Venice is a unique city, and your holiday will be unique thanks to these 5 wonderful experiences you can have in one of the richest cities in the world in terms of history, art and culture. You will live an extraordinary and unforgettable experience in a journey between sight, taste and emotions. The activities proposed will lead you to discover Venice through the four elements: earth, water, air.

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Earth: Night Wonder

St. Mark's Basilica after hour

If you visit the beautiful city of Venice, you can't miss a visit to St Mark's Basilica, but how many people can say they've seen it at night? After sunset, when darkness begins to make its way through the streets of Venice, the city is enveloped in a unique and indescribable atmosphere. In a deserted St Mark's Square, you will be the only witnesses to the magic of a wonder.

Thanks to " Night Wonder", you can visit the treasures of St Mark's Basilica after closing time. There will only be you, the custodian and the guide. Immersed in the magic created by the illuminated golden mosaics, you will experience a unique emotion that you will only be able to share with the person next to you at that moment because the emotion you will feel will be indescribable. The visit lasts 90 minutes and the departure time is on request. 

Water: The most beautiful street in the world

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The Grand Canal by boat

Venice, the city of water, offers its best side from the water. This Grand Canal tour by private water taxi will introduce you to the city's most famous waterway and the marvellous palaces that overlook it. Your guide will take you back in time when the Grand Canal was the most important port in the world. 

You will be told the stories of the palaces and of their owners and you will also pass through the smaller canals, enjoying glimpses of "real" life, among small shops and narrow streets where the few remaining Venetians still live. The tour departs every day after 1 pm at a time of your choice and lasts 60 minutes. 

Air: Go with the wind

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Sailing class

In the middle of the Venetian lagoon, it is easy to see particular boats, characterised by large, brightly coloured sails, rigged with a system called "vela al terzo". Typical of the Adriatic Sea, the lug sail is characterised by its trapezoidal shape and was once used for fishing and work boats. 

These sails were made in bright colours, such as yellow and red, for example, in order to make the boats visible even at night and in case of excessive fog, typical of the lagoon. These traditional boats with lug sails are the best way to explore the Venetian lagoon. By sailing you will experience unique and unforgettable emotions, discovering the most beautiful and hidden corners of the lagoon. The class lasts a minimum of two hours.  

Fire: Molten glass magic

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Glassblowing class

In 1291, the Venetian glassworks were moved to the island of Murano, and since then the art of glassmaking has reached such high levels of quality that it has become known throughout the world. Towards the middle of the 20th century the first great Murano glass masters emerged, whose works, given their value, are even exhibited in various museums.

Thanks to this course you will be able to shape the glass yourself, seeing the shapeless paste become a vase, a glass or a statuette. You will discover that behind the working of glass there is hard and meticulous work, the value of which is reflected in the price of the works, which can be defined as true works of art. The lesson lasts one hour plus the duration of the visit to the show room, and can be done every day at the time of your choice, although the suggested departure time is at 10 am. 

Earth: Covid-free Venice


Things to do in Venice in times of COVID

Venetians have always resorted to two ways of getting around their city, on foot and by boat. In this tour organised in Covid times, you can visit every corner of the city, moving together with your guide by boat and on foot, through the most hidden calli of the city. A 6-hour tour completely outdoors, without museums, churches or other buildings, but immersed in the open-air wonders of Venice. The tour leaves every day at 10.00 am.

Vip Service Italia

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These wonderful experiences are all organised by Vip Service Italia, a company specialised in organising experiential tourism activities in the Venice area and the Veneto hinterland. The services and experiences offered by Vip Service Italia aim to give its customers a unique and unforgettable holiday, thanks to exclusive courses, itineraries and lessons. 

Vip Service Italia's services are highly professional and of the highest quality, always catering to the preferences and needs of its clients. The activities and services offered are suitable for leisure travel, business trips or to celebrate an important event, such as a wedding. Moreover, their activities will lead you to discover Venice through the four elements: earth, water, air and fire.

Vip Service Italia will take you on an evocative sensory itinerary that will satisfy all your expectations, on a journey through the history, art, taste and elegance of a magical and wonderful city such as Venice. 


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