Unexpected opportunities arouses from this volcanic Italian island: discover with us the best thermal baths you can find in Sicily.

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If you explore the magnificent Sicily, even for a few moments, you will touch the inner fire of this land. Yet, it is not by streets and sunburned archaeological sites that we want to take you today, but rather to discover the fire that resurfaces from the bowels of the earth. In this article, in fact, you will discover the best thermal baths you can find in Sicily.

A rich heritage of thermal areas, as well as free hot springs available to everyone, which fuels even more the inexhaustible charm of Sicily.

The best thermal baths in Sicily: where they are located

best thermal baths in sicily

The entire territory of Sicily offers numerous opportunities for thermal bath lovers.

In fact, not only can you find famous thermal areas on the main island, but you can also experience relaxation and thermal baths on the archipelagos and smaller islands that surround Sicily.

In fact, we will begin by traveling through some of the best-known Sicilian resorts. Then, however, we will also look out to discover the fascinating islands of Vulcano and Pantelleria, which, as we will see shortly, offer unmissable insights for all spa tourism enthusiasts.

In a journey from east to west, here are the best locations for thermal baths you can find in Sicily.

In eastern Sicily, the thermal baths that overlook the sea

thermal baths in sicily

As soon as one thinks of Sicily, the poignant images of Mount Etna are soon called to mind. And, indeed, right here in the easternmost part of Sicily are some of the island's best-known thermal baths.

Where to start?

Alì Terme, among the thermal baths in Sicily closest to the sea

One of the best-known thermal baths in Sicily is also one of those closest to the sea.

In fact, we are in the small town of Alì Terme, a very short distance from the Strait of Messina.

Its springs are so important that it is even believed that the village was founded only because of their presence. Although exploitation of the waters began in the 16th century, in fact, this location was already known and frequented in Roman times and, before that, by the Greeks.

Apparently it is one of the best Sicilian baths for arthritis sufferers.

Acireale, in the province of Catania

thermal baths in sicily next to the sea

Among the thermal baths in Sicily closest to Catania, we cannot fail to mention those of Acireale.

Again, it was the Greeks who discovered the healing powers of the waters in this area. Those who visit the archaeological area of Santa Venera al Pozzo, moreover, can see the thermal plant built later by the Romans.

Interestingly, the waters of Acireale are linked to the belief of its curative powers. In the Middle Ages, in fact, it was believed that, thanks to the martyrdom of Santa Venera, the water source had thaumaturgic properties.

Today Santa Venera no longer exists, but has been replaced by a far more modern center.

In Western Sicily, free thermal baths and more

hot springs in sicily

Wandering from province to province, we will discover the wealth of Sicily's thermal heritage.

Palermo, Trapani and Agrigento, in fact, offer their visitors an abundance of thermal baths: one more reason to visit the island at any time of the year.

Here are the most interesting spas in Western Sicily. We will not mention in our list only those of Sciacca (Agrigento) and those of Termini Imerese (Palermo), which, at present, are not operational.

Polle del Crimiso, marvelous and free thermal baths

One of the most popular locations is certainly Polle del Crimiso. Set in a truly scenic natural setting, the water that naturally fills the thermal pools has a temperature of about 46°C.

It is an ideal place for a relaxing break, especially at sunset, when the sun's rays light up the landscape red.

In addition, the waters are particularly suitable not only for respiratory and rheumatic treatments, but also for dermatological ones.

Finally, it certainly does not hurt to know that these are free-access Sicilian thermal baths! In any case, should one wish to do so, there are also paid spas available in the surrounding area.

Montevago, in the province of Agrigento

Another famous location is in the province of Agrigento.

Here the water temperature can reach 40°C and gives profound benefits to the respiratory system.

An ancient myth also hovers among the waters of this hot spring. Centius and Corinthia were in fact two young people who often frequented the spring. One day, having celebrated a sacred rite in honor of Venus, the same deity decided to give them a gift: that of immortality. Thereupon Centius became a faun and Corinthia a nymph.

From that time on, the water of Montevago is known as the "Sacred Hot Spring" and it is said that it can even give immortality.

Free thermal baths in Sicily: exploring the smaller islands

free thermal baths sicily

Among the free-access thermal baths in Sicily, we have already found those at Polle del Crimiso. In the regional territory we can count two others.

Provided we move to the islands that dot the major island. One is Vulcano, and the other Pantelleria.

Vulcano, in fact, is famous for its thermal mud pools, just a few steps from the sea, set in the enviable natural context of the island. For this reason, they are a popular destination for visitors to the Aeolian Islands, especially during the summer. Unfortunately, this area is currently closed.

Another place to do thermal tourism in Sicily is the island of Pantelleria. Lake Venus, also called the Mirror of Venus, is located inside a crater that is now extinct. The water can reach 60°C, and the lake provides breathtaking views.

So here are the thermal resorts, currently open, that you might visit on a trip to Sicily.

 • Alì Terme, in the province of Messina;

 • Acireale, in the Catania area;

 • Polle del Crimiso, in the Trapani area;

 • Montevago, in the province of Agrigento;

 • The island of Pantelleria.

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