Rome the eternal city. Millions of visitors go there every year to visit its beauties, and every time you can't get enough. There is something for all tastes, history buffs can surround themselves with ruins dating back thousands of years, lovers of good food can taste one of the best cuisines in Italy, those who love shopping and modernity can be pleasantly surprised at how much such an ancient city can reveal extraordinary surprises.

Everyone has their own tour.

But what better way to visit the city than by experiencing exclusive experiences tailored to our needs? Spotter Travel provides its customers with a 360 ° travel experience, for an authentic and exceptional trip to the city.

Beginners who do not know the city can fall in love with it following more classic routes; those who want to explore unconventional destinations will be able to discover new secrets of the city; those who want to be conquered by gourmet cuisine, get ready to taste the best of Italian cuisine. Still don't know where to start?

Let's see together three tour ideas for the city:

Journey throught art and history in Rome

It is almost impossible to list all the cultural attractions of the capital. Surely you can't miss a visit to the Roman Forum, the Trajan's Markets and the Colosseum. It is a must. If you want to add a little originality to the visit of the archaeological heritage, it might be interesting to participate in a night tour, perhaps accompanied by expert guides who offer an unmissable trip back in time.

After this, an interesting idea could be to wander around the historic center of Rome. Not necessarily on foot: bike or Vespa tours in Rome make visiting the alleys and numerous squares of the city truly original! Trevi Fountain, Piazza del Popolo and San Pietro cannot fail to appeal.

A stop in the most important museums of the city is a must: from the Vatican Museums to the Capitoline Museums, Spotter Travel organizes visits by dispensing tourists with long lines to buy tickets. A huge plus given the number of visitors who populate the main attractions each year.

You can end the tour with a romantic walk along the Tiber at sunset, overlooking the romantic bridges to take a picture of the most famous panorama in Italy.

Shopping tour


Rome is also famous for its boutiques and its exclusive clothing stores. Via dei Condotti is the right place to shop in the luxury shops of the major Italian brands, even with the help of a personal shopper capable of advising on the latest trends in Italian fashion or perhaps after enjoying a drink in Piazza di Spagna. It is even possible to take a tour of the city and the shops accompanied by a personal photographer, ready to immortalize the most important moments in an exclusive shooting. For luxury lovers, the shopping day can end with a tour of the city at the wheel of a Ferrari, or for those who really dream of a big experience, it is possible to book a helicopter tour to enjoy the panorama of Rome from a perspective definitely unique!

The ultimate gastronomic experience in Rome

Even lovers of good food will not be disappointed with a visit to Rome. In the numerous trattorias of the city it is possible to taste the dishes of the local tradition. Amatriciana, Cacio e Pepe, Gricia and Saltimbocca alla romana. Roman cuisine is tasty and authentic, like the city in which it was born. However, there is also the possibility of gourmet tastings, which make this experience even more unique and exclusive. It is even possible to participate in cooking classes to learn how to reproduce traditional recipes at home, perhaps to fight nostalgia until the next tour in the city.

By letting yourself be guided by Spotter Travel, you can abandon the traditional tourist routes and experience the city in a unique and special way. All while forgetting the stress of planning. In short, the perfect way to fall in love with the Eternal City!

Via Tibullo 16, Roma

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