Which are the most unique experiences in Rome? Let's find out a selection of activities that will make you fall in love with the city even more!

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Rome is such a unique city that thinking about unique experiences may seem like an oxymoron.

In fact, millions of visitors come here every year to see its wonders, and each time, they only desire to return. Here everyone can follow his/her interests. History enthusiasts can surround themselves with ruins dating back thousands of years; lovers of fine dining can taste one of the best cuisines in Italy while shopping lovers can be pleasantly surprised by the great wonders of the city. In short, to each their own tour.

Let's see what are 5 ideas of unique experiences in Rome.

Unique experiences in Rome: our ideas to enjoy the city at its best

Trevi fountain

Rome by night, on board a Vespa or simply on foot but in the capital's lesser-known neighborhoods. This city is a triumph of beauty that offers both to those who arrive for the first time, completely captivated by its charm, and to those who cannot help but return, to experience its magic again. Visiting Rome in the best possible way to not miss any of its wonderful attractions is by purchasing the Visit Rome Pass, which includes over 50 attractions and offers discounts and benefits, including on public transportation.

Another way to discover Rome is through unique experiences tailor-made to suit your needs. Spotter Travel provides its Guests with a complete travel experience, for an authentic and exceptional journey through the city.

In short, whether you are cherishing the idea of your first trip to the capital, or if you have already traveled its most iconic places many times, here are the unique experiences you should consider living in Rome!

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Historical and artistic tours: an evergreen ... but on two wheels

Vespa scooter

Certainly during a visit to Rome, some mandatory stops include the Roman Forum, Trajan's Markets and the Colosseum, first of all. Yet, as you well know, Rome is much more than that.

Right after that, then, you won't want to miss a tour of its historic center. And not necessarily on foot: bike or Vespa tours make visiting the alleys and numerous squares of the city truly original! Trevi Fountain, Piazza del Popolo and San Pietro cannot fail to appeal.

Italian fashion becoming one of the unique experiences in Rome

San Pietro

Rome is also famous for its exclusive boutiques and clothing stores.

Via dei Condotti is the right place to store in the luxury stores of Italy's biggest names, perhaps with the help of an expert personal shopper or perhaps after enjoying a great aperitif at the Spanish Steps.

You could even take your shopping tour with a personal photographer, ready to capture the most important moments in an exclusive shoot, against the backdrop of the Eternal City.

Rome to savor: buon appetito!


Even lovers of good food will not be disappointed with a visit to Rome. In the numerous trattorias of the city it is possible to taste the dishes of the local tradition.

Amatriciana, Cacio e Pepe, Gricia and Saltimbocca alla romana. Roman cuisine is tasty and authentic, like the city in which it was born.

However, there is also the possibility of gourmet tastings, which make this experience even more unique. It is even possible to participate in cooking classes to learn how to reproduce traditional recipes at home, perhaps to fight nostalgia until the next tour in the city.

Unique experiences of luxury and Italian style

Roman view

A few lines back, we talked about shopping and high fashion.

For luxury lovers, however, the shopping session can continue with an amazing tour of the city behind the wheel of a Ferrari or, for those dreaming of a truly unique experience in Rome, a helicopter tour to enjoy the beauty of the city from a decidedly unique perspective.

Let your passions and interests guide you as you discover another face of Rome, beyond the traditional tourist routes.

Thanks to Spotter Travel, you can experience the city in a unique and special way, without any kind of stress. In short, the perfect way to fall in love with the Eternal City!

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