Discover the tips to travel to Italy in a practical and safe way, building the perfect itinerary to live wonderful and unforgettable experiences 

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If you want to explore and learn about the culture of an extraordinary, complex and heterogeneous country like Italy, it’s not enough to just go to the main cities and see the most famous attractions. What really counts is the experience of your journey, among people, histories and traditions that will make you fully appreciate the places you’ll visit, and that will make you live unforgettable adventures.

To achieve this, take a look at the following tips to travel to Italy that will allow you to create a perfect itinerary, practical and safe, to discover the most authentic side of our extraordinary Country.

5 Tips to travel to Italy exploring the country safely and well organized

Tips to travel to Italy, road on the hills

What are the best tips to travel to Italy and discover its most authentic beauties? To create the perfect itinerary, firstly, you need to be well informed, in order to explore the territory safely. Therefore, it’s crucial that you schedule your itinerary perfectly: plan your stages in advance to live the best possible experience.

Italy is full of great cities and extraordinary artworks. But to get in full harmony with Italian culture, dedicate the right time also to the small villages, which are custodians of early traditions and contain, like a precious treasure chest, the most ancient and fascinating secrets of Italy.

Finally, if you can, travel on-the-road: you will discover beautiful places far from mass tourism, and you will get in touch with the true soul of our Country. 

5. Tips to travel to Italy safely

Tips to travel to Italy safely

One of the most important tips to travel to Italy is about moving in maximum safety. To live a pleasant and unforgettable experience, you must first of all be informed about the conditions of your trip, so as to know any uncomfortable situations, for example in the event of a climatic emergency like a flood. 

You can do this by simply keeping an eye on the institutional sites in your home country, such as the Department of State website for people coming from the USA. Instead, if you find yourself in emergency situations during your trip, remember that in Italy you can count on some very useful and efficient services

These include the air ambulance service for the transport of patients all around the world (equipped with advanced electromedical equipment that allow the transfer of people in delicate medical conditions), and the airtaxi, very useful for those who need to move around the peninsula but find it hard to travel on regular flights, or simply need more flexibility for an urgent and unexpected flight.

These options are both provided by Volitalia, a company that for over 20 years has been offering rental services in the aeronautical field and that must be considered not only to fly safely or in case of an emergency, but also if you like to plan tours, activities and other flying experiences in Italy.

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4. Plan your itinerary in detail

Tips to travel to Italy, itinerary

The attractions to visit and the experiences you can live in Italy are so many that it’s easy to get lost and risk spending a chaotic trip without being able to fully enjoy the fantastic Italian atmosphere

Many tourists plan too congested routes, switching from one attraction to another without ever leaving the right time for those activities that can really transport you to the heart of our Country.

If you are in Milan, for example, in addition to the beautiful museums, monuments and shopping, take an extra day to enjoy a guided tour on Lake Como, discovering the spectacular views and the picturesque streets of the town of Bellagio, as well as the villages of the territory. 

Or, if you are exploring the wonderful city of Naples and the territory of the Gulf up to the Amalfi Coast, you could consider a trip a few kilometers further south, in the province of Salerno, for a tour of the Greek and Roman ruins in the Archaeological Parks of Paestum and Velia, places with an extraordinary history where you will spend an unforgettable day. 

And so on: every region offers the opportunity to participate in incredible beauty tours and activities. A precise organization of your itinerary will help you to make the most of your time in Italy by living complete and authentic experiences.

3. Travel on the road to immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of Italy

Tips to travel to Italy on the road

From the roads leading to Alpine passes to those crossing the hills of Tuscany; from the views over the gulfs of Naples and Salerno to the paths along the coast of Salento; not to mention Sicily and Sardinia, whose roads offer glimpses of rare beauty.

Traveling on-the-road will allow you to explore regions with different landscapes and history. The extraordinary beauty of Italy is also and above all given by its varied and eclectic territory, which will lead you to admire extraordinary places and fabulous foods that change not only between the various regions or provinces, but often also between neighboring municipalities.

An on-the-road itinerary is the best way to benefit of these treasures and to fully immerse yourself in Italian culture. And moving in absolute freedom, you will eventually feel that what really matters is not the destination, but the journey itself.

2. Explore both the most famous cities and the small villages

Tips to travel to Italy, village

Rome, Naples and Venice, not forgetting Florence, Palermo, Milan and so on. When traveling in Italy you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit some of the most famous and beautiful cities in the world, where unique monuments and museums are located.

Yet the Italian artistic heritage is not limited to this: behind the metropolis and the most famous cities of art there’s an entire world made of small villages often forgotten, where traditions of the past are still alive. Towns which are just waiting to be explored to tell their own secular stories.

Although in some territories there are few infrastructures that, sometimes, could be also a little out of date, these places enclose a set of natural beauty, historical attractions and folklore that represent the beating heart of Italy.

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1. Do you really want to discover Italy? You have to go back!

Last tips to travel to Italy

The last among our tips to travel to Italy it’s about the opportunity of coming back again and again. Only in this way you will be able to know all the aspects of the places, people, products of excellence and in general about the whole and varied territory of the peninsula.

Plan your itinerary keeping in mind this perspective and, if you can, explore the country at different times. Each season, in fact, will give you different colors, flavors and scents, turning each trip into a unique emotion.

Therefore, remember that Italy has thousands of stories to tell you. Culture, nature, traditions: discover them time by time, to appreciate even more the folklore of our country and really live it like a local.

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