Narrow streets, white plastered houses, small restaurants on the seashore, make Maratea one of the best known and most popular seaside destinations in Basilicata. Mount San Biagio dominates the small village and its beaches, with its well known, huge statue of Christ the Redeemer, one of the most famous symbols of Maratea.

Maratea and the sea: the most beautiful beaches

Maratea has a small, enchanting port where to see the most beautiful summer sunsets, but it also has many beautiful beaches, all characterized by a crystal clear sea, and spectacular backdrops, which in addition to being a paradise for snorkelers, have often brought to light historical finds of Greco-Roman age. 

The coast of Basilicata is varied, alternating rugged rocky cliffs with fine sandy beaches: for an unforgettable summer in Maratea you are simply spoiled for choice.

Cala Jannita, for example, is famous for its dark volcanic sand, but the Catrocucco shoal is equally fascinating, thanks to its wonderful natural pool formed by rocks. Santa Teresa, instead, is a wide beach of soft sand with an amazing blue sea which makes this place one of the most loved by tourists. Equally large, and much loved by families, the Fiumiciello beach is also endowed with a thin golden sand and a marvelous sea, just like every other beach of the Gulf of Policastro. From Maratea you can easily organize excursions to discover a coast of rare beauty that also includes small semi-hidden coves that can only be reached by sea.

Maratea: what to see

The center of Maratea is an enchanting village where you can take quiet walks, perhaps stopping every now and then to admire the various artisan shops or to taste the local cuisine in the many typical restaurants.

The heart of the city is Palazzo de Lieto, an elegant eighteenth-century building that often hosts exhibitions and cultural events. The Fontana della Sirena is also well known, a refined stone fountain considered one of the most famous (and romantic!) destinations in the city.

It's impossible to go to Maratea without taking at least a walk on Monte San Biagio, from whose top you can enjoy a breathtaking view. Up there you'll find several points of interest, including the fascinating ruins of Maratea Vecchia (Old Maratea), the Basilica of San Biagio and above all the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer, made by the sculptor Bruno Innocenti in 1965, which with its 21 meters high has been watching over on Maratea for decades.

Marina di Maratea also has a small cave near the sea, Grotta delle Meraviglie, Marvel Cave, which definitely deserves the name. Inside, in fact, there are spectacular stalactites and stalagmites with incredible shapes and fascinating transparencies. The cave is not very large and can be easily visited on foot as it is shallow and well equipped with stairs and walkways.

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