good holiday! 

Marina Piccola and Marina Grande: the two pearls of Sorrento


Your tour starts from Marina Piccola di Sorrento, the charming port of the Campania town, not far from Piazza Tasso. Marina Piccola, which lies placidly in a welcoming cove, was once known as Marina di Capo Cervo, from the name of the small promontory that overlooks it. At the beginning of the twentieth century, work began that transformed the ancient city village into the current crossroads of maritime traffic on the peninsula. The only surviving from the past, the ancient chapel of Santa Maria del Soccorso. Finally, the characteristic bathing establishments are also noteworthy, which due to the small size of the beach, were built on some stilts. The next stop on your trip is the "big sister" Marina Grande, which has kept its picturesque aspect of an old fishing village. Alongside the testimonies of the past, however, there are also those of the present, with the renowned establishments, clubs and restaurants, which make Marina Grande a popular destination for tourists and VIPs from all over the world, as well as an exceptional set for many cinematographic masterpieces. Breathe in fully this magical and refined atmosphere and get ready for the next stop ...

The splendid sea of Massa Lubrense: Cala di Puolo and Cala di Mitigliano


Now we head towards Massa Lubrense where we can admire the enchanting Cala di Puolo, dominated by a beautiful beach of pebbles and sand, gently caressed by a sea of a thousand and intense shades, ranging from clear blue to emerald green. After this stop, another wonder of Massa Lubrense awaits you, the Cala di Mitigliano, where you can find the clearest and most transparent water in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Here you can fully enjoy the wonderful fish fauna of the place bringing with you a mask and breathing tube. In "snorkeling gear", you can immerse yourself in an authentic aquarium, living a truly unique and exciting experience. After this exciting "tete a tete" with the inhabitants of Mitigliano, get back on your boat with your heart and eyes full of joy and beauty and get ready for the last station!

The Bagni della Regina Giovanna: the magic of nature and the charm of history


And here we are ready to visit the infamous Bagni della Regina Giovanna, an amazing natural swimming pool set between the limestone cliff and the rocky beach of the Sorrento peninsula. The place owes her name to Queen Giovanna I of Anjou, who loved the place so much that she made it the preferred setting for the pleasurable encounters he had with her numerous lovers. A screenplay worthy of Hollywood movies of the caliber of Paradise and Blue Lagoon!

The small bay is accessed by crossing a natural stone arch, a barrier that clearly delimits the Baths of Giovanna from the open sea. Here, too, you can dive with the appropriate equipment, to enjoy the wonderful seabed and the rich fish fauna. To frame your refreshing dive, the oldest archaeological site in the area: the so-called Villa di Pollio Felice, a nobleman from Puteolan who lived in the first century after Christ. A wonderful testimony of ancient architecture, described in his Silvae by the Latin poet Stazio. The Bagni della Regina Giovanna, where the embrace between nature and history becomes more alive and intense, are the worthy ending of your exciting Sorrento adventure.

Traveling with Sorrento Sea Tours: for an adventurous and exciting holiday

The time has finally come to meet your trusted companion who will guide you during this splendid journey in the Sorrento peninsula. We are talking about Sorrento Sea Tours, a company established by the Cuomo family, renowned naval entrepreneurs: the "Peninsula Navis" shipyard, in fact, is famous all over the world for its meritorious restoration of ancient boats.

Sorrento Sea Tours offers top quality charters and boats. Luxurious and refined boats and personalized services will transform your trip into a fantastic and rewarding adventure! Sorrento Sea Tours allows you to choose your favorite escort from a large number of boats: Pianosa, Itama 38, Sparviero Maresca, Fratelli Aprea 36, ​​Comena Corallo 37, are just some of the names of these glorious "nautical creatures".

Thanks to these wonderful jewels, Sorrento Sea Tours offers you the possibility of making splendid "shared tours" that will allow you to get to know Capri, Positano, Amalfi and of course Sorrento. Specifically, the Sorrento Coast Tour is the one for you. The tour lasts approximately 2 hours and is aimed at a maximum of 12 passengers. It starts from the port of the Marina Piccola of Sorrento and crosses the destinations described above, thanks to the help of two boats in particular, the Pianosa and the Ganesh. Included services include skipper, guide, open bar service, snorkeling equipment, safety equipment, insurance and petrol. Safety, comfort, elegance and high professionalism, this is the powerful blend that Sorrento Sea Tours offers its visitors.

What are you waiting for, run immediately to book your Sorrento tour! The possibility of being able to visit the beautiful beaches of the Sorrento Peninsula from the sea will transform your holiday into a fascinating and exciting journey.

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