Are you looking for romantic places near Naples? Are you planning a romantic getaway? Discover 5 locations in the Campi Flegrei where to go with your sweetheart.

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Romantic getaway in Campi Flegrei

Campi Flegrei is the vast area located in the Gulf of Pozzuoli, west of Naples and its gulf. Here history and legend mingle. The influence of the ancient Greeks and Romans is still strongly evident in its landscapes. The sea keeps its traces alive in the waters of Baia, Lucrino and Miseno, where it is possible to admire the seabed of the submerged city.

Moreover, shoals and walls arouse unexpected emotions for the quality of life that beats in the fantastic scenery carved out by the sea and natural phenomena. At the bottom of the sea waiting for you: the lobsters of Posillipo, the coral of Ischia, the groupers and enormous gorgonians of Procida, the clouds of fish of the Ants, diving in the blue of Capri...

This and much more makes Campi Flegrei a romantic place that will make your heart beat faster. We at Visit Italy suggest you five places where to go with your sweetheart. and also the smartest way to reach them or visit the many attractions to be found along the way: the Naples Pass, the city's tourist card.

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5. The bays of the Phlegrean coast and the enchantment of the Baia Underwater Archaeological Park


Between Bacoli and Miseno, there is this beautiful area. Roman patricians built beautiful villas here. A large port was created nearby to house the imperial fleet, the Classis Pretoria Misenensis

Rubber dinghy trip to discover the enchanting bays of Costa Flegrea


Taking an inflatable boat trip in the Gulf of Pozzuoli is a fascinating experience to discover the cobalt blue sea and incredible landscapes.

You can start from Miseno Harbour and then reach the beautiful area of Schiacchetiello, considered a little corner of paradise. It is a lovely stretch of coastline full of tufa rocks where you can lie down to soak up the warm Campi Flegrei sun.

Opposite Schiacchetiello is the islet of Punta Pennatta. According to Greek mythology, this is the exact spot where Ulysses landed. Not far from here is the ancient Roman Port of Miseno, home of the imperial fleet (the Classis Pretoria Misenensis). 

The same tour can also be done on foot, walking through the historic centre of Bacoli, following the signs for the Piscina Mirabilis. Once you have passed Villa Mirabilis, you will find a small alleyway that leads to the sea on the right. Going down a series of steps, you will start to see Punta Pennata reaching the transparent and beautiful sea of Schiacchetiello.

Parco Archeologico Sommerso di Baia: from commercial port to marine protected area


An outstanding attraction to discover at the bottom of the sea. Campi Flegrei has a volcanic origin. It is subject to the phenomenon of bradyseism. It consists of a rise (positive bradyseism) or fall of the ground level (negative bradyseism) relatively slow on the scale of human times but speedy compared to geological times.

So why is this area below sea level today? The bradyseism phenomenon caused the ancient coastal strip to sink, with the consequent submergence of all the buildings built there—sites of great importance in Roman times, where Pozzuoli was the most famous commercial city. Baia, the most prominent residential area and Miseno, the seat of the military fleet, are now submerged.

Findings, excavations and studies have lasted for years and are continuing. Since 2016, the Phlegraean Fields have been part of the Special Superintendency, which takes the name of Archaeological Park of the Phlegraean Fields and is with the management of the Underwater Park of Baia.

Today the visit has an outlined route but can only be done if you have a scuba certification

In any case, towering over the park and the enchanting bays is the magnificent Castle of Baia in the background, where you can capture yourself in a very romantic selfie

4. Walk on Lake Avernus


Lake Averno is famous for its submerged volcano. A romantic idea would be to take a walk along its wooded path, where you can enjoy peace and relaxation

The perfect atmosphere to declare your eternal love!

Some info and history on Lake Averno


Lake Averno has an elliptical shape, still and gloomy waters, and steep, wooded slopes. 

It became a military port (Portus Iulius), then abandoned due to bradyseismic movements. There the people used to worship the Deus Avernus. The Greeks had localised several legends in the region, designating Avernus as the Entrance to the Underworld. The Romans also regarded it as such in ancient times. Later, without any local reference, the name Avernus was used by Roman poets and classical poets to designate the Underworld generically.

Although the reference to the 'Underworld' may be discouraging, the lake is one of the most beautiful places to admire a sunset. We recommend it to all couples!

3. Monte di Procida and its panoramas


In this ascent towards ever-stronger emotions, we arrive at Monte di Procida where you can enjoy the best views of the Campi Flegrei coastline. 

Its territory represents the most extreme part of the Phlegrean Peninsula, a promontory of the Phlegrean Fields facing the island of Procida. It separates the island by a narrow stretch of sea (Procida Channel). Offshore, to the west, is the Isolotto di San Martino: a small island no longer connected to the mainland due to the bridge's collapse that connected it to the tunnel.

A romantic lunch or dinner in Monte di Procida


Suppose you decide to have lunch or dinner in Monte di Procida. In that case, a romantic place to go with your better half is at Al Chiar di Luna Hotel Restaurant, which has one of the most panoramic terraces on the coast. From here, you can see Pozzuoli, the island of Ischia and Procida

Celebrate your love affair with the taste of local fish delicacies such as calamarata with lobster ragout or ravioli stuffed with shellfish.

Al Chiar di Luna is also a hotel and venue for events and weddings. The rooms of the Relais, arranged on three floors of the structure, are perfect to satisfy every need.

In addition to being a romantic place by nature, it is possible for both Italian and foreign couples to crown their dream of love with a symbolic and religious wedding on site.  

2. A sailing trip between Campi Flegrei and Procida


In the inlet of the small port of Monte di Procida, you can choose to have one of the most beautiful experiences in the world. To get on a sailing boat and sail off into the sunset, where reflections of every colour reflect the hearts of lovers

You can choose to do this on a traditional Latin sailboat or a historic Gozzo. In Monte di Procida, an ancient boat called u vuzz e 'u vuzzariell, a version of the Neapolitan Gozzo, still survives.

It is a typical fishing or transport boat, mainly used on the Tyrrhenian and Ligurian coasts and was propelled by rowing or lateen sail. The inboard engine has replaced the sail for many years now, but there are still many Gozzi equipped with coaming and masts.

It is a romantic way to get to know the local culture and protect the sea. 

1. A night in Pozzuoli


Let's get to Pozzuoli! Here is Rione Terra, there where the first settlement of Pozzuoli formed. It is on a small hill overlooking the Gulf of Pozzuoli. It was a strategic place that allowed its inhabitants to effectively control sea and land traffic and form a good defensive bulwark in ancient times.

Today, the site is still in restoration. However, you can access the Duomo and walk along the charming alleys and enjoy the view from the panoramic belvedere

The historic centre of Pozzuoli is an authentic fishing village. It is the perfect place for a romantic stroll. In its narrow alleyways, you can stop for dinner in one of the many restaurants or enjoy a sparkling aperitif at the bar

The perfect place to frame your love!

Al Chiar di Luna: romantic location in the heart of Campi Flegrei

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Are you looking for a romantic place to stay, dine or celebrate? The correct answer to all your questions is Al Chiar di Luna - hotel, restaurant and events: here, every event is unique!

Al Chiar di Luna is located in an enchanting place in Campi Flegrei, with a breathtaking view of the gulf! The beauty and the stories that surround it will enchant you. 

The hotel rooms have a delicate and elegant style. Suites and rooms with all the comforts will make you live moments of complete well-being away from the routine. 

The dishes served at the Al Chiar di Luna restaurant are a pleasure for both the eyes and the palate. A sensory journey made up of moments of genuine delight. The Great Hall of the restaurant has modern and elegant designs and furniture, almost magical!

The Al Chiar di Luna location is ready to host any event: from an anniversary to your "I do" day for Italian couples and also for destination weddings.

Are you thinking about how to surprise your love? Escape to Monte di Procida, in Campi Flegrei, and enjoy an unforgettable experience at Al Chiar di Luna. And then one day, who knows, maybe you'll come back for your wedding

More info about Al Chiar di Luna

Al Chiar di Luna, Via Amedeo, 89, 80070 Monte di Procida NA

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