The main destinations for a fantastic holiday in Lombardy for adults and children.

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We are well aware that traveling with children can be not exactly easy, but with a little organization and imagination it will be easy to find the perfect itinerary.

Often particularly demanding, and always looking for unexplored places, children are the hardest ones to please, and what better region than Lombardy can combine the needs of the whole family for a holiday of relaxation and fun.

We at Visititaly have selected for you the 5 best destinations for a holiday in Lombardy with children.

Holidays with children: the best of Lombardy

Holidays with children in Lombardy.

Choosing the right destination to spend a Holiday with Children is a very difficult task, and we all know it!

The Lombardy region is the ideal place to spend carefree days by the lake, hiking in the mountains, enjoying long bike rides and much more. We have selected for you the best destinations where you can enjoy the wonderful landscapes that this region offers, and spend unforgettable days with your family in the company of your children who can play peacefully in breathtaking locations.

5. Holiday in Lombardy with children: Parco delle Fucine

holiday with kids to fucine's park

For an unforgettable experience on holiday with your children, a visit to the Parco delle Fucine in the province of Brescia certainly cannot be missed.

A valley of infinite natural beauty to be able to spend an entire carefree day with the whole family, where the watchwords are fun, sport and relaxation for adults and children. Here you can undertake trekking routes, hiking trails between walkways on the rock, streams and waterfalls. It is also possible to take the famous "ferratas"; here there are no less than 18 where all children aged 10 and over can participate with the help of technical mountain clothing consisting of a helmet, harness and carabiners.

If, on the other hand, you want to choose a simpler path suitable for everyone, you can opt for the blue route, which is easy to follow and has a breathtaking natural setting where it is possible to cross wooden walkways, cross streams and admire the beautiful Pisot waterfall.

4. Holidays with children in Valle Sabbia

giocabosco labyrinth

Absolutely to add to your itinerary a day in the Valle Sabbia complex in the province of Brescia.

A valley with an infinite natural and landscape heritage, perfect for spending a day of tranquility and relaxation. Here children can play undisturbed and enjoy what nature has to offer. Also not to be missed is the entrance to the Giocabosco Park to spend a fantastic day on holiday in Lombardy with the children. An area equipped with a fairies and gnomes theme tailored for the little ones, where everyone from 2 to 8 years can participate and have carefree fun under the supervision of adults.

You can carry out various activities such as exploring the gnome houses or the labyrinth, climbing a cobweb and playing the spinning ball game. It will be possible to stop for lunch in the picnic areas and enjoy the beautiful landscapes that nature offers.

3. Overlooking Lake Garda, Holidays with children in Lombardy

holidays with children on lake garda

To spend a different day with the children, the perfect destination is on Lake Garda; precisely in Limone, there is the first section of the Garda cycle path.

A path overlooking the lake that will connect with a long and unique cycle path, touching as many as 19 towns in the Garda area. The Garda cycle path can be traveled both by bike and on foot, and being overlooking the lake it is perfect for spending a wonderful day in the open air and suitable for allowing children to ride along it on their bikes.

2. Holidays in Lombardy with children: the Educational Farms.

children's holidays on the farm

There are more than 200 Educational Farms in Lombardy, which are real farms that offer the opportunity to learn about the food cycle, animal and plant life, the trade and the role of the farmer.

Furthermore, visiting an educational farm also means educating the little ones to conscious consumption and respect for the environment. First of all, they will be able to have direct contact with farm animals, pet the rabbits and ride horses and donkeys; have the opportunity to see freshly milked milk and discover how cheeses were once made.

1. Vacation in Lombardy in the Alps as if it were a

holidays with children at lake varese

They rise high in the municipality of Zone on Lake Iseo, columns shaped by erosion which form a sort of "forest of pyramids" which offer an adventurous journey lasting approximately 1 hour. Moving instead to the municipality of Biandronno, on the shore of Lake Varese from which it can be reached, we arrive at Isolino Virginia.

Fascinating place that arouses much curiosity in the little ones and is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, also registered in the list of "prehistoric pile-dwelling sites in the Alps". Here is the Prehistoric Museum which is certainly worth a visit and allows you to admire all the remains of the houses that date back to the Neolithic period.

• Parco delle Fucine in the province of Brescia, for a day immersed in nature.

• Giocabosco Educational Theme Park: in contact with fairies and gnomes to have fun tackling climbing and exploratory routes.

• On holiday with children in Lombardy: walk on the Garda cycle path.

• Educational Farms: a day dedicated to education and respect for the environment.

• Isolino Virginia: Unesco heritage and visit to the Prehistoric Museum.

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