Thermal Baths in Puglia: the main thermal baths to enjoy a wonderful relaxing holiday. 

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Thanks to the precious beneficial waters, more and more tourists are choosing the Thermal Baths in Puglia to enjoy a few days of relaxation. The heel of Italy is a land full of natural beauties where the sun, sand and salt water are the first curative factors that contribute to a psycho-physical recovery in which every element of nature brings its dose of well-being to the body.

Choosing to relax at the Thermal Baths in Puglia means merging the pleasure of a swim in the most famous seaside resorts of the Adriatic into a single experience, with the pleasure of a hot bath in the saline waters of the spas in the area.

There are various thermal complexes that can be found in this splendid region, and we at Visit Italy suggest some to let you spend a few days away from the chaos and daily stress at the best Thermal Baths in Puglia; there are currently three thermal establishments in the area including that of Margherita di Savoia in the province of Foggia, that of Torre Canne near Fasano and the establishment of Santa Cesarea which takes its name from the homonymous town in Salento.

The main natural benefits of Thermal Baths in Puglia

relax to the Thermal Baths in Puglia in Puglia

In Puglia, thanks to the particular hydro-geological conformation, there is an ancient tradition linked to the thermal waters that flow from the various natural springs. We know that there are countless benefits of thermal springs, but let's see more specifically what are the characteristics that make them so essential for therapeutic purposes.

Sea water is what differs from the classic thermal waters due to the saline content. At the Thermal Baths in Puglia, it is used for Thalassotherapy through the application of healing mud, baths and inhalations. It is also particularly appreciated in the aesthetic and dermatological field for toning the skin and combating cellulite. Sea water also has an antibacterial power, promotes circulation and is also used in case of airway disorders.

They are also used to strengthen the immune system, to counteract vascular disease and arthro-rheumatic diseases; they regulate gastrointestinal functions and also have a regularizing effect on the menstrual cycle.

The famous thermal establishment of Margherita di Savoia, which is less than fifteen kilometers from the town of Barletta, is the largest thermal center in Puglia.

In this suggestive Apulian locality, the thermal waters used come directly from the renowned salt pans of the town and consequently have a composition very similar to that of sea water, from which they inherit many of the beneficial properties. Furthermore, compared to sea water, these famous Thermal baths in Puglia have a much higher saline content as well as the presence of other important substances including: bromine and chloride. These give the waters a particular effectiveness against ENT pathologies, as well as for joint and gynecological pathologies.

An essential feature of the thermal baths of Margherita di Savoia compared to other Italian thermal bath is the availability of a natural and never recycled thermal mud, thanks to the direct withdrawal from the salt pans which, with their large extension, guarantee a rather inexhaustible quantity of curative material. Being a natural mud, it is also used in aesthetic medicine for dermatological pathologies.

Thermal Baths in Puglia: Santa Cesarea

thermal baths of santa cesarea

The origins of the thermal baths di Santa Cesarea are quite recent: in fact, the exploitation of the precious waters dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century. These flow at various temperatures in four caves communicating with the sea, called Gattulla, Fetida, Sulfurea and Solfatara.

The waters of these Thermal Baths in Puglia are of chlorinated-sulphurous-iodine origin and are conveyed to the thermal establishments where they are subjected to thermalization, a process that brings them to the 36°-37°C necessary for therapeutic use.

The treatments offered exploit the natural characteristics of sulfur, and are particularly suitable for those with respiratory system diseases. From adults to children, the spa is suitable for those who need non-invasive treatments for problems such as sinusitis and chronic bronchitis. But not only that, there are numerous benefits that are also brought to those suffering from muscle pain, arthrosis, dermatitis and also for those suffering from psoriasis and problems related to insomnia.

Thermal Baths in Puglia: Torre Canne

natural mud thermal baths of torre canne

The Thermal baths of Torre Canne are famous throughout the region, but not only, for its waters from springs such as Antesana and Torricella where, due to the high concentration of salts dissolved in them, they are defined as "slightly brominated". Thanks to their chemical-physical characteristics, they have an anti-inflammatory, decontracting, immunostimulant, decongestant and relaxing action.

Excellent destination not only for those who want to draw healing benefits for health problems, but it is also the perfect place for those who want to enjoy a few days of absolute relaxation before returning to the frenetic pace of everyday life.

Furthermore, the muds found here in the locality of Torre Canne also deserve special mention. These are defined as "natural pastas" rich in calcium silicate, aluminum oxide and iron with small quantities of magnesium and phosphates; and are composed of clay granules, organic material and thermal water which undergo a long process of "maturation" inside a small lake where the pools of thermal spring water flow. Regular customers get an improvement in their general well-being that lasts even for long periods.

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• Thermal baths in Puglia in Torre Canne: the benefits of thermal waters combined with mud of natural origin.

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